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Mazda Protege Accessories and Modifications



  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200




    You can see the orange bulb from straight-on. You can also see the fit is exact. I love the way they look!


  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200



    You can see how well the strut bar fits. In the second picture you can see where I cut the cruise control bracket just above the black mounting plates that stiffen the strut towers and provide a mounting surface for the strut bar, rather than just use two of the strut mounting bolts to attach a strut bar. IMHO it's a much better system, but requires some modification. The third picture shows the driver's side strut tower that did NOT require any modification. If you look closely, you can see some red paint coming through on the bar. It came with beautiful red paint that I decided to cover over with cheap silver/chrome paint. I will refinish it once I get to Chicago to fix that!

    Let me know if you have any questions!



  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    those corner lights look phat, definitely getting them now.

    btw, is it me or is this one of the best discussion board I've ever seen on

    kudos to everyone

  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    Those corners are off the hook!!! damn.. I might have to get them for the wife's car.. right after I take the car from her!!! image

    and yes this is the best discussion here.
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    Found this in another board (nissan actually) about part makers with parts for the Protege's.

    I don't know what parts they are, but at least we know the companies...

    Makers with protege parts
    1. Jackson Racing Miata Supercharger (fits 1.8 liter ES protege)
    2. Erebuni Body kit
    3. Intrax
    4. Suspension Techniques
    5. Weapon R
    6. Tenzo R
    7. Arospeed
    8. NOS (makes for everybody)
    9. Pacesetter
    10. corksport
    11. J-spec
    12. Mazdaspeed
    13. Eibach
    14. Sprint
    15. HKS
    16. Unorthodox Racing
    17. indoxine
    18. APC (altezza tail lights for 1999 and up protege's in 2001)
  • Hey those look just like the ones I bought!
    Only difference- the horizontile molding lines. I don't have those. Otherwize, I would say they are identical.

    I think you ahave convinced me to do a strut mod- when it gets a bit warmer around here. I see you have the K&H sticker on the air filter box too. :)
    Any thoughts on going for a custom intake system?

    I have yet to put on the FuelMax fuel saver. The EPS put out some interesting numbers on how well it cleans up the emmissions (a result of greater fuel efficiency). If have some idea where to attack it, but want to make sure I get it in the right place. If you know where the inbound fuel line is, could you snap that?

    EVERYONE. Keep an eye out for custom parts, accessories and mods for the Pro. If you see any deals or sites that carry parts, please post for the rest of us. If you make a modification (no matter how stupid) let us know- snap a picture- write a short guide on how to do it yourself.
  • Those are factory fog lamps too! How much did those set you back? I'm thinking those will be my next upgrade. Now only if I can get them cheap without importing them from Japan!
  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    Thanks for the compliments. I LUV my Pro, can you tell?

    No plans for custom intake. Nor can I help with the fuel line location. Best bet is to get the front of your car up on ramps and trace it forward from the fuel tank.

    I like having the K&N air filter, even if just for the reusability factor.

    Fog lamps were added at the dealer as part of my purchase, but the kit costs about $195 here in Phoenix. Wait til your dealer sends you a parts coupon for 10-20% off "do it yourself" type parts. Kbaer on the Prototech website installed his own. I didn't have to do that though.


  • I'll ask my dealer about the fog lamps. I'd pay upward of $250 for them installed. Hope I can get it at that.

    Looks like your windows have some nice tint. Can you share any ideas for someone who knows nothing about tinting?
  • I think I'm begining to love your pro too.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Here's a pic that will give you an idea of where to put the Fuelmax:

    Click on the pic to enlarge.

    Quite a link eh?


  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    Thanks man! I still have more plans for it. I'll post as I do them!


  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    so conheady, do your corner lamps fit just as tight as those posted by speedypt? I thought you said there were some gaps after you installed them.

    If they indeed fit the same, then I'm in a big dilemma, paying less for an aftermarket version or get the OEM version for more than 2x the cost... dang.
  • Thanks for the pic! That really helps out a lot! I'll keep you guys posted on whether or not the FuelMax works.

    They are pretty tight. They don't move at all once they are in. They are locked into place like the OEM versions. The issue I had was with the left one. It didn't fit as perfectly as the original lamps. Maybe off on the top by 2mm. Nothing noticible at all.

    Add into the cost of the lamps the price of two new 1157A orange bulbs ($3.99)
  • 5spd5spd Posts: 38
    I am looking for a set of OEM steel wheels from a 323 or protege. If you have upgraded to alloys and want to sell your steel wheels please e-mail me at
  • sfratsfrat Posts: 205
    Hey all,

    Been toying with the idea of getting a pair for my new 01 ES, I think they look pretty cool. Anybody else get them already, and if so, where? I've seen a number of people selling them on EBAY, but hesitant to go that route without a positive recommendation. Would rather order directly, and skip the whole bidding BS.


  • conheadyconheady Posts: 77
    Procarparts has these in stock now. I was thinking about getting them. $210! Anyone think it's worth it?
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    no.. they are played out. they sell Altezza lights at Pepboys by criminy...

    and do you REALLY want to be like every other Civic out there? There are Altezzas for Neons. Cavaliers, Chevy Astro Vans, pick-ups, etc... its old and played..

    but it is your car, so do what pleases you, but IMO, they are ugly and not worth $210. get Strut bar or something...
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I had a set of those in my 1999 DX I just traded for my 2001 ES 2.0. I liked them, and they were nice and bright too. I bought them from EBay for like $21 or something. But I noticed they don't have good illumination in rain or immediately in front of the car. Of course, the fog lights illumnate the area in front of my 01 ES, so that might not be a problem. I was feeling sorry that I didn't get the bulbs from my DX before I traded it, but don't want blue headlights and regular colored fog lights. And don't know where they sell plasma blue fog lights.

    I was thinking about upgrading my stereo system from the factory cassette/CD unit to the 6-disc CD changer. What do you all think?
  • sfratsfrat Posts: 205
    Vocus- Thanks for the info. I didn't even think about the color difference between the fogs and blue headlights, you're right it would look kind of stupid to do just one set. Thanks for the info, esp rain performance. Maybe its not such a good idea.

    I also was thining about the CD changer, as I had an aftermarket system in my old Audi. I really liked the convienence of the changer, much less of a hassle. I am getting used to using the single disk system, I find it not as convient, but not worth the extra money to upgrade. Plus, I'm under the impression that you can't have changer and tape deck, and I like having the tape even if it doesn't get used that often.
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