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Ford Ranger Maintenance and Repair



  • Could anybody throw in their two cents on this problem? I have an '02 Ranger that will not turn over even with a good battery. When the key is inserted and turned, all the dash lights and headlights come on but the engine does not turn over. No codes were found when scanned. Could it be....

    *Power Control Module?
    *Ignition Module?
    *Whatever the part is called that reads the Key's security code (pls advise)
    *Clutch Switch?

    I am trying to avoid getting the run-around at the dealer and be able to drive to work on Monday! Thanks for your help
  • rizuprizup Posts: 1
    Did you check the starter solenoid? Could be the cause and should be fairly easy to replace.

  • I have a '94 Ranger 4cyl, manuel I had the clutch and tranny replaced at the beginning of the year. Now I have this "chirp" sound and when I push in the clutch it goes away for a second then starts back up. There are no probs with shifting and my fluid in the reservoir is up to the level. I'm about to lose my mind over this. Any ideas? Thanks
  • Start easy & work back-replace the fuel filter. Then check the pump flow. Last, the tank. Your library may have a copy of the Haynes manuel for this vehicle for the procedures.
  • There is an anti-rollover switch which controls the fuel pump power, and is located under the front edge of the carpet on the passenger's side floor. It's mounted to the firewall with 2 screws. I had a connector come off of one of these and it shut down cold. There's a little ball inside that can pop out in case of a severe impact or really big pothole... if so, the plastic plunger comes out about 1/4 of an inch or so; it can be reset by pressing it back down; it's on the top of the switch. Good luck...
  • justus3justus3 Posts: 21
    Hello, my husband has a 98 Ford Ranger extended cab. It has been running fine with the exception of the engine light coming on occasionally. However the other day he was backing out into the street and the truck just quit on him. Tried starting and it turns over and runs, but it sounds like it is not getting any gas. He let it run for a few seconds the other night after having to get it towed home, and like I said it sounds like it isn't getting enough gas, then all of a sudden almost like a burst of fuel shot into it, it will run fine for about five seconds then start sounding like there is not enough gas again. He had replaced the fuel filter and that did not help. Could it just be the fuel pump, and if so where is it located and what is the easiest way to access it to replace it? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
  • jmo4jmo4 Posts: 3
    The fuel reset switch is at the right side of the passenger side foot well. You may have to pull the carpet back a bit to see it. Press the button on top.

    I doubt that is the issue though, if the fuel reset was indeed tripped the engine wouldnt start at all until the reset was pressed.

    I assume the engine cranks and you get spark but no love (check the spark plugs and ignition system if you haven't already)

    Your symptoms have the smell of a faulty fuel pump, or a bad connection in the power supply to said pump. Unfortunately the fuel pump on Rangers resides in the top of the tank, so you have to pull the fuel tank to replace it. I would have someone run a 12 V power supply to the pump and see if the motor starts. If that works, check all connections leading to the pump. If it doesnt, your pump is cooked and will need to be replaced. My guess is that's a $300-500 job.
  • jmo4jmo4 Posts: 3
    That sounds a lot like a snapped timing belt to me.
  • I have a 2000 Ford Ranger , the 4x4 will not engage, when it is in 4wheel its as though the front wheels are locked and the truck will not move, I know its not the brakes causing this but the best way to describe this problem is to say that the front brakes are locked. When this problem occurred a bracket on the underside of the transmission broke and the speedometer and milage counter stopped working also. :confuse:
  • justus3justus3 Posts: 21
    Well, its not the fuel pump like he thought. He went and blew $140 for a part he did not need. He says its just as well as it could go out someday but now we are back to square one without even a clue what it could be. I told him to just take the piece of junk into a mechanic because by the time he ever figures it out he will have spent an arm and a leg. Sorry if that sounds mean but sometimes his stubborness just gets to be too much. Sad thing is the day before the truck broke down hubby was bragging about how good it has been to him and how there have been no problems with it. I guess it heard him and decided to change all that. :lemon:
  • vman1vman1 Posts: 2
    I have just recently bought a 1999 Ford Ranger and it ran great for 2 weeks now my abs light is on I have to manually switch gears until it takes the higher gears. My wipers go on and off for no reason and my radio changes from cd to radio on its own. Does anyone out there have these same problems or a possible soulution for my problems. This is the only vehicle I have so I can use any advice.
  • vman1vman1 Posts: 2
    I have a 99 ford ranger and the wipers go off for no reason and my radio changes from cd to radio then back for no reason. My over head light will not go out and I'm very disappointed in this vehicle. Have you found any way to fix this with out spending more money than the truck is worth????!!!!!!
  • mangumemangume Posts: 2
    am looking for replacement dashboard guages for my 1984 ford ranger truck.want to replace all guages as they are suddenly going up to max readings and then suddenly returning to normal while i am driving.they all will go up and peg out all the way over beyond their markings.fuel gage will not read a full tank of gas and is 1/4 off.temp guage will only read lower quarter between bottom line and top of m letter.will go no higher except when it peg out beyond hot line at top with all the rest of the guages at the same time.
  • I have a 1998 Ford Ranger with a five speed manual transmission. About once a month, it will not start. The fuel pump runs for a few seconds when I turn on the switch and the fuel pump seems to be working properly.

    When I pull one of the spark plug wires from the distribute there is no arc.

    If I push the trunk and pop the clutch, it starts and I will not have any more problems for several weeks.

    Does anyone have any ideas about what is causing this?
  • brysuebrysue Posts: 35
    Get some electronic cleaner spray and clean the MAF sensor. Locate the sensor and spray it real good.
  • brysuebrysue Posts: 35
    Haven't been here in a while and just wanted to know how your truck was doing. Hope everything is well. I know how it is when your vehicle is not running correctly. :)
  • ringa1ringa1 Posts: 4
    does it start, when its cold ?
    and sometimes won't start when its warmed up? or does that even matter?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    ABS - really need to have the codes pulled for this one. It could be the sensor that is in the read differential housing is bad. I would have the code checked, but if you want to throw a part at it......

    Mid 90's Rangers are known for bad 'multi-function switch'. This is the turn signal, high beam, etc switch in the column.

    Radio - who knows. The radio is pretty self contained, so it should be in the radio...
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Interior light - Well known problem with Rangers. The switch is inside the door, on the inside of the outside door handle. This switch is failed or just dirty. You need to remove the door panel and trace the wiring to the switch. The switch can be cleaned with Electrical cleaner in come cases, sometimes it needs replaced.
  • kbloxkblox Posts: 5
    There is a small voltage regulator on the back of your instrument cluster, it sounds as if it has gone bad. Plugs in like a ninevolt battery
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