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98 Plymouth Voyager parts compatible with 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

jjordan72jjordan72 Posts: 2
We own a 99 Dodge Caravan and have an opportunity to purchase a 98 Plymouth Voyager for parts for $300.00. Are the parts compatible? Would it be worth it? The transmission is blown in the Voyager. Thanks!


  • 1996 until 2000 are 3rd generation so all or most parts SHOULD be interchangeable. To make sure, go to and run searches for some of the parts you are thinking about changing over, and on the details or info tab for the parts it will tell you all the vehicles that the same part fits.
  • jjordan72jjordan72 Posts: 2
    Thank you! Truly appreciate the help!
  • No problem, I have certainly owned enough of them from early 80's upto my last 2000, so that I should be able to tell you definitely, but I am not that cocky! Let me know if I was right please.
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