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2014 Infiniti Q50 Lease Questions



  • 2014 Q50 Premium RWD(?) 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00104 MF and 60% residual


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  • 2014 Q50 Premium AWD 24mo, 12K/yr lease
    .00092 MF and 70% residual


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  • 2014 Q50 Premium RWD 48mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00165 MF and 54% residual

    The money factor is not so great, but that's a strong residual for 4 years.


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  • 2014 Q50 Sport AWD 24mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00092 MF and 70% residual

    Subtract 1% for 12K/yr
    Subtract 2% for 15K/yr


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  • kyfdx: Can you also provide the MF/Residual for Q50S and Q50S Hybrid? Again for 39 months / 15k.
  • 2014 Q50 Sport 39mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00104 MF and 57% residual

    2014 Q50 Sport Hybrid
    .00115 MF and 59% residual


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  • @abhuta said: I took delivery of a Q50 Sport Hybrid a few days ago and I think I got a great deal. But you can be the judge of that. I'm not trying to show how good or bad a negotiator I am, but rather what types of payments are available out there. I live in South Florida (Miami). The lease was for 39 months and 39,000 total miles. The MSRP of the car was $54,655 for a RWD hybrid sport with navigation and deluxe technology package among other things. The residual was 61 percent and the money factor used was .00115. I was able to get the car for $208 below invoice which was $50,260 (which included the dealer's $700 dealer fee). Since I wanted to have a lower payment similar to my G37 sedan that had a lease that was terminating, I ended up putting $3,200 out of pocket, including first month, Infiniti Financial bank fee, and registration fees. I also had $3,250 in loyalty cash. My payment ended up being $404.93 plus tax.

    That seems absurdly low...if true, it's a great deal. Using your numbers, I have the payment coming to $525/month. How much is the tax you're paying?

    I just bought the same vehicle for 36 months and 12k miles/year and pay almost $250/month more than that. But, I didn't put anything down, didn't get loyalty cash, but did get the car for $48,700 and the MSRP was about $52,000.

  • @kyfdx@Edmunds said: 2014 Q50 AWD Base 39mo, 10K/yr lease .00092 MF and 64% residual Premium residual is 61%

    24mo, 10K/yr lease residuals are 75% and 71% respectively

    I have a quote from a dealer for a Q50 AWD Premium, 24mo/10K, with residual of 72%, but you list it at 71%. Could the dealer have made an error?

  • Recent Quote: Q50 AWD Premium, Deluxe Touring/Navigation/ Tech: MSRP: $50,995 Selling Price: $47,000 Total out of pocket (fees, etc.): $1,500 MF: 0.00092, RV: 72% Loyalty: $3,250 Monthly $367 (pretax)

    If the Dec RV is correct (was posted as 71% on this board), I plan to put in 9 MSDs to bring MF to 0.00002, and I think monthly then goes to $295 (pretax).

  • I got a quote : Infiniti Q50 4 dr sedan Premium AWD , 24 mo/12 k

    Monthly payment : 410
    Due at signing : 730( first payment + DMV, rolling tax and bank fee, no down payment)

    Is this a good deal ?
  • @xruined901 said:

    I guess it's possible.. I show 71%. But, the dealer might have information that I don't.


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  • ajb723ajb723 Posts: 48

    Looking to lease Q50 sportAWD w/nav. 39 mo. 12k miles. Have 2 payments remaining on leased Mercedes Been to 2 dealers in Bergen Co.NJ. Lease amts virtually identical @$575 incl tax. One dealer had up front 1 mo lease plus fees of $1700 (Wow)- The other had up front 1 mo lease plus fees of 549. Both dealers agreeing to pay off remaining lease on Mercedes.Both dealers mentioned Conquest incentive - 1(the one with the lower up front fees) is using this money to pay off Mercedes. Does that sound right? Shouldn't the conquest $ be used to lower the monthly lease payment? -MSRP 47,855. Selling price 46,100. res. 69%, mf .00092

  • Both and NADA show lease loyalty ending Jan 31 2014.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262

    $575 per month is Lexus GS 350 F Sport territory, does not make sense to pay as much for the Q.

  • ajb723ajb723 Posts: 48

    Thanks. I just got a quote over the phone from another dealer for $520 w/ 1100 down incl 1st mo. +fees. Ajb

  • We picked up my wife's new Q50 from West Houston Infiniti Saturday. Here is what we got:

    $248 / month

    39 months, 15k miles / year

    2014 Q50 Base, Moonlight White/Graphite

    MSRP $37,605

    Sale price $35,603.33

    Bank fee $700

    Doc & Lic fee $256

    Loyalty -$3250

    TX sale tax ($2022 – Conquest credit) $0

    Residual 63%

    Money Factor .00014

    I paid $3204 at closing

    (9 MSD $2700, first month $248, Doc & Lic fee $256)

  • hash2hash2 Posts: 20

    Got Base Awd with moonroof (MSRP 40405) from IL dealer. I am in WI. 206/month including taxes. Upfront was 2250 MSD (I was getting 3009 but for some reason dealer had it at 2509) + 1st month + 330 in doc fee/taxes on loyalty. 24 month / 10K. Selling price was invoice + 200 before loyalty. MSDs brought payment down by 63/month. MF was 0.00092 minus 0.0009 ie 0.00002. Residual 76%. Chose Chestnut color which my dealer had to get from their other dealership nearby. If I had gone with silver or black which they had at their store, I would have done another 100 bucks or $4/month better. great deal. got my BMW 328xi swap completed with a private party yesterday with 9 months left just so i could get into this amazing deal.

  • Hi all. Looking for input on the following quote: Q50 with Nav and Deluxe Touring. MSRP $44605. Selling price is $41425. Total cap including fees is $42963. $1000 down which includes first month and 605 cap reduction plus the loyalty credit of $3250 for a net cap of $39108. Total monthly payment - $395 for 24 months. MF is .00104. 10k per year with a residual of 72%. Sales tax rate is 8.1%. Thoughts? Thanks for the input.

  • ronaldcronaldc Posts: 50
    FYI Just got quote from dealer on a Q50 AWD Hybrid with Nav. MSRP $48055. 10K 24 months. Total upfront $2700 MSD plus other fees totaling $1414: First, Acq Doc and registration. Total monthly fee is $276.00 plus tax. Dealer is giving me a check for last payment on my infinity lease of $264.
  • vb1pavb1pa Posts: 30

    Hi, looking to figure out what are the incentives for January. Please post MF/RES for 12k leases..I hope they will have 24 month in January/feb

    I held out from moving forward in December (might be a mistake, but Im on a 18 month lease that i will be extending and going month to month after january) and taking a bet that infiniti will be doing something to keep all of the leasees that are ending during the next 2-3 month...due to the 18 month program they had during the summer of 2012..

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