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Acura CL



  • I wanted to know if anyone out there has had any problems with the paint on a 1997 3.0 CL. The paint on mine has started to crackle on the hood and I think the trunk. It is almost five years old (bought on Dec. 31, 1996) but I don't think the paint should be crackling unless there was something wrong with the paint or the paint job initially. When I'm not at work, it's in a garage so it's not like it stays out in the elements all of the time. Does anyone know if there was a recall on the paint or anything that I didn't hear about? The color is Cypress Green Pearl.

    Thanks :-)
  • wree7777wree7777 Posts: 26
    Clarification of post 636(?): I was talking about the passenger side mirror, not the rearview mirror on the windshield. Has anyone other than me had problems with it obstructing your view toward the front right? Seems like it's right at eye level rather than below eye level so you can see over it.
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    Ihave a 98 CL and no paint problems but I have
    experienced cracking in the past when I was
    doing patchup work on older cars.When the
    conditions and materials are not perfect it can happen.Maybe your car was repainted before you bought it.When I bought my 2001 TL I was wondering around the back lot at the dealer and
    there was a brand new car that was in the process
    of bodywork so some poor dude is going to buy that car not knowing it has had bodywork.I once
    bought an 89 Mazda and it was not registered.I was told it was a demonstrator so I assumed it was new. One day I noticed a difference in the shape of a quarter panel. I got a magnet and
    checked it out. It had bondo on it! After threatening legal action the dealer took the car back and gave me a new one.
  • dmathewdmathew Posts: 2
    When is the the '02 CLS model coming out. I tried asking 4-5 different dealers in the Washington Metro area and none would tell me anything.
    Does anyone know of a site that has details on the new model. What are the major differences in the '02 CLS other than a 6-speed.

    I was given an offer for a 3.2 CLS (no navigation( for $27,220) by Pohanks Acura of greater Washington DC, and i wanted to know if i should jump on that price. Its the lowest i've found anywhere
  • mdanielmdaniel Posts: 47
    The 02 should be out shortly. Honda/Acura usually releases new model years in the fall. Don't expect any major changes from 01 to 02. The only thing is the 6 speed manual. A couple of members on have driven it. Acura is still doing the R&D and taking customer input through market research firms. Depending on the rumor, the 6 speed will be out either in the fall as an 02, spring as an 02, spring as an 03, or not at all. The 02 TL Type S was released a few months after the 02 TL, so there is precedence for releasing a different version later on. Acura hasn't said anything offical about the CL manual so its all speculation. Dealers are the last to know anything.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    I actually find the left side rearview mirror obstructs my line of sight somewhat when I am making a left turn.
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    Is the 2.3 CL engine the same as in the Honda
    Accord? The reason I ask is my owners manual
    says to replace the timing belt at 105k miles
    but Honda dealers are recommending 60k miles.
    Is it just an attempt to make more money or is the
    timing belt on Acura better than a Honda? I have
    never heard of a Honda belt breaking.My sons have
    had belts break in a Subaru and an Escort.
  • jettsonjettson Posts: 23
    "Don't feel bad. The Accord V6 coupe is one fine car. Actually there are times when I wondered if I should have saved a few thousand dollars and gone for the Accord instead of the CL-S. The extra power and features of the CL-S is nice, but I mean, how often does one really fully utilize all of that? "

    You posted this after I wondered if I should have bought the Acura CL-S instead of the Accord Coupe, and I sure did appreciate your message, but guess what? I traded in my Honda, and let me tell you, the few thousand dollars more is WELL WORTH IT!!!

    I can't get over the difference in power plus just the overall enjoyment I get driving the CL-S.

    Boy do I love my Acura!
  • raaizinraaizin Posts: 31
    I am considering a CL-S purchase. Car will be used primarily by my wife. I am 6'2". I sat in the car in the dealer and it was a little tight.Are there any taller folks out there who have this car, if so do you find it comfortable. Also is the curb rash on rims a big problem. I am sure she will hit the curb even if I tell her to stay a foot away from the curb.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    Jettson - glad to hear that you love your little "upgrade" :) I've driven about 10k in my car. I really enjoy the long distance drive... 2+ hours over different surfaces, curves and inclines. Mind you, I have to constantly monitor my speed when I am not using the cruise control.
  • cyber_xcyber_x Posts: 37
    Looks like there's a CL body kit in the works. Don't know if it's available yet...looks sort of like it's still a prototype. Here's a link (click on the pic for more photos):

    I know a lot of you guys don't like body kits, but I just thought I'd post it for reference anyway.

    Don't know how this kit will come out looking, since there's no finished pics yet. In any case, for or against body kits, it's still nice that the CL is finally getting some aftermarket support.

  • mdanielmdaniel Posts: 47
    The headroom depends on where your waist is. People with long legs and short torsos will have no problem. But reverse it and you'll be banging your head on the headliner. If you get too close to a curb, you WILL scratch the 01 CL-S rims. The spokes stick out further than the tires. The 02 TL-S has different wheels that look very similar but don't stick out as much. I don't know which wheels the 02 CL-S has. I have 25000 miles and only one scratched rim. It happened on the front right rim as I was turning left into a parking space. I got too close to the planter and scraped about 1.5 spokes. Also, never run these wheels through an automatic car wash with the steel tray that grabs your car by the wheel. Guaranteed scratches.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    those are really ugly pictures for body kits... I am not sure what to think of them.

    Yeah, I do like the rims on the RSX. I wish that the 2001 CL has those....less chance of being scratch. Anyway, I am more worry about the paint damages at high speeds. I hope that someone will come up with better polymer to better protect the car paint because I don't want to use the 3M clear mask stuff for my whole car....
  • g_carg_car Posts: 46
    Sorry if I missed this posted somewhere else, new to the board. Does Honda have plans for a 6 Speed CL. Looking to trade in my daily driver manual Accord for a CL, really like the way it looks and I believe its a great bargain but really would like a stick. We already have a 2001 BMW 5er with a Step along with 5 speed 300ZX and I really would like to stay with a manual for my daily driver. Wife mostly drives the Bimmer and the 300 is the weekend let the hair down car. Anyway if anyone has any news on a possible 2002 6 speed CL please pass along. The other options we were looking at were to go with a 2002 6 speed Maxima SE, Audi A4 or the VW Passat. Many Thanks.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    daily driver? I'd suggest that you consider the RSX Type S since you can get a 6-speed. Who really knows when they will have the manual for the CL.... probably a year from now....
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    I test drove an RSX as long as I was at the dealer test driving a TL-S. The RSX is very noisy. Lots of road noise. Way more than the TL-S or my CL. Way more. The road noise was similar to my 94 Civic.
    I don't know if that would be comfortable as a daily commute car, if you're used to a high end car like the BMW. The RSX is quite an exceptional value, though.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    I'm glad you're happy with the CL-S. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret getting the CL-S. It feels great when you get the chance to really drive it hard. It's just that I spend alot of time commuting in traffic and chauffeuring the kids and it's during those occasions when I think that an Accord would be just as good.
  • dee35dee35 Posts: 11
    I know I'm being overly dramatic, but that's how I feel. My 2.5 week old baby is getting the body work she needs to be beautiful again. I still can't believe I got rear-ended and owned the car for just 5 days. How unfair! Now I'm driving around in this crappy Cavalier. It doesn't even have power windows or locks! Insurance companies stink! I managed to get one upgrade just so the car would have power steering. Can you believe that?! I didn't know they made them without it! Not in this millenium!
    I can't wait until I get my car back! I love it every bit as much as you guys do! As soon as I get it back, it's getting Zaino'd, so it looks just like fastdriver's, only mine has a spoiler.
    Has anyone noticed how few Acura's there are on the road. I'm always looking for one, rarely see one though. That makes our cars that much more special, I guess. Once the word gets out, everybody will have one! Well, I'll be thinking of you all cruising around in your CL's this week, while I just putter around in this lousy Cavalier. If I can just get through this week...ho hum.

  • jrentjrent Posts: 15
    I can't image how inconsiderate some people can be. I've had my CL/S for 5 months and I don't mean to get to carried away but I haven't let the kids in it yet or my wife drive it . The cars show room new and I take great pains to keep it that way. I'm sure you'll be overjoyed when you get your "Baby" back on the road.
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    Shortly after getting my new CL some bozo used some sharp object and put a long scratch on the passengers side.Lucky for me my son works for a
    big dealership that has an excellent body shop.
    The insurance estimate was $900.My deductible was
    $250.The actual cost of the repair was $500 so I made out.I now have various dings from people
    opening their car doors into my car.Just glad it is not leased so I don't have to worry about it.
    If you have a heart attack over little dings you
    should leave the car in the garage and don't drive it.
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