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Mazda Protege Accessories and Modifications



  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    While changing the oil this past week I took a look at the air intake. How many baffles does it need? Looks like there are 3 on the first stage. Then there appears to be a condensate area. Then it drops down about 12-14" before it enters the filter area.

    I took off the first stage and I'm driving around with it like that until I get home. It really doesn't do much but add a little more throat. I'm thinking about cutting off the part that drops just before the filter and clamping a piece of PVC on it. That drop can't be anything but a resonator/baffle, I think.

    From what my friend (who's very close to Mazda R/D) has told me, it's next to impossible to get anything more out of the 2.0. I'm not looking for more H/P, just a little bit of growl. Not to be confused with that buzzy rap of the fart-can exhaust.

    Has anyone here added an air intake?
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    I know some who have gotten the Injen CAI. Essentially, all it does is make more noise and rev a little faster. Essentially, you would need to replace the whole exhaust from the headers back to get any appreciable increase out of the 2.0L. That is where it is restrictive. If you live in a state that doesn't do emissions testing (SC or TN for instance), you can essentially rebuild your engine using parts from the Japanese spec 2.0L and get about 170HP out of it. Corksport will sell you these parts. Another option is to get the Mazdaspeed Turbo kit that is coming out, or the turbo kit from Flyin' Miata for $3595.

    Links: oreId=10001&langId=-1
  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    Nope boggse, I'm just interested in sounding a bit better. Maybe a cat-back exhaust someday. For now, the most I'll do is an intake.

    Too bad they charge so much. These companies are making a killing. It doesn't cost much to mandrel bend a foot and a half of aluminum, throw on a couple of rubber connectors and top it off with a high intake filter. K&N wants $500??? For no appreciable performance gain?!?!? What a joke. A cat-back exhaust can be had for $500. Suspension upgrades with real world performance can be had for $500.

    The really sad part is some people are buying it.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    If I were you, I would spend the money on an RB or Borla exhaust and forget the intake. At least with the RB, you know you will get 4.7HP out of your $449, and it will sound better. Neither K&N or Injen have Dyno results listed for the Protege. I am sure this is because the improvement is so minimal.
  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    Oh I hear that. Like I said, I can't believe anyone would pay the money they are asking. A solid intake can be had for $150 or less and a bolt on exhaust will run three times that.

    I'll probably just modify the baffle/resonator. I'm 99.9% positive the last area on it is for noise reduction.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    I've added a Monster Flow intake (short ram intake, not CAI) that I got off a fellow Pro owner that was selling his Pro to get an RX-8. It only cost me $50 CDN.

    AEM has results from their intake for the Pro, although, I can't remember if it's a 1.8L or a 2.0L that they test. At any rate, check out their site.

    IMO, the intake I added makes the engine have a more throaty sound that is especially noticeable at WOT.
  • reitrofreitrof Posts: 122
    I got mine off eBay for 35 bucks shipped. Works great.
  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    Would you post a link to a similar one on ebay?
  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    I've seen it there before. Where does all of the wirng that connects to the current intake go?

    Do you have any pics of it installed in your P5?

    I had a DAC intake on my CRX and it was a breeze to install. I've never seen so many wires coming from the intake before though.
  • reitrofreitrof Posts: 122
    Not sure what you mean by wires? There are no wires in the picture.

  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    There are wires on the stock intake. I'm guessing sensors of some type.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    Would you be referring to the wires connecting to the Mass Airflow Sensor? If so, most intakes make accommodations for that sensor and the associated wiring.
  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    Well I suppose that would be the wire. If that's the wire coming from the intake, that's it. I think there is more than one though. I saw that the K&N intake had a place for them. I'm not sure about the one reitrof is speaking of though.
  • reitrofreitrof Posts: 122

    Yes they have place for the sensors.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    I know many of you have complained about the AC compressor kicking in every time you put the HVAC controls on anything except face and face/feet. I found this on and thought I would share it with you. I do not know if it works with Proteges, but I thought someone might want to investigate:

    "If you pull out the HVAC controls from the center console, there is a 2 pin connector at the very top of the module and a little to the left of the right knob. All you have to do is unplug that connector and tie is back out of the way so it doesn't foul the mechanism. If you pull the controls out further, you can see the connector goes to a small limit switch which is triggered by moving the knob to the DEFROST position."

    I do not plan to do this mod, but if someone else wants to try it, please report back any success/failure.
  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    My AC compressor kicks in when I put it on face/feet too. That's the setting I despise.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    That is very odd. I don't think that it is supposed to behave that way. My 2003 P5 doesn't.
  • Tinted windows make.

    Finally had mine done...big improvement.

    Went with Huper Optik...some sort of ceramic in it...was pricy, but it was a slow day so they threw in an alarm too. .. and i hardly haggled.

    The only slight dissapointment was after I made the deals, I found out it's only available in one shade.

    In theory I'd planned on 35% on driver/passenger side...and limo dark from there back (which he said i could do here in Tx)..something about my little wagon being an Suv. Hehehe

    Ah well...this stuff sure does the job. I'm pleased.

    Now to tackle the roof rack bike mount problem.
    I read one persons saga...::shudder::

    Many folks have tried Yakima vs Thule (round poles vs square) and our factory racks are kinda ovalised... I found a system made by Saris that seems similar....will continue research!

  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    Okay, my 17 yr old son wants to change the tire size on his just purchased 99 LX with something that looks better and will allow him to participate in the Indy 500. He has actually mentioned getting 18" tires which I am pretty sure will not fit his car properly. Does anyone know the largest tire reccomended for this car,both in diameter and profile? Tried to tell him speed tires are not good in the winter and will wear out faster. ALso, will the different size effect the speedometer accuracy or other functions? I believe he has 185/70 14's now.
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