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Ford '99 Super Duty Delivery Issues

richflynnrichflynn Posts: 147
edited March 1 in Ford
I've ordered a '99 F-250 Super Duty some time in
February. The delivery date was to be this week. No
such luck. The truck is on the build list for the
week of April 12.

My dealer was explaining a few things. First, Ford
is about 50,000 vehicles behind in deliverys. It's
not due to production problems but rather rail
road car problems. It seems that Union Pacific
merged and (To quote the dealer) "their computer
systems didn't." Of the 50,000 vehicles, either 20
or 30 thousand have been contracted to be delivered
by truck car carriers. The dealer further stated
that he has over a dozen Explorers on railroad cars
that NOBODY can tell him where they are.

So much for the generic stuff.

The super duty line was started and built one
phase of trucks. This phase is intended to iron out
the problems of the vehicle assembly process
itself. This week, the "Job 1" starts and these
vehicles have the do-do inspected out of them. The
Job 1 phase is intended to remove any production
line bugs. Everything on the Job 1 phase vehicles
are then fixed and vehicles are shipped. The dealer
says that the Job 1 phase is probably the best
place to get a vehicle from. What they do is then
take what has been learned from these 2 phases and
start production in earnest.

The Job 1 line started about three weeks late. I'm
guessing that the regular phase of production will
start 3-4 weeks late. So the June delivery dates
are probably going to slip into July or worse.

My dealer told me that the Super Duty trucks are
on a very strict allocation basis. He says that he
only has an allocation of 12 from the Job 1 phase.
He said that the middle part of the country is
getting a higher allocation of trucks. Fortunately
my vehicle is order number 0005.

Soooooooooooo if it REALLY gets built this week
and shipped on Friday, 4/17, and it is shipped by
truck, and the car carrier doesn't get stolen, and
the car carrier driver doesn't decide to stop off
home first, and no earthquake............ Maybe
I'll have my baby the first week in May. If the
shipping is by Union Pacific, it could be Labor



  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113

    but I cry every time I hear a delay! The good news is that, after hearing the delay with our buddies who ordered Dodges, I prepped myself for 12 weeks. I'm anticipating a mid-June delivery date. I won't even call my dealer until about week 8-9. He already called me to confirm the order had been sent.
  • MerleMerle Posts: 8
    Yuk, I sure did not want to hear that but I guess we have no choice but to stand in line and wait. I ordered an F250 2wd Mar 10 and was given a 12 week leadtime. They told me that the 4x4's were longer yet. I am going to call my dealer and get a ETA (estimated time of arrival), if it means anything.
  • jdbjdb Posts: 20
    I ordered my F350 4X4 on March 5 and still don't even have a build date...leta alone an ETA...
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,496
    That railroad merger screwed everybody up...

    I'm actually surprised that Ford is "only" 50K units behind. The SuperDuty line is (so far) just at the Louisville plant, and Ford is bragging about having 175,000 orders, or half the total Dodge Ram production. I know Ford has extra space in that building because they sold off the heavy truck line, but in order to bang that many trucks out in a year would mean 560 trucks a *day* on a 6 day/52 week production schedule.

    Just a little quick for me to screw together something that could have to give its life to save a human one...

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • kirkpamakirkpama Posts: 64
    I ordered a 1999 F250 on March 31st, and they haven't pickup up my order yet. The dealer said that he is allocated 4 units next week and he is trying to get them moved up to this week. I doubt he will have any luck moving those allocations up after hearing everyone elses order stories. He did say that mine is priority 11 and that a 10 is the highest priority and he doesn't have any 10s, so mine should go on order next week. He also said that if I haven't ordered anything that causes it to be help up, that I should get it in about 5 weeks. I won't hold my breath, but it would be nice it he was right.
  • jdbjdb Posts: 20

    5 Weeks???? I wonder what your dealer's been smoking. FYI, your order should get picked up every week (on Thursdays). Priority 11 is only meaningful with your dealer, not any one else's. Besides, he could make everyone in the door from now on a 10.

    Not to rain on your parade, but I'm afraid we all have a long wait...
  • kirkpamakirkpama Posts: 64

    You're right about the priority 11 only being meaningful to my dealer. That is what I meant about the priority. He did say that they can only order the 1999 trucks according to allocations. If they are not allocated any this week, which they aren't, then he can't order any. He is allocated 4 for next week. Unless he has been smoking something, he will be able to order 4 1999 trucks next week. If my order is clean, and he doesn't make someone else a priority 10, then my truck should get ordered. Like I said, I'm not holding my breath. I'm just hoping the wait isn't as long as everyone is expecting.
  • jdbjdb Posts: 20
    Keep us posted on your progress!!

    P.S. When you get your DORA (order receipt), find out what your actual priority is. It's in the upper right hand corner.

    When I ordered mine, the sales jerk said I was going in as a 10 but the DORA showed 13. When I asked him about it, his response was he was overruled by the sales manager. Just B.S.
  • kirkpamakirkpama Posts: 64

    My Vehicle Order Confirmation shows it as order number 6774, priority: 11, order type: 1, price level: 911. I feel like the dealer is being honest with me. This is the 3rd truck that I have ordered from him and he is the manager of this dealership. I hope he is being trueful with me. I'll keep you posted.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    My Vehicle Order Confirmation shows my truck was order number 8888, priority 20, order type 2, price level 911. I was told 12 weeks. Order date was 3/24.
  • CatscanCatscan Posts: 9
    Whether you guys know it or not, there are a ton of us praying for each of you on a regular basis. I know what it's like to wait anxiously for your truck to arrive.(I equate it to fatherhood) Chewing on your fingernails, checking the calendar daily, peeking at Edmund's every night to see who got lucky. Anyway I know it isn't the same situation, but I was quoted a delivery date of 6-8 weeks for the F-150 I ordered on March 18th, and it was delivered today 4 1/2 weeks after I ordered it. So try not to despair...The stork may deliver your babies to you sooner than you expect. In the mean time, Good Luck. I'll be watching for responses to the '99F-250 SuperDuties when they begin to arrive. In case any of you who have already graduated to the next level of Trucks cares; I got the F-150 XLT SuperCab 4WD Long Bed. Can't wait to pick it up in 8 hours when my dealership opens.
  • AirCatAirCat Posts: 16
    Who really knows what Order number, Priority, Order Type, and Price Level really mean?

    By the way my Odrder num is 3222, Priority 39, Order type 1 and price level 910. The sales mgr told me that even though my priority number is real high, I may still get my truck before someone with a much lower number from another dealership because his dealership moves a lot more trucks they also get more? Any comments? Thanks.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    I don't have a clue what the numbers mean. It appears the priority number is related to the dealership. In other words, my 20 has no relationship to your 39 or someone elses 11. The price and order type are probably the same throughout the nation. So far, I'm the only one who seems to have an order type 2. I'm wondering if that doesn't have something to do with the Lariat package. I know they didn't have the leather interiors until early April, so maybe they coded those differently. It might also be related to the F-350 4x4, since most people seem to be ordering the F-250.
  • AirCatAirCat Posts: 16
    could be the Lariat Pkg, though I dont know at all, any other Lariat orders want to respond?

    It is not the F350 4x4 or V10 Brutus cause I ordered F350 V10 4x4, mine is XLT though
  • richflynnrichflynn Posts: 147
    I'm so happy I could just poop!

    I have a VIN number!!!

    The dealer said it was probably built this week.

    Now sit down for this one.....
    My dealer said that he ordered two for me. He screwed up on the first order and didn't put the two tone nor the remote control mirrors on this one. It is an XLT power stroke super cab F-250. AND IT IS ON THE LOT! (White in color, 2x4, LWB large tires, slide rear window auto trans, bench seat and positraction rear end 3.73:1)

    It is in the South LA Metro area. Drop me an E-Mali and I'l give you the dealer details if you want an all white one.

  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    From what I've heard, the dealers are looking to get pretty close to MSRP for the ones on the lot because there are so few. It's a pretty good selling point when he tells someone who walks in off that street and is drooling over the vehicle that he can drive away with the truck today for MSRP or he can wait 12 weeks and save a few bucks. Of course, then he will tell them the stories about the problems with the rail service and the always possible labor disputes that might arise and the large number of orders pending, etc.

    Glad to hear you got your truck. When did you order it?
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    I meant to say, glad to hear you almost have your truck.
  • kirkpamakirkpama Posts: 64
    My order type is a 1 and I ordered an F250 XLT. I didn't want the leather seats, so I went with the XLT and added the rest of the options to bring it up to the Lariat package. I ordered it on March 31st. I get the feeling that the order number, priority, type or level don't mean as much as allocations do. My dealer said that without an allocation, he can take an order and put it into the system, but Ford won't pick it up. He can order 1 truck for every allocation that he has. My dealer has 4 allocations for this week, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  • richflynnrichflynn Posts: 147
    I ordered in mid February.

    I did EXACTLY what you did and for EXACTLY the same reasons.

    My dealer is selling at about $1200 over invoice. This turns out to be about the best in the area. I went through a few of the web based "Buying Services". Actually a joke. The first wanted $300 over MSRP. The second started at $1500 over invoice, maybe, depending upon demand. Wanted a grand upfront before anything would be done. For this area I'm doing ok. Not as good as later this year but ok.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    I had no success with the internet services either. However, I did get my dealer from someone on this site. I will have to take at look at past post and offer to buy him a beer after I get my truck.

    By the way, I went with the leather, not because it's luxurious, but because it's easier to clean. The deciding factor was when a friend related a story about having his young daughter, shall we say, not be able to hold her water on a trip home. He had to have a heavy duty detailing to get rid of the stain and the corresponding aroma.
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