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Acura CL



  • dee35dee35 Posts: 11
    I just got a 2001 CL-S on Saturday. Got the bright red beauty sitting in my garage. First red car I ever owned. I sure hope it's not a cop magnet! I paid $400.00 over dealer invoice and got the splash guards and pin striping for free. I paid $695.00 for the spoiler with brake light. I had to bargain for that price. The dealer wanted $850.00. It was worth it to me. I think it makes the car. It completes it. I thought it looked kind of plain without it.

    I LOVE this car! It's so much quieter than my old GTP and handles like a dream. It's got every bit as much guts, without all the noise that went with heavy acceleration. This car is so smooth and so quick, I constantly find myself doing 80 mph on the highway. Speed limit is 55-65, so I have to be careful. I just don't feel like I'm going that fast. I have to use the cruise control just to stay out of trouble! My radar detector is firmly secured to my windshield just in case I'm not paying attention or if I want to have some fun!

    As far as the doors are concerned. I drove a Grand Prix GTP coupe for 6 years. You wanna talk about heavy doors! Plus they were much longer than the CL's. I guess perspective depends on what your comparing it to.

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Congratulations! I got my red beauty on 3/28/01 and already have 6800 miles on it! I CAN'T stop driving it! I, too, absolutely LOVE this car. I think it's the best car I have EVER owned since I was 16! If you click on my name above, you can go to my website and see those past cars.

    Luckily I just returned from 18 days in FL AWAY from my car. That has helped to keep the mileage down. The car stayed in the garage here in CT.

    I know what you mean by watching your speed. It's so quiet that doing 80 feels like 60. My radar detector is also plugged in!

    So far, NO problems! Only been to the dealer ONCE for an oil/filter change for $9.95! Was I ever surprised!

    I look forward to 42 months of trouble-free driving. So far, so good. Hope you have the same.

  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    fuzup - the C coupe that you're taking about is significantly smaller than our CL. So the handling would probably be better. Usually, there's a big difference in smoothness between a 4 cylinder and a 6 cylinder engine. The smoothest 4-cylinder that I've driven was a Camry. Anyway, even with my leadfoot I've managed to average around 24mpg in mixed driving. The premium CL is a nice car and you might be able to negotiate extra stuff for the 2001 model.... who knows.

    Dee - don't worry about the red color. I managed to avoid a ticket when I missed a motorcycle cop camping out under a bridge. I guess I probably slowed down enough so that he just didn't bother with me.

    Weird noise - I noticed a couple of times that when my car is in the garage, there would be a noise that sounds like a cat. Now I surmised that it was probably just my car having a little heartburn.
  • I was at an Acura dealer today and the subject came up about a 6 speed manual for the CL. The salesman told me he had expected it but the new 2002 brochure does not list it as a choice. He claims there will be no manual for 2002. Does anyone know what the status of that choice is? Will there be a manual.? Someone back in July stated that a dealer in Cinn. had order codes for it. (this was on
  • mrdeeenomrdeeeno Posts: 53
    the 2001 brochure didn't have the blue exterior color for the cl type s...but there is now a blue available for the type-s.

    dealer's guesses are probably less accurate than ours...most aren't enthusiasts, they just sell cars. and it's surprising that they don't know much about the cars they DO have.

    my dealer (worked for the dealership for 2 years) told me i have exxon headlights (being sarcastic, i said, "so they offer gas AND headlights now?", and he actually said, "yes.")and the strut tower bar was to prevent the engine from entering the passenger compartment during a crash (so i asked, "if i need to depend on this bar during a crash, why don't most cars have this standard?" and he said, "because it's a special metal.").
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    hahaha that's hilarious... especially since I've been following the Honda Accord Coupe post where a car broker claims to have much more knowledge than anyone posting messages there BECAUSE he sells cars!
  • I like the "special metal" for the strut tower bar. They must bring that salesman out only for special promotions. I have tested a number of new vehicles and almost always a manual trans. model. Its amazing how every salesperson I have dealt with ALL claim to drive manuals just like me. They are all my buddies. Gives me a warm cozy feeling. I'll take two!!!
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    The key is to do all your research online, take test drives, and only use the salesman as the person to order the car from.
    It's kind of like going to a restaurant. Check out the menu, ask others that have eaten there, be familiar with the type of food they serve, and you only need the waitress to place the order with.
    So, a car salesman is basically a waitress with a tie.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    I saw a new Type S at my office building... too bad it was a TL :) Actually, I've seen more TL Type S around here than I have another CL Type S.... what's up with that? They are so hot off the lot that you can't find one to test drive without an appointment.. shesss
  • mrdeeenomrdeeeno Posts: 53
    a sedan will probably always sell better than it's coupe counterpart, especially at $25k+ ranges.

    it's just that there are more people out there that care more about practicability, or if not, the potential that htey'll need it later (my grandma wanted me to get the tl 'cuz i'll have a family soon...I HAVE AT LEAST 5 YEARS OF FREEDOM LEFT!)

    i don't think that's a bad thing though, it just makes luxury coupes more exlusive (clk will always be more exclusive than a c-class, especially last generations c, mb's cl will always be more exclusive than the s-class, volvo's c70 will always be more exlusive than the s80 or whatever model it was based on, lex's sc will always be exlusive to pretty much their entire line, and acura's cl will always be more exlusive than the tl).

    i think the least exclusive from it's sedan counterpart would be the 3-series, but i'm sure the sedan still outsells the coupe.

    and from "exclusive", i mean "seen less often".
  • I guess information about the new 6 speed CL is not out there. No one replied to my post. I'm starting to get depressed. The RSX has such an outstanding manual trans (drive either the 5 or 6 speed and you will know what I mean). Why can't this be done in a somewhat bigger car? I don't get it.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    If the RSX is made in Japan, that might be part of the reason. As you know, the CL/TL is made in the USA. There is probably some re-tooling and training involved.

    No doubt it will come along at some point, just as an S Type TL did. There is obvious demand for it.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    If I'm not mistaken, developing a manual reliable transmission for a car with a lot of torque and HP takes some engineering know-how. The CL-S/TL-S are pretty much the most powerful automobiles Honda has produced outside of the NSX, so it may require some effort on their part to produce a reliable manual tranny that can be mass-produced...
  • Yes I suspected that heavier duty synchronizers etc would required for the 3.2 liter V-6. But you can get a manual with the V-6 Camray and the Nissan Maxima and all kinds of BMWs etc. When is Honda/Acura going to bite the bullit here? It may be that their standards for smoothness of shifting etc. are higher which makes for a tougher engineering job. But anyway I wish they would do it.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    I was just responding that the reason it didn't debut with the Type S is that Honda is probably still developing and testing it. Other than for the NSX, if I'm not mistaken Honda has not produced a mass-production manual transmission on a car with 200+ ft lbs of torque... yet.
  • mdanielmdaniel Posts: 47
    The 2nd generation Legend coupe had a 6 speed manual and a 230HP 3.2L V6. They've done it before, but its been a while. They didn't sell many, either.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    if they don't make the 6-speed on the CL/TL, its not because they CAN'T but because they WON'T -- not many will buy the 6-speed, especially in this price range. Honda makes race cars and the NSX, who actually thinks they can't drop in a great manual tranny on a CL?
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    has a big advantage in this size class anyway.

    I like the SS just fine, but I don't get a chance to use it that much in stop-n-go traffic. If Acura makes a F1 shift, similar to the one in the future RX-8, then I would love it. I don't care about this purist view of shifting for myself in a car like this.
  • dee35dee35 Posts: 11
    Hi everybody,

    I posted a couple days ago about being the proud new owner of a shiny red CL-S. On my way to work yesterday morning, this moron behind me in a Mountaineer decided to reach for a piece of paper on his floor. A brilliant decision in stop and go traffic! I saw him coming in my rear view mirror and hit the gas to try to give him more room, but their just wasn't enough. He plowed right into the back of me. My poor car was only 5 days old. I'm devastated. The back of the trunk has a bad dent and the bumper is all torn up. The Acura emblem is hanging half off. Thankfully, the damage appears to be mainly superficial. They won't know about the frame until they get in the shop and check all the measurements. Damage estimate is about $2,000. I wasn't hurt fortunately, just a little stiff in my neck and shoulders this morning. I just can't believe this happened. Now I have to pay $450.00 a month for the next five years for a car that was only completely new for 5 days. This guy robbed me of my new car infatuation and euphoria. I only buy a new car every 5 or 6 years. This really stinks! My husband is already talking about selling it. We'd both like the guy's insurance company to get us a new one, but we all know, that won't happen. Now we have to take the loss, because of someone else's stupid mistake.
    Oh well, it could have been worse. At least I wasn't hurt.

  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    Sorry to hear about that. I think that you should go to a doctor to check out your pain. You should worry about that more than your car at the moment. Yeah, it is difficult to see your car in the same light now that an idiot damaged it. I'd put off the decision about trading the car in right now. Perhaps you should wait until the 2002 model comes out..... ???
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