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Ford Ranger Maintenance and Repair



  • Yes. I programmed it right. I followed the instructions in the owners manual, but no luck. I was just wondering if anyone had seen the problem before and whether it is simply a bad remote key control module/reciever or if maybe there was something simpler and cheaper. Thank you though.
  • my 1996 ranger is doing the same thing , so no i dont think it would be the fuel pump because i just put a new one on my and it still does it,
  • I have not removed the bed, but my 1991 4WD Ranger fuel gauge also stopped working. I estimate fuel level by the trip odometer. Let me know if you fixed the fuel gauge and what the problem was...
  • My 1991 Ranger 2.9L 5-speed manual has the same problem, though I have never replaced the clutch. No warning signs, just one day the pedal will not disengage the clutch. I can start in neutral, hot shift (grind a gear) and go. Or I can start the engine in gear and go. The clutch is definitely staying engaged at all times. Reservoir at the fire wall has fluid, no signs of leakage or broken line. Not sure if it is a slipped pedal linkage, or problem with the master cylinder, or something else... let me know if you solve the problem and what it was.
  • My battery cables were corroded worse than I thought although I scrubbed them with a solution of baking soda. The corroded cables weren't allowing the 8 yr. old battery to be recharged by the alternator and the battery went dead. Ended up, I had to sand paper the cable terminals till they were a shiny copper, as well as, buy a new battery.
  • I could use some advice. I'm looking for a pick up. I just looked at a few Rangers. The 96 has a 4WD High and a $WD Low. Since there is no manual I want to ask a stupid question. When do you use the High and when do you use the Low?
  • oldman1oldman1 Posts: 1
    My son wants to know can you convert that 2.3 ford motor that has 8 spark plugs back to one that uses 4? and, while Im that motor going to fit in his 90 model also had a 2.3, only it had the standard 4 spark plugs.
    thanks in advance for the help.
    Carolyn Oldman
  • brysuebrysue Posts: 35
    Clean the MAF sensor with electronic cleaner. If this does not work then it may need to be replaced.
  • brysuebrysue Posts: 35
    The IAC may need to be cleaned or replaced. Get yourself a Chilton manual. You can get the manual at an auto parts store. It will give you problems and possible solutions. They cost about 13 to 15 dollars and are worth every penny.
  • Hey All, I just bought this Ranger, and it runs great until I "pound it" a little and then it begins to blow black smoke, won't idle and won't sustain a steady speed - as if running out of fuel. I read some of the other posts, and there was the reference to the "feeling of it running out of gas". There was also a reference to the MAF sensor - like I said, just got the truck and I don't have a manual, so the question is: Does it sound like the same MAF issue? if so, where is it located?? Much thanks for any help! Have a good one!

    FYI... Gasoline in our area has recently hit a $1.00 a litre - a litre is slightly smaller than a quart. that would be about $3.80 a US gallon.
  • good instructions on how to bleed the air out of the clutch hydraulic line: ;)
    link title
  • I have a 92 Ranger and cannot get oil to the top of the motor or the lifters. However, there is pressure in the lower portion so I know it is not the oil pump. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!
  • low range is for going slow, usually when off road or on poorly maintained roads, like when crawling slowly up a mountain trail where you have to pick your path around ruts and rocks and logs and stumps

    high range is for higher speeds (but no more than 45 mph), when the road conditions are slick and require better traction
  • "My son wants to know can you convert that 2.3 ford motor that has 8 spark plugs back to one that uses 4? and, while Im that motor going to fit in his 90 model also had a 2.3, only it had the standard 4 spark plugs.
    thanks in advance for the help.
    Carolyn Oldman"

    Nope all though the engines may be similar in size they are to totally different engines. As for it fitting in his Mustang. You now what they say. If you have enough money you can make just about anything fit. I'd be a whole lot easier to to just go find an older 2.3 or even a 5.0 since there are so many kits for them.
  • mojo2gomojo2go Posts: 1
    If it has the 2.9 litre engine, I'd replace the fuel pressure regulator and install a new set of plugs.
  • brysuebrysue Posts: 35
    The MAF sensor is located just after the air filter. If you know what a resistor looks like, you can locate it easily. Spray it with electronic cleaner.
  • I am having very similar issues with my '99 ranger. The ABS light came on and now my truck shifts real hard from first to second. Did you replace the sensor? If so, did it help, and what all does it take to replace the sensor? Thanks.
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    Rule number one...never drive it on a dry road and take corners, you damage the system. I have driven straight forward and reverse in my driveway in the summer months to engage the system to allow for lubrication of the system.
    the 4hi is the system you will use the most. In snow mud and such and for 4lo you use that to drive slow on old tank trails and rocky trails that you will manuever slowly. I have driven in 4hi in heavy rains for the safety and traction but you have to be careful in taking corners, nice and wide and not sharp as the system will bind on you and it will let you know. by the way you can engage the 4 hi while driving below 35-40 mph as well as disconnecting it. For 4lo you must be in park ( or neutral not sure its been a while since I used it) and your foot n the brake to turn it on and you must come to a stop to turn 4lo off. Hope this helps
  • Not sure if you got this fixed or not. But, it could be a couple of things, it could have died and blown the timing belt because of a stuck open injector. That inj. could have filled the combustion chamber enough to have hydrolocked the piston and that could have blown the timing belt. Sounds crazy but, seen it before. You would have noticed bad fuel economy, smell of raw gas, and the oil would have probably been loaded with fuel. Also having a dead plug in that cylender could have done the same thing almost or added to the problem. Maybe that will help send back if you got it fixed with what was wrong.
  • Strange Issue - After being engaged in 4low my rear wheels want to drag, a short drive free's them up, but I find it strange, any ideas? Any concerns?
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