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Sable/Taurus Ball Joint Inspection

rogerb34rogerb34 Posts: 31
2005 Sable LSP
Last two alignments shop wanted to replace lower ball joints at 38 and 40k miles. Their tests do not correspond to Ford 2005 Workshop Manual:
1. Raise car hanging wheels. Rebound position.
2. Two hands near wheel/tire on lower control arm push up and pull down.
Note relative movement between the knuckle and lower control arm.
3. No movement - Joint is ok.
4. If movement then dial indicator. DIY - .75mm, less than 1 mm is allowable. If movement is observed - replace.
Difficult when on jack stands. Suggest lever under tire and lift or block and push with moderate force. A new joint can be made to move with lever and force. Two persons, one levering and one observing would help.
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