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Dodge Ram (2002) UNVEILED!



  • pushplaypushplay Posts: 52
    think so xyz71. If they did you would not see anything negative about their products.
  • pushplaypushplay Posts: 52
    about a truck you do not own or have driven is being informative. GEESE
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    not one with the 4.7l. several months ago i drove a 5.9l equipped quad and was underwhelmed. i can't image the 4.7l in a 4x4 quad performing any better than the 5.9l since it has less ponies and lb/ft. the 45rfe automatic behind the 4.7l might be able to mask the power/torque difference abit, but overall i see no reason to dispute consistent statements saying "4.7l needs more grunt". that is just the way it is. i'll say it again, i'd never buy a dodge 4x4 quad with the 4.7l engine, too much truck for too little engine. bring on the hemi!!!
  • brando69brando69 Posts: 47
    Here's a link to info on the Hemi engine. It may be worth the wait.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    If you are buying a pickup for street use and occasional light duty hauling (in the bed), no doubt the 4.7 will be just fine. If you go 4x4, intend to do any serious off-road work or tow anything, more torque the better.
  • Does anyone know why the payload on the 2002 Dodge Quad 4x4 is only 1520 lbs compared to the F150 SC 4x4 which is 2670 lbs ?. Am I reading something wrong?
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    here is the info i found. it is based on comparing a 4x4 4.7l quad swb to a 4x4 4.6l ford s-crew.

    dodge ford
    max payload 1517 1495
    max tow capa 4200 6200

    i couldn't really determine why there is such a large difference in tow capacity.
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    Wouldn't "the dealer price" for the vehicle be the invoice price minus the 3% holdback? That's roughly $800 below invoice. With a $1500 rebate it wouldn't be difficult to find one for $1500 below invoice. That seems to be a pretty substantial difference. Not to mention a 100K powertrain warranty through 3/31/02. That's worth maybe another $1000 if you keep it long term.
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    I had the same problems when trying to buy a Ram. They don't seem to actually have them in many of the combinations they advertise. ABS is rare, side airbags seem non-existant. And god help you if you want a Regular cab with 20" wheels, or on any Ram that isn't $34,000 and loaded to the hilt. Sure, the brochure says it's available, but it's not. We did a search and found ONE black or red one in the COUNTRY, and they wanted $700 to ship it to us, so I passed. And if you special order, you risk losing a $1500 rebate and 100K powertrain warranty.

    I wound up with a Black Silverado reg cab Z71 sportside. Slapped on some American racing wheels and better tires (they come with crummy Firestones) Very sharp truck. But more expensive than the Ram I wanted. But I just couldn't find a ram except in quad cab. I must say, the Silverado is much faster than the Rams, but hey, let's be real, these are trucks, not sports cars. The Ram 4.7 is more than adequate for 2wd and regular cabs, and probably acceptable if you get the 3.92 axle on 4x4 quad cabs.
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    I don't have kids so I never use my truck's back seat except for storage and dogs. But I'm curious. Why do so many truck buyers worry so much about how comfortable seating is in the back? Sure, you want it to be reasonable back there, but is an inch or three really that important to you as the person who is driving and paying for it? I would think the typical user only rarely has anyone back there at all, with a majority of them hauling only children most of the time, and adults maybe on short trips like out to eat, not on cross-country treks. And since your teenager with the long legs or friends aren't offering to chip in on your payments, why are you so concerned about their comfort? It's not like you're asking them to ride in the back of a Porsche 911 or 944. Now that is torture.

    I find it interesting that children today are coddled in comfort to a degree that would have been automatically considered absurd in the 60's and 70's when I was a kid. I rode accross the USA and back at age 10 in the tiny 3rd row seat of a station wagon. My brothers' odorific body eminations bothered me a lot more than any perceived lack of leg room. My point is that most kids below 13 probably couldn't care less about leg room, seeing as their legs don't touch the floor anyway, and I never minded sitting in the back of my friend's small cars as a teenager. It just wasn't a factor at that age.

    I see a lot of $35,000+ SUV's and $30,000 plus pickups out there that are basically $20,000 pickups with a bit more sheet metal and maybe an extra $500 seat. In case you weren't aware, profit margins are much higher on crew cabs and SUV's than pickups or sedans. That rear seat comfort may well be costing you big time.

    I suggest putting a tip jar on the back of your seat for your passengers to show their gratitude to you for considering their comfort. Or, if you want rear seat comfort, buy an old BMW 740il, not a pickup truck. You can play ping pong in that back of that.

    By all means, if you regularly transport average or tall people, go for the extra space, but if your rear seat rarely sees anything besides the rear end of a 4 y/o, why not look at the other more important attributes of the vehicle?

    I can understand needing a basic amount of room back there, say the diiference in a Ram and a Dakota...but worrying about differences between full size trucks...I just find that funny.
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    There is more to performance than peak HP or Torque numbers. Other things like gearing, where in the power band the peak is acheived, and in the case of the 4.7, a more efficient transmission, can make a "small" engine perform as well or better than a big one. And some engines "feel" stronger than others. My Tundra, for example, pulls much more smoothly and strong than my Silverado's 5.3, which is a fine engine. But the Tundra feels stronger because it does it w/o a lot of noise and fuss. The lighter Tundra and the Silverado are about equal in 0-60 times, btw.
  • Back seat room is a major consideration for me. I regularly transport my sprouting children. If I have a choice, I will make the best choice for my situation. I had no choice when I traveled long distances in the back seat of my Parents' 1976 Toyota Corolla hatchback (2 door). My big brother, me, and sis in the back. South Alabama in the summer with no A/C. We never complained. For financial reasons, that was the choice....then.

    I agree with your statement about young people today. Has it not been repeated by every generation, though?

    I also agree with your statement about the cost of most SUV's and well equipped large pickups. I remember pricing trucks many years ago, just before SUV's started taking over the landscape. I was amazed at the value compared to passenger cars with the same equipment. The "law" of supply and demand did nothing to drive the prices down. Sort of like gas prices. Over the past several years, just prior to every major holiday (or spring break) gas prices have escalated. More usage, higher prices. Whats up with that?

    I would not trade my Quad for any truck available. The back seat room is but one of the many appealing me. The great deal I got was the major reason I chose the Dodge Quad. Had I known how much I would enjoy it, price would not have been such an issue.

    "More important attributes" are different things to different people.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    the s-crew i drive serves as my only vehicle. therefore, when i take people along with me, i want them to be in reasonable comfort, even if it is a truck. doesn't matter if it's a kid or adult, or whether or not i "ever" park my [non-permissible content removed] in the backseat. overall comfort for all passengers is simply imperative to me.


    about peak hp, etc. agree, completely!
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,023
    I'm here to announce the new Dodge Ram Owners Club club now available on Owners Club board. Please stop by and introduce yourself in Meet the Members and let me know how I can help build your club.

    I have linked this discussion into that folder, but it will always reside here in Pickups.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Owners Clubs

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    ................>>had the same problems when trying to buy a Ram. They don't seem to actually have them in many of the combinations they advertise. ABS is rare, side airbags seem non-existant. And god help you if you want a Regular cab with 20" wheels, or on any Ram that isn't $34,000 and loaded to the hilt.<<

    When I first started looking a RAMs in mid-November, there wasn't much of anything around here in Western, New York State. By December the RAM Quads began coming in. I noticed that conventional cabs were non-existent, at least until mid-January. The local Dodge dealer now appears to have a equal amount of both. In fact, a friend of mine wanted a 5-speed V6 regular cab and didn't find one until the third week in February here. The different box lengths are still not in abundant supply.

    To the best of my knowledge the dealers submit the orders and specify the equipment. The dealer here seems to have a propensity for 4x4 SLT Quads, and 2x4 Quads with trailer towing and limited slip. Another dealer in the city seems to like SLT pluses. All that I've seen have the upgraded interior with the neat flip seats in the back, too.

  • wlm26wlm26 Posts: 32
    After an exhausting trial of waiting, arguing, and fighting, I finally got my 2002 Ram QC!!!! Here's the particulars: Silver, 4X4, 4.7L, leather interior, 4whl ABS, side curtain airbags, sport appearence group w/ 20" wheels, trailer tow, security package, AMFM cassete/CD player w/ infinity speakers, 3.92 rear w/ antispin, protection package, rear sliding window, steering wheel audio controls, power pedals, engine heater (anyone know what this entails? can't find anything to use to "heat it up"). Yeah, it's more than I wanted, but it was a demo and the MSRP started out at $35. Went through 2 dealers at John Elway Autonation Dodge out here in Englewood, CO, and finally ending up "haggling" with the general manager. Took 5 and a half hours to get the deal. He started out at $31 and said he couldn't go below that, but I finally got him down to $28 at exactly 9:45pm Friday night before last. Put down $2K and got $3200 for my trade!!!! Yeah, the hassle paid off, and to anyone who goes to Autonation, don't believe for a second that "no haggle" crap!!! I'M LOVING MY TRUCK!!!!! Only thing, though is the MPG!! I can't get above 13.6 mpg, if the readout is correct!!! Anybody added anything to their 4.7 to give it a little better MPG???? Thanks to everyone's feedback and own personal experiences!!! They helped me buy the best looking truck on the road!!!
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Now, I haven't seen one since leaving Wyoming many years ago, so my info is pretty out of date, but any truck with one ought to have an orange pigtail, like the end of a heavy-duty extension cord, up inside the grille someplace. You pull it out and plug a waterproof extension cord into it and plug it into the wall overnight and it keeps your engine oil warm so it will start in the morning. They also make battery heaters which are like miniature heating pads.
  • penrosepenrose Posts: 31
    The mileage should get better with time. At 3000 miles I just got 16.7 mpg. This was with mixed driving, 60% city, 40% freeway. Of course mine is a 2wd reg cab (4.7 auto), which could make a slight difference.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    2wd vs 4wd seems to make a huge difference in most trucks mpg figures...
  • wlm26wlm26 Posts: 32
    Your information still holds true. Right to the left of the "big" radiator, held down by a tie wrap is the cord. I don't think I'll really be needing it, but you never know. Thanks!!

    QUESTION!!!! How do you get the light under the hood to come on?? Can't find any switch, and I can't imagine that the bulb's already blown on a brand new truck, but then again, anything's possible. Anyone by chance know???
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