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Acura RLX

Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
All-new model for 2014 - talk about it here!

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  • bernsterbernster Posts: 27
    Had the opportunity to test drive the RLX with tech package several weeks ago. I thought it rode well and was very comfortable. I have lower back problems and the lumbar support was great being adjustable front and back and up and down. The seats were just great. The car shifted well unlike my Infiniti M56. Although I did not check out the turning circle, it is a wide 40 feet which I believe is caused by the transverse front engine. Did not experience any torque steer under heavy acceleration.

    The interior was very nice and there were tons of features to satisfy my techie brain. The exterior look was ok and as many have said better looking in person than the pictures. Don't care for the Acura beak at all but I could learn to live with it.

    On the RL forum one poster who took a test ride said the ride was harsh. Did not notice that but I drove on smooth roads. Anyone else notice harshness?

    My lease is not up until August so maybe prices will drop by then. Dealer said they are not discounting now.

    Overall I loved the car and would definitely consider the RLX with advanced package.
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