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2014 Infiniti Q50 Lease Questions



  • Hi,

    What's the lease rates for base Q50 and Q50 Premium, 36 Months/10K?

    Is there any lower mileage allowances? If there is, I'd like to know the lease rate as well. We've only drove 14K out of 36K with our '11 G37 and need to return in a couple of months. What a waste. :)

  • chikochiko Posts: 19
    Can somebody please comment on this offer, I'll appreciate it.

    Deluxe Package
    39 month/12K lease
    $499 plus DMV due at signing
    $499 a month
  • grigolgrigol Posts: 17
    On Friday, 08 I leased G37x in NY.
    Thank to you I tried to use MSD. Sale manager told me that he doesn’t know about it and have to contact Infiniti. In short while he told that in NY(?) I can use maximum of $702(?) which is less than 2 payments (my payment was set to $379). In order to use at least two payments I have to put something down to reduce my payment to $350. (I put 0 down, no loyalty).
    I called NMAC and was informed that MSD amount is up to dealer (??). So here I see a loop or game.
    Do you happen to know where to find a real information/instruction about MSD.
    Does it really depend on State/county?

    Your response really appreciated.
  • chikochiko Posts: 19
    MSDs are not allowed in NY
  • 2014 Q50 RWD Base 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00104 MF and 66% residual
    Premium residual is 62%

    As far as I know, 10K/yr is the lowest mileage allowance, available.


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  • dae928dae928 Posts: 19
    $42,455 MSRP Infiniti Q50 Premium AWD.
    $0 down.

    $440/month for 39 month 10k lease.

    $3250 loyalty cash.
    Assuming last 3 payments on G25 $400/month.

    Sale price is $40,000 (taking $1,200 from last 3 payments & applying to sales price, so effectively $38,800)

    IL tax 7.25%

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  • looking for residuals on the q50s AWD

    24 mo/ 10k

    24 mo/ 12k

    what is the lowest MF i can negotiate with paying MSD?

    I am located in connecticut
  • Am I doing something wrong? I got quoted $34,500 for a base Q50.

    I did the calculation with the following numbers:

    2014 Q50 RWD Base 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    MSRP: $38,000 / Sales Tax 9%
    .00104 MF and 66% residual (w/9 MSD's, .00014 MF)
    Loyalty Incentive: $3,250
    Bank, Doc, Title Fees: Approximately $1,200

    With 0 Down, the payment comes out to......:


    It can't be that low. What am I doing wrong? Dealer will look at me crazy if I bring these numbers. :(
  • 2014 Q50 AWD Sport 24mo, 12K/yr lease
    .00092 MF and 69% residual.. Add 1% for 10K/yr


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  • $3250 loyalty incentive on top of the $3500 off sticker price?

    I don't know the incentives for Infiniti, but that seems unlikely on a new model. Are you sure $3250 is the correct incentive on a lease?


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  • chikochiko Posts: 19
    It is confirmed. Q50s get $3250 loyalty in November. Makes you wonder, slow sales perhaps?
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    edited November 2013
    That residual seems really high. The residual for a premium at 39 months is only 62%, and that is the term that they are really pushing right now.

    I can guarantee that there is $3,250 lease loyalty cash right now, I used it to lease a Q50 last week.
  • When does the loyalty lease cash program end?
  • It does seem high, but the forum host provided that number, so it should be correct. I was actually thinking why the Premium RV was so low. lol
  • The residual is correct... the base model residual is 4% higher than the premium...
    I doubt you could find a base model at my local Infiniti dealer..


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  • Get out your crystal ball on that one. If you look here _section=leasing_irr, it is 12/02/13. But if sales are crummy in November, who knows they might extend it.
  • Here's what I was offered. Any thoughts?

    $40,119 cap cost
    .00104 MF
    24 months
    18k miles per yr
    1st payment due :cry: at signing
    $629 payment
  • this is my current deal i have a deposit on:
    Q50S AWD
    24 mon/10k year

    MSRP: 48,505
    sell price: 44,656

    2k due at signing
    $388/mo w/ tax

    seems to be a pretty good deal..any thoughts?
  • ec1ec1 Posts: 9

    Do you know if the residual on the base model is 4% higher than the premium on a 24 month lease as with the 39 month lease? I appreciate all the information you provide here. I'm hoping to drive a Q50 and a Cadillac ATS next week and determine the best route to go - Based on reviews, I suspect the Cadillac will be the better driver and the Q50 will be the better value - decisions-decisions. My current G37 has been an outstanding car. Thanks again.
  • Yes... the base model has a 4% higher residual, across all of the terms.

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