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Jeep Owners: Accessories & Modifications

yellowmanyellowman Posts: 209
edited March 16 in Jeep
Hey all

Anyone have safari doors? I want to know if they have a place to put the rear-view mirror, or if I'll need mirror movers also.



  • sfjeepssfjeeps Posts: 66
    You will have to relocate the mirrors
  • tjraytjray Posts: 38
    Could anyone tell me what company makes
    the Mopar tubular bumpers? I am interested
    in the aluminum versions and the only place
    I have found them is the Mopar Jeep Accessories
    catalog. -tjray
  • pabonpabon Posts: 1
    I have a black soft top which came with my 2000 Wrangler Sport. I used for 2 weeks and switched to the hard top. I then traded in the car and dealer never asked for soft top. Now I have this like new soft top which is just collecting dust. It will fit a 1997-2000 model wrangler and costs $995.00 new from dealer. I am asking $350.00 plus cost of shipping to wherever. This top fits the model with full door--top goes above a fixed full door to top of winshield. If anyone needs--contact me a
  • jacorobjacorob Posts: 37
    Well, with the accident i was in (not my fault) i get to have my stock front bumper replaced. Woo hoo! I've been wanting to get that changed to an aftermarket for a while and now the insurance company is giving me $140 + labor to get it changed!

    So i chose the warn rock crawler bumper. like the way it looks and it already came with attachment points for rings, hooks, and lights. Now i just gotta figure out a way to get my insurance to pay for a lift. ;)

  • Hi everybody...I just bought a 2001 Wrangler Sport and was hoping to get some advice on security/alarm options. Can anyone make a recommendation?
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Perhaps one of you Jeepers can answer my query. We have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler, 4.0, 5 speed transmission. I have been contemplating the purchase of a tow bar that has two connecting plates that bolt to the front bumper and terminates into a wishbone type arm(s) with a coupler. That's the easy part. Now, my question is, does one just put the transfer case in neutral just and release the parking brake, or is there other considerations such as locking (unlocking) the front wheel steering, etc.? Can anyone help?

  • You may want to try this:

    Splice the ignition wire at the starter with a HEAVY DUTY toggle switch and fairly heavy gauge wire leads. This will cut off the power source to the starter. If you have a console mount the toggle switch in there. Remeber to paint the switch black so it doesn't stand out.

    If you have an electric fuel pump you can do the same to that. Just remember to splice the power feed and not the fuel gauge wire.

    You can also buy the stuff to conceal the wires under the Jeep. Its that plastic tubing that the factory uses to protect the wire harnesses. Tape the ends well so that the wire doesn't show. This makes the job look professional in case the crook has time to look for the reason why "his/her brand-new Jeep" won't start!
  • Does anyone know how to remove the factory cross bars on roofrack of the 2000 JGC? I have a Yakima system attached to the rails, but the factory crossbars are in the way. With my Explorer, I was able to loosen a couple of screws and slide them off, but I can't figure these out.
  • jayorionjayorion Posts: 18
    Does anyone know where I can get an inexpensive hardtop for my 1990 Wrangler YJ? Do they make hardtops for that year?
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
  • jayorionjayorion Posts: 18
    I Tried it. Looks like they have some great stuff.

  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    Dennis81... to remove your crossbars you need to pop the rear caps off the side rails and slide the crossbars off at the rear of the roof rack. I'm not exactly sure how these rear caps are installed... snapped on or bolted. You should be able to figure this out by looking at them.

    Oops... from the date of your post, I'm sure you've found this out by now! ;0)
  • hansm14hansm14 Posts: 16
    I own a 95 Grand Cherokee Laredo without factory fog lights.I would like to install some, but would I have to drill out the front bumper for the brackets?Thank you
  • hansm14hansm14 Posts: 16
    Anyone ever install an after market keyless entry system?How difficult is it?I bought a used grand cherokee and I could not get the remote for it.Dealer wants over a hundred dollars for one.Thank you.
  • Last month, I paid $100 for a second remote AND key for my '99 JGC Ltd. Dealer said key could not be duplicated elsewhere, b/c of the embedded anti-theft device, however, the remote alone was only $45.
  • If anyone knows a good website that tells how to install an Amplifier and Subwoofer sound system into my Jeep, I would really appreciate it. I have a box with 2 10" Subs and a 420 Watt amp with a JVC 45x4 Watt Deck. The Deck is installed, but the Amp and Subs aren't. I have all the cords and connectors I need also. Thanks for the help!!
  • its my turn to talk about my jeep comanche, most of you are saying "whats that?", its a cherokee pickup okay, i have to say that so you get a mental picture, i have jks quicker disconnects (the owner is my father), ACOS coil spacers, bilstein gas shocks model 5150, coil-over leaf-springs in the rear, track-bar, shock conversions, new motor mounts, with 34" Mickey Thompson TrXus(by interco) tires, custom front bumper and Warn winch, IPF headlights and to top it all off a 3cd in-dash changer from a nissan frontier. if anyone wants to talk about jeepin in rapid city, talk to charley at Chimney Canyon 4x4 and he'll get a hold of me, or if you want to talk back to me, e-mail me at and put the subject as Jeep talk 22 so i'll know not to delete it with the rest of the crap i get.
  • rmosierrmosier Posts: 1
    HELP! Anyone know how, or where is a good place to mount a large CB (Galaxy 979) in my wrangler? And who makes the best antenna mount? Thanks in advance..Ray
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