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Ford Ranger Maintenance and Repair



  • tgordotgordo Posts: 6
    2003 level 2 Noisy! If you haven't check out They have alot of Ford Techs giving you a history/solutions to Ford problems.I have an 02 Ranger 4X4 Off-Road XLT,No noises in my transfer case(although mine is shift on fly)You'll love that site!
  • jtc411jtc411 Posts: 15
    No dude, i was comparing it to the 2003 ford ranger i was considering. Im just saying the S-10 felt like it was made a little more solid. the insides of the rangers feel like they were cheaply made etc
  • soco2soco2 Posts: 9
    Recently, I replaced the shocks of my 16,000 mile-old 2000 Ranger Supercab 3.0 V-6. The originals were allowing too much body motion, the rear axle hopped so easily on washboard roads that the rear end swung out alarmingly on even very low-speed turns, and bumps and potholes produced suspension jolts and noises that created feelings of mechanical sympathy. Working the original units by hand, I was amazed by how little damping there was in the bump or compression mode, and how little gas pressure there was.

    I decided on Monroe Reflex shocks as the replacements. I wanted improved ride control, but not the stiffness of high-pressure units such as KYB’s. Now, with about 300 miles of experience with the Monroes, I can say that I am pleased with my decision. The ride is a more tightly-snubbed at low speeds (the gas pressure is surprisingly high for a low-pressure design, and the valving is less “soft” than The Shock Warehouse’s description indicated)), control of body motions is much better, and there is so much more absorbing of impacts going on!
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    Some advice needed. I have a 98 XLT with the cruise controls in the steering wheel. One of the lamps went out and I can't seem to figure out on how to get at the bugger. I'm Worried on removal of the air bag housing as they can be tempermental and go off accidentally. Any suggestions would be appriciated.
  • rhighrhigh Posts: 6
    Just wanted to know is the timing chain tensioner still a problem in the 2003 4.0 soch motors??
  • dchinndchinn Posts: 64
    Just bought a 2003 Ranger XL 5 spd 2.3L (no frills base model) for $9.6K OTD rebates and all. Yes, I test drove it and realized that it was low on power to accelerate but I'm no speed demon. The price to too good to pass up compared to a Chevy S10, Mazda B2300 or Tacoma w/ the same std features. 1st 500 miles mpg was about 26 + both city/hwy.

    Only peeve is that the Ranger sits up higher than the other P/Us (higher center of gravity) which causes the truck to want to tip when rounding a curve. Besides adding suspension parts or changing to 16 inch rims and lower/wider profile tires which cost some $$$, is there any other practical or cheaper fixes to alleviate this tendency.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    My 2001 4X4 has accumulated a lot of dust/lint behind the clear lens that covers the gauges. Can anyone tell me how that clear plastic comes off so I can clean in behind it? There are two screws at the top of the housing but I am not sure what else is involved or if I must get behind the dash. I don't want to be too rough with it because I would hate to cause a rattle. Any ideas on the procedure? Thanks!
  • ronmcqronmcq Posts: 16
    Do I believe the dealer or not?
    I took my new '03 B2300 (Ranger Clone) into the dealer for a clunking that can be heard and felt through the steering wheel yesterday. They called late in the afternoon saying they could feel it too but were having problems tracking the source down. Got a call from them today saying it was normal on the trucks with the tilt wheel per the manufacturer. Has anyone else with the tilt wheel experienced this problem? If so I'd really appreciate your input.
  • limanliman Posts: 32
    Ron -
    I have a 2003 Ranger with tilt. Never have felt any kind of clunk, except for a bit of adjustment when I first tilt the wheel down, but that is common to all tilt wheels I have used. When does it occur?
  • ronmcqronmcq Posts: 16
    JC, the clunking is felt intermittently and generally within the first 1/2 rotation of the wheel while initiating a turn. I was thinking along the lines of a slight binding of the steering shaft/tilt knuckle. While not severe, it is a bit disconcerting. The dealer said they found the same non-problem in 6 other trucks they test drove after talking to the manufacturer. I've two other vehicles with tilt and have never experienced this before. I may have to test a few myself to be convinced.
    Thanks for your reply,
  • solis3solis3 Posts: 1
    anyone have any insight as to how best and quickest to replace the lamps in the instrument cluster? my 98 ranger XLT's have gone out one by one until there are none left. also why does the dome light stay on? I can't see a switch on the door to adjust. greatly appreciated.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    The dome light switch is inside the door. Inside of the outside door handle. The linkage in there activates a push switch.

    Some people say WD40 or electrical cleaner sprayed into the latch can free it up. Most people say you need to pull the door panel off to actually get to the switch and give it a good spray, or replace it.

    Dash light going out, one by one? Whoa, this is kind of scary. I've never seen all of them go out. This looks like there might be some bad grounds or bad leads somewhere to cause this, a problem with the circuit board of the instrument panel. You probably need a manual to tell you how to remove the dash trim and instrument panel to get to these. You have to get the panel out to get to the lights which plug into it.
  • goldrangergoldranger Posts: 54
    quickest and easiest is to add a rear sway bar. you can get aftermarket for around $130 I think or check out a junkyard for a late model Explorer Sport. They have a rear sway bar and should fit. Be sure you get all the connecting parts. I'd like to do that for my 01 4.0 extra cab,m just haven't found the time
  • dchinndchinn Posts: 64
    Thanks for the advice. Will check into it. Would the Explorer rear sway bar fit the Ranger? Is it the same type axle?
  • goldrangergoldranger Posts: 54
    not sure of part #s, but I believe the the explorer sport's frame a& rear axle are pretty much the same. You would want to stay with a 99 or later. Check internet for a company called ADDCO. They make after market suspension parts. I've used them a number of years ago and quality and performance were excellent.
  • sambojohosambojoho Posts: 14
    a lot of problems with the newer Rangers. I just wanted to say that I have a 94 Ranger with 170k miles on it. I have had no problems with it at all. So, for anyone considering a good used truck, I would strongly recommend the 93-95 model years, especially with a 2.3L motor and the Mazda 5spd.
  • frey44 or anyone that may know----

    I have a 1995 Ranger XLT 4x4, 4.0L, auto, 130,000 miles, that experiences the same description in TSB 01-11-11 --- Driveline-Thump/clunk Noise on initial acceleration or coming to a stop.

    The TSB mentions that it is for Ranger years, 1998-2001. Is there a separate TSB for the '95 or would it possibly be the same?

  • tgordotgordo Posts: 6
    I thought I got a Good price on a Trans Fluid Flush at one of the "lube N Tune Shops.I insisted in the MerconV for my 02 Ranger as Factory Spec.They said it WAS Mercon with an additive to make it Mercon V!I haven't had any problems,YET,but I guess I'll get what I pay for!Has anyone heard of any of these Mercon/Additive Ford Equivalents?I'm trying to save money on Disability,and I sure don't need a Trip to Small Claims,if I have trouble.Just wish I had some reassurance as to anyones knowledge of Mercon being made into Mercon V,with their additive.Should I file my Fraud Claim Now?
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    I had my tranny power flushed and refilled at a local Pep Boys abut 2 yrs ago on my 98 XLT 4X4 and I have had no problems. I was told the same thing that its Mercon fluid with specified additives added. Basically its a synthetic blended fluid. Went to the dealer and talked to the parts guy I knew and he said samething. In fact if they don't have the MerconV in stock they use the regular Mercon and add the additives as well. Another opinion I went to a local tranny shop, not Aamco but and independent and he said the same so I feel confident about it. Just save the reciept of the work in case something does go wrong.
  • mytidawgmytidawg Posts: 2
    Hello y'all

    I have a 96 xlt 4x4 Ranger and when the weather seems to get really hot and i'm running the AC my engine at idle makes a loud humming noise.....augh...when I start driving the sound goes away…also it used to stop if i would turn off the ac

    And now it seems that it is doing it more so , even if i turn off the ac and even the fan it still humms...i do have an airfilter on there, took the stock one out and put in a K&N Air Filter

    my mechanic buddy told me THIS was the problem....does any else out there experience this weird humming sound......kinda sounds like ALiens are landing or as one guy asked me "hey got a blower on under the hood?!"

    pls email any response to me at


    San Jose CA
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