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Acura CL



  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    If YOU had a 99 Chrysler 300M and went through what I did for the 33 months that I had that car, you'd be THRILLED too with my current car! I know you've been in TH for some time, but I don't know if you ever read my "soap opera" story of the 300M. If you want just a SLIGHT view of the crap I went through for 33 months, click on my name above, sit back and put your feet up and start reading. Then you'll really understand how I feel. Keep in mind, that's just a "partial history" of what I went through with those "award-winning 5-STAR" Chrysler dealers!

    I've had this CL-S for 6 months now with 2 dealer visits. I can't tell you how many visits I had with the 300M during its first 6 months!

  • fastdriver - s'alright, I am glad that you got out of a frustrating experience... or rather experiences with the kind of quality and service from the previous car. BTW, you don't have any rattles? I have some... off and on - not a big deal for me.

    canadiancl - yeah, that's what my dealer kinda told me when I purchased the car. They said... blah blah.. almost like bribing me ... hahaha. I had to rip them since they are the only dealer in town so they have to get better since they don't have any competition. I just want them to be the best dealer in the city... period :)
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Rattles? My car is as quiet as a church mouse! Try taking everything out of the trunk, glove compartments and door panel storage areas and see what happens. You don't have the sunrood "rattle", do you? They solve that with some kind of tape.

    Turned 8,600 miles last night. Seems to get faster everyday.

  • no problem with my moonroof. This car is just about as quiet as my bro's BMW 528i. I love my car. I don't get tired driving on long distance trips, not like some previous cars that I had.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I hear you! That's why I have 8,600+ miles on mine in 6 months!

  • Can someone give me a elementary explanation of the differences between rear wheel drive cars and front wheel drive cars. I hear so much that rear wheel drive cars are better handling cars. Why is that? Also, what is torque steer? If rear wheel drive cars are better at handling, why aren't all cars that way? What are the virtues of front wheel drive cars? Thanks for any responses.
  • here's a brief and incomplete list of

    FWD advantages over RWD ( big enough for most car buyers)
    - better traction on slippery surfaces
    - more trunk/rear seat space

    FWD disavantages compared to RWD
    - relatively poor handling
    - not equality distributed weight

    Actually, most cars were RWD before the 80's ( at least, in the US). However, the better control in the wet helped convinced more buyers to consider FWD cars. Of course, you don't see real trucks with FWD. Minivan is another story. So the market dictated the use of FWD.

    I think there are other discussions around TH that go into more details. You might want to do a search.
  • Acura had to refinsh the rear bumper .The bumper started to turn yellow. It was repainted by Acura and now there is a green tint to the white paint.The service rep. told me it is because of the type of plastic that is used in the bumpe. Dont wash the car at a coin machine washer the pressure of the water wand could rip the paint off the bumper. This is an on going problem
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    It's not a lousy paint job, it's a problem with the paint and the compounds in the rubber bumpers. This is a common problem, especially with white, in cars across the board. This has been discussed in the Toyota Solara topic area as well.

    As for the wand washes, I have been using them for years here in CT with no problems on any of my cars for as long as I can remember. Maybe some are more harmful than others? I've never lost any paint on any car from these car washes.

  • I'd never consider washing a new car at an automated washer. High pressure washers are bad for any car...
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I'm sure you've seen my pics. If not, click on my name above. Paint is fine on all of them!

  • Hi, Forgive me if this is against posting policy. I wish to offer my 1997 Acura CL 3.0 Premium for sale. I'm a private owner in the process of moving.

    Automatic, Dark Red color, 48,750 miles, power steering/moonroof/locks/windows/brakes/drivers seat.

    ABS, Dual Side Airbags, Side Mirrors defogger, Seat heater (both Passenger & Driver seats), Leather Interior (Black), Premium alloy Wheels, Bose CD player, Stereo. Dealer Maintained with all records. Full 10 year Bumper-Bumper Dealer Warranty, Acura Special Road Side Assistance & Luxury Service.

    In perfect condition. Asking $16,000
    Loacted in Philadelphia, call (267) 258 6171
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    Yup, I went there and got a can of leather conditioner, a can of glass cleaner and a can of polish....for free... yeehaw... they even gave me a tire pressure gauge. Got a chance to test drive the TL type S and check out the RSX. Good looking cars. I also took a look at the new Altima... first thing when I looked at the interior.... cheap comes to mind.... just not as nice as a Jetta even....
  • Cyranno99, what is Acura Appreciation week? Are all Acura dealers giving away free stuff for coming in or test driving a vehicle?
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    Well... they sent out a flyer that said it was a "spa day" for my car and it was sponsored by my dealer. I had to make an appointment. So I guess those dealers that want to compete should have done it. They supposedly did a detailed inspection for my car and offer 15% off for any services done on the same day. Yup, they gave me those stuff for free. I wasn't expecting it. I just wanted an inspection and a free car wash :)
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    No Acura Appreciation Days here in CT! You LET the dealer wash your car? I made sure to tell them NOT to touch my car the two times I brought it in for oil/filter changes. They want to wash it, vacuum it, check the air in the tires etc. NO thanks. I'll take care of all that myself. I don't want scratches on the car, grease on the seats or 35 lbs. of air in the tires from some minimum wage worker who could care less about my car.

  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    you're right... the dealer did a poor job hand washing my car this time... but I was lazy :) I'll let them vacuum my car in the future, but with some instructions. I check my tires weekly at home since the temperatures have been dropping fast lately.

    I noticed someone in the Accord forum said there was a car appreciation month.... don't know much about that...
  • Hello to everyone on-board. I was on a "CL-S vs. IS300 vs. GP GTP" board a year ago when I was considering buying a car. Needless to say the CL-S (and maybe this was luck) is the best car for the money! I'm very satisfied with it.
    I'm hoping to find somebody here who has installed some extra stereo equipment. Not that the car needs it, it has a lot already. But, my wife and I have portable Minidisc players and also a Minidisc stereo. We love the quality (trust me when I say it is MUCH better than MP3) and the sheer portability and flexibility of the design. However, currently the only way to hook it up to the car stereo is to take the portable player with me and use a cassette adapter.
    Has anybody tried to install the MD changer or a single MD player? What was your experience with this?
    By the way... 19,500 miles on my Type-S and not a single problem to complain about. Excellent car. Hope it lasts!
  • don't knw anything about stereos.

    check out some of those guys have done stuff like that to their car and maybe they can help.
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    I have just reached 60K miles.The manual says to
    replace the timing belt if severe service but normal service can wait till 105K miles.I have been maintaining my car under normal conditions.
    No prolonged idling,no high heat or dust.Dealers
    will tell you 60K because they make money.Is there
    an unbiased mechanic that will answer honestly.
    I have owned many Hondas and have never had a
    belt break.
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