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Best of the sedan class under 30K

I've done much research and still have yet to come to a conclusion as to which is the best pick of the 2013 sedans released up to this date. I am looking to purchase in the near future but just cant make up my mind, so I'm asking for some insight into consumer thoughts.

What I'm looking for is:

- Under 30,000
- 28+ MPG real world
- Very comfortable ride, even long distances
- Technology such as good NAV, heated/cooled seats, premium audio, possibly push button start/ remote startup.
- Sunroof/moonroof
- Leather seats
- Great reliability
- Manual

Here are the sedans considered:

Dodge Dart Limited
Honda Accord EX or EXL
Ford Focus Titanium
Kia Forte EX
Mazda 3 i Grand Touring

What are your opinions of which are the best picks/pick.

Thank You!
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