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Ford Ranger Maintenance and Repair



  • gunneygunney Posts: 1
    We are getting ready to purchase this vehicle and wondered if anyone out there has any serious negatives for this 2002 Ranger. It is 2wd, 2 dr XLT. Thank You.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    well, i have an '01 ranger 4x4 supercab 4.0 off-road. with 9500 miles, i have no problems at all. the mileage isn't what i would like it to be. good luck.
  • The main problem with my 2001 supercab 4x4 Ranger is that my Driver's side rear door has broken shut twice in the three months I've owned it. What I find most irritating though is the "popping" noise I get from the left side of the vehicle when I turn left or go over a bump while accelerating. It sounds like the noise is comming from the rear door and I thought it was related to the door problem, but Ford replaced all the rear door latches the last time I had the truck in the dealership. But, the popping noise is still there. Do anyone have a similar noise in your Ranger Supercab? Thank you for your time.
  • To: JCC6

    The squeak I had was from the brake shoes rubbing on the back plate, they moved because the rear drums were out of round. Normally they (and I) would have simply had the drums resurfaced and trued. But they said since it was under warranty, Ford had to replace. There are three little ridges on the back plate that contacts the brake shoe. You can put a dab of lubricant on the ridge and the squeak will stop. You could also feel a light pulsing in the brake pedal. I had no hassle at all from the dealer. I told him what it was doing, they drove the truck, it did what I was complaining about, they ordered the rear drums (both). The only thing some folks would complain about was it took him overnight to get the parts.
    Don't think I'm crazy, but do you have a sqeal or squeak? There is a difference. Mine was a squeak...
  • I have a 1991 ranger 2-wheel drive, 3.0 six and standard trans. Like others this machine has had some pinging problems in hot weather, low elevations or hard pulls (other Fords seem similar) and minor oil consumption from the start. I've learned to deal with the ping (a dose of Chevron Technolene cleaner helps in the spring, I suppose cleans out carbon) and pushing throttle full down stops the ping (by inriching mixture). I now have 248,000 on the truck, its cost next to nothing for repairs, no down time, and runs as good as ever so I'm happy with it. I do sort of wonder how long they last and what breaks first (if anything) as I can not find any problems with body, drive train or anything. Oil consumption still very minor. No worries.
  • i purchased a 2000 ranger 3.0l v-6 auto off lease a while back.

    i really like the truck overall, however, my mileage driving around town is (imo) terrible. i am averaging 13 mph, using regular. i've had two dealers look at it, and they just shrug their shoulders, or tell me this is about the best i can expect. any ideas?

    also, does anybody know what the decal on the lift gate by the ford oval mean? it shows a highway, with a flame on it? emissions? would this have any effect on overall mpg?

    thanks for any suggestions/ideas.

  • i should have included that it is a 5 speed, 2wd, extended cab.

    what is a k&N filter, and where can they be much do they increase mpg?

  • That decal should be green, and the flame is a leaf I think. That's showing that your truck is a flex-fuel vehicle(FFV), but I don't know much more than that.

    Actually a quick web search found the following:

    You might wanna check your owner manual as well.

    A K&N filter is a air filter that provides better airflow than stock paper elements. It helps your engine breathe better(suck air in better), and can thus produce more power. More power can increase your fuel milage a slight amount, but only if you keep off the ole lead foot, which is hard when you get more power. Any Pep boys, autozone, O'reilly or other auto parts store should carry them.
    Also consider removing the intake snorkle/silencer in front of the airbox will improve airflow.

  • mikedeal,

    the thing on the tail gate indicates the "tree-hugger" engine. It can run on "flexible-fuel" something like ethanol, pressed corn stalks, and other so called environmentally friendly safe fuels. They are not readily available in the Southeast so I don't know much else about it. I have read that it was dropped for 2002. As for poor mileage, I agree with stang, check air cleaner, etc. Outside of the 2.3 Fords don't do very well on fuel mileage.

    Good Luck
  • jpelderjpelder Posts: 235
    My '93 Ranger 2WD xlt extended cab gets 21-24 MPG consistently, with 99,000 miles. I have the 3.0L

    I actually expected a bit more since my last 2 s-10's got 24-27MPG.

    Something is definitely wrong with 13MPG.

    Years ago, I bought some of those split-fire plugs. I did not notice an increase in power or mileage, but I still have them in.

    Heck of a great truck.
  • But it was a 3.0l extended cab with automatic that was getting the 13mpg.

    That's why I think I'll do just fine with the 3.0l in my 2003 regular cab, with 5 speed manual. :)

    mikedeal--->Try running the usual injector cleaners and other likewise products through the engine. I don't see how you would loose milage by running 100% gasoline (0% ethanol), but you could have some carbon deposits, or other build/clog. A dirty sensor, or even a fuel filter could be the cuplrit.
  • rfrossrfross Posts: 15
    I have a 2002 Ranger 4 door extended. A bit over 5,000 miles to date and NO door noises. However, I am out of town as I write this and am driving a rented Budget Rentacar Ranger 4 door extended. This is a 2001 model and it has the same popping noise that fritzdutch reported above. Mostly occurs on turns and with bumps. This truck has a little over 30,000 on the odo.....
  • thanks for all your suggestions...i'll try the various suggestions offered.
    if still no improvement, it has been suggested that i contact the regional rep for ford while the truck is still under warranty.
    i live in the seattle area...anybody know how to contact this person? my local ford dealer isn't much help...tell me i should live with the problem.

  • If you live in the seattle area you might try going to Riverside Ford in Sumner.

    When I take my 2001 4.0 liter 4 door extended cab(14000 miles) in for service I always here someone thanking them for there great service.

  • Just wanted to thank RFROSS for reporting the popping noise on his rental. My 2001 truck was in the Dealer for two weeks for this noise and a cracked door panel; I picked it up yesterday and I'm still getting the popping noise on left turns and bumps. Unfortunately the pop sounds like it's right next to your ear. The Dealer has acknowledged the noise in two separate test rides but obviously isn't having any luck with fixing it. Has anyone had this problem successfully repaired??? Thanks. Fritz Dutch
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    i also had a 2001 supercab ranger. have you checked your seat belt male end? sometimes it rattles up against the plastic door trim. other than that, mine was quiet as a mouse.
  • jpelderjpelder Posts: 235
    FDUTCH, now that you mentioned it, I remember a similar popping noise years ago in my '93 ranger. It annoyed me for weeks until I figured it out. I kept doing sudden turns to cause the noise...I had to readjust the passenger seat belt.

    It was a very deceptive sound. I know it may sound too simple to be the cause for other people's complaints, but you never know!
  • Thank you both for the seat belt suggestion on the popping noise. The seat belt mechanism is about the only part of the door that hasn't been reworked. Maybe I'll try again with the Dealership to try to get it fixed. Have a good day. Fritz Dutch
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    I have a 2000 4x4 4.o w/ auto. If I log mostly in-town miles, in cold weather, I will get about 12 to 13. I don't think that is out of line, given lower gearing of a truck, weight, cold motor, etc. It gets about 18 to 19 on the highway (about normal), so I am not surprised. Also, mileage DID improve it seems after I got 7 or 8K on the truck. My F-150 buddies with a small v8, 2x4 do BETTER than I do. I am considering getting an F-150 or Tundra 2x4 with LSD and V8 anyways, so the improvement in mileage will be nice. FWIW, I also read online somewhere that Ford had richened up the fuel/air mixture of the 3.0 to try to help alleviate the infamous pinging problems (I cannot substantiate this with an actual link, however). Perhaps that could be a reason the new 3.0 V6's are worse on MPG than the old ones ???? In any event, the 3.0 should last a long time; the Ranger motors are very good. Now, if Ford could just refine the rest of the drivetrain.
  • The 2002 3.0l v6 gets better gas milage.

    2001. (City/Hwy)
    Manual: 17 mpg / 22 mpg
    Automatic: 16 mpg / 21 mpg
    Horsepower: 150 hp @ 5000 rpm
    Torque: 185 ft-lbs. @ 3750 rpm

    Manual: 19 mpg / 22 mpg
    Automatic: 17 mpg / 22 mpg
    Horsepower: 154 hp @ 5200 rpm
    Torque: 180 ft-lbs. @ 3900 rpm

    Couple this with a regular cab, 2 wheel drive, and a 5 speed manual, and it should be real peppy and economical. I hope to purchase this or better when the 2003 models roll out.
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