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Is your Pilot shuddering like on a bad road?

I am getting a group of Pilot Owners who are having a problem with their Pilots when the economy kicks in. Most often it is described as a shudder or like driving down a bad patch of road.

As a group we can get Honda to finally look at this problem and quit telling us it is normal. I have a 2013 that does this, while my 2011, 2010 and 2006 did not do it. Oh the 2011 we still have and it is perfect like the many, many other Hondas we have owned.

So let me know by going to our site and join so we can present Honda the fact we want the Honda we thought we were buying and not this mess they are not fixing.

For the first time ever my Wife and I can say we do not like a Honda we own.

Honda is handing this as they never have any problems before.

Join and get yours fixed. Thanks Larry


  • walk_the_walk2walk_the_walk2 Posts: 140
    edited December 2013
    My 2011 4WD Pilot with 64K miles on it just starting doing this. Seems to be coming from the rear differential... any ideas what the cause may be?
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078

    There was a TSB way back about the Jeep Death Wobble rearing its ugly head in the Pilots. It ended up being a Driveshaft out of balance. I personally haven'y had it happen on "The Beast", but I attribute that to the Off-Road package.


  • bkgatorsbkgators Posts: 1

    My 2010 did the same thing - took it to Honda dealer and they said it was a bearing in front right - fixed it under warranty

  • lily72calily72ca Posts: 1

    My 2013 Pilot does exactly the same thing from day one (Dec. 2013). Now, I am trying to get dealership to have a look it.

  • konic65konic65 Posts: 1

    Just purchased a used 2011 Pilot EX-L with 40K miles. A week later noticed the shudder while accelerating between 15-25 mph. Shudder felt like I was driving down a wash board road. Only lasted but a few seconds. Wife noticed it again a few days later. No warning lights are displayed so not sure if it will produce a code. Read about the class action lawsuit just settled regarding this issue. I'm looking for more information. What causes this? How does Honda fix it? Any direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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