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Multiple warning lights on dash


We recently traveled from TX to FL (summer vacation). Our first long trip with the car we purchased late Dec/12. Prior to vacation we brought the car in to be serviced. This was an opportunity for the dealer to check a couple of continuous problems. The Service Suspension warning as well as the check engine light have come on at least ten times since we purchased the car. In spite of many efforts by the dealer to resolve the problem they still come on.

During our travels we had an assortment of warnings (Service Suspension System, Check Engine, Service Parking Assist, Low Tire Pressure). All these lights coming on was somewhere between funny and well kind of sad since my wife likes the vehicle.

We are very unhappy with these lights and warnings coming on all (I do mean ALL) the time. It makes us doubt the quality of the vehicle, our safety in the vehicle, ... At this point neither of us is sure what to do with the vehicle.

Is anyone else seeing these problems? What have you done to resolve them? The dealer thinks they have found a misfiring piston problem that will resolve the check engine light but we have four warning lights coming on with little if any resolution to the problems.



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,064
    Hello lacrosse2013,

    I am sorry for the multiple lights displaying on your vehicle. I understand how this can be frustrating to deal with and also a concern for a vehicle part failure. I see you are working with your dealership towards resolving these concerns. Please let us know if you want to work with us throughout this process. We would love for the opportunity to further discuss your situation. We can be contacted via email at socialmedia(at)


    Laura M.
    GM Customer Care
  • Hi Laura,

    Lets see what happens after this visit to the dealer. If the light / lights come back on I will absolutely be in touch.

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