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Mazda Protege Accessories and Modifications



  • try,
  • In my experience with any japanese car you are better off running ngk spark plugs.
  • krzykj1krzykj1 Posts: 3
    Searching for answers- HELP PLEASE ! I have 2000 Mazda Protege ES that came standard w/ a 1.8 ltr engine. I bought this car used & love it. Problem : While changing the timing belt & parts, I have found out that the engine was changed to a 2001 2.0 ltr ES. I keep coming up with Engine Codes will not reset readings, every time I try to have an emissions inspection done. Have gone through MUCH grief with the state of NC & quite a few insp. stations. What, if anything can be done ? I'd like to keep it & drive it.
  • pfunk3pfunk3 Posts: 2
    dose anyone know if i can use aftermarket body kits from say like a 4 door civic and place them on my car or is it just a no go?
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