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2005 Suzuki Forenza Temp Gauge at "H"

skapera789skapera789 Posts: 1
I have a Suzuki Forenza 2005. In the past year, a few minor things have been wrong with it.

I had to replace a gauge and a vaccuum hose, both of which had cracked or crumbled due to age. This week, as I was pulling into my parking lot, the car suddenly dumped all its anti-freeze and started smoking. One of the "T" shaped connectors had cracked and come out, and the hoses were disconnected. I added water and reconnected the hoses.

The next day, the car started smoking again and the temp gauge was at "H." I went to Auto Zone and got a new "T" connector and had someone who knows more about cars than me put it in. Today, I only drove for about 5 minutes before the temp gauge was at "H" and the Check Engine Light came on.

Can anyone help?
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