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  • dlabeaudlabeau Posts: 2
    I am having a problem with my 2002 MDX where the front windows are getting wet on the inside. If the outside of the car gets wet (rain, car wash) and I use the windows, I have noticed that as soon as I roll up the window the inside is completely wet! Yes, that is correct, the inside of the windows! I don't even need to roll the window down completely. In fact I have shown the dealership that if you roll the window down even 1 inch, then roll it back up again, the bottom inside 1 inch of the window will be wet!

    I have had the dealership look at this problem. They sent my MDX through the car wash and replicated the problem. They then sent 2 brand new MDXs through the wash and the same problem occurred. After consulting with their Technical Center they were told that the problem had been reported before, by other dealerships, and there was currently no known fix. The local service center manager then contacted his friend, who owns an MDX, and was told that he also has this problem. That is fairly significant to have 4 out of 4 cars tested show this problem. Acura technicians have even told me they are not sure Acura is going to fix this problem and they have no way of finding out!

    Do you have the same problem? Drop me an email at
  • Hi Karen

    Tomorrow I will be going to an Acura dealership to purchase an '05 MDX with the touring pkg. I saw the sticker price somewhere between $42,000 and $43,000.

    Where can I find out what the dealer invoice price is for this same car? Is it on the sticker? If I ask to see it will the salesman show it to me or blow me off. I look forward to your reply.

  • You won't find the invoice price on the sticker and the salesperson may/may not be forthcoming with the info. However, Edmunds has this info. You didn't specify which touring package, so go to this page and choose the package you're interested in. This will bring up a page with the MSRP and the invoice price. Be sure to check the TMV as that is the price consumers are paying in your area.

    Hope this helps!

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • toshibatoshiba Posts: 2
    You may want to check if your dealer has an internet sales manager. Most of the time they are very forthcoming about the invoice price. Got mine at $200 above invoice and was able to purchase my MDX Touring with Nav and DVD at a couple of hundred more above the MSRP (that is with all the taxes, dmv and even an EXTENDED Warranty). If your in Southern California, give me a buzz and I'll give you my friend's number.
  • Hey, does anybody know any good dealership for 2005 MDX Acura in the Chicago area? I'm trying to get the best deal as much as I could before I commit myself to any one of them.
  • mdxlovermdxlover Posts: 18
    Could any one refer a good dealer and a sales person to get a good deal on 05 MDX in South West Connecticut area (Danbury,CT)?

    Do local Acura Dealer will accept the TMV or Invoice price that Edmunds specified?

    Thanks in Advance
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,023
    Read thru the Acura MDX: Prices Paid topic. You may find some info there.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • I recently had to have a jump to start my mdx '05. First I thought it was engine oil, it was low but not empty. My husband said it was the starter but I do not agree because my car is fairly new with only 16000 miles.
    I have scheduled service with the dealer and was wondering if any one has had this happen to them.

  • billyakobillyako Posts: 2
    hi my name is billy.i just purchesed an 04 mdx and im having the same problem with the inside of the window getting wet.i know your blogs is old ,but i was wondering if you had any luck with a fix.thanks billy
  • billyakobillyako Posts: 2
    Hi i have an 04 mdx.when i wash it or it rains after i roll down the window and roll it back up,the inside of the window is wet.does any body have any clue of why this would be happening or a fix.the dealeraships tell me they never herd of this complaint.thanks
  • Just realized that there was so many other mdx'ers with transmission problems. Well I have a 2002 Acura Mdx 2nd owner, with 160k and transmission problems. I just found out it was recalled, and tranny was replaced in 2004 when it had 43k. I called acura client services like other mdx'ers did told them about my problem. I was advised to take it into the dealer and have a diagnostics but i will have to pay for it, and if it was for the same reason they would fix it and refund me the diagnostics fee. The dealer calls me 4 hours after and confirms the tranny problem and had already called Acura to advise them of my problem. 3 days later dealer calls me and informs me that Acura cant help me and i had to pay the full amount of repair which was 5600 they offered discount on parts but still was 5400. What am I to do now? is there a class action lawsuit goin on, if so i want in on this.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,018
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