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Acura CL



  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    I've had this rattle too. So far I've managed to "fix" it by just sliding the shade back & forth a few times. I'm sure it'll come back. I'll get the dealer to look into it when I bring the car in for the first service.
  • I too have this annoying rattle above me while I drive. I've had my Type-S for about 4 months now and it's been to the dealer twice to silence the noise. When others ride in the car with me, they claim to hear nothing and tell me I'm too picky. I certainly hear it and it is worse with the visor open and worser (if that's a word) when the roof is open. The dealer claimed the roof just need some lubricant, they were wrong.

    Have any of you heard of a permanent fix or even the actual cause of the rattle? I have tried the sliding bit quite a few times with no success.

    Other than this annoyance, I love this awesome piece of machinery! What a fun car to drive!
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    I think the shade rattle and the moonroof noise (I can't recall if it is actually a rattle) are 2 different problems. You may be unlucky enough to have both. Acura is aware of the moonroof noise. There may even be a TSB on it. It has certainly been discussed on this board before. Hopefully others who have had direct experience with it will post again.
  • I'm not sure if the roof is causing the noise or if it's the shade. The dealer thought it was the roof and lubed it, but as soon as I drove it out of the service department it started to rattle again.

    I am planning to take it in again in early spring. By that time they might have a better fix for it.

    Thanks for the response.
  • i have what sounds like a rattle, but it's's the "sqeaking" sound of the rubber molding around the roof, but it sounds just like a rattle. dealers would use silicone lube to cure it...i'm just going to buy a $4 can of it and do it myself to see if that works.

    i don't have any other rattle, just the resonance thing that i havne't gotten fixed yet. i'll probably end up getting a visor anyway.
  • I bought a new 2001 CL Type S. What's special about this purchase is that I am a salesperson for Tischer Acura. I attended a meeting today for Acura and it was so funny that most of us were driving the S Type however I was the only salesman who owned it. Most were driving them as demo's. I live in Baltimore and commute to Laurel and I can not stop blowing people off the road. My S Type loves to be at 80mph. This could be a big problem however I am not really complaining. It's not often that you see a car like this. I have also heard this noise and I do think that it is the rubber of the roof, however, I will have my service department look at it and we will see what the fix is. If you have any quesitons feel free to email me directly at

    Ken Brown
  • Hello everyone, i am from the Sanfrancisco Bay
    area. I was just wondering if anyone from this area has bought a 2001 acura 3.2 CL. I have been
    getting some outrageous/contradicting prices from
    the dealers.
    I am planning to buy the type -P(225 HP) without
    navigation CL. Accessories - Spoiler, tire locks.
    If anyone has bought a cl recently, can you please
    share the price/dealer name with me.
    You can also e-mail me at

  • If you pull up the Acura web site, you will find a 'dealer locator' that will enable you to find every Acura dealer in the state of California. Most of them have e-mail address (and all have phone #'s) that you can use to secure price quotes. My experience is that there are plenty of hungry dealers who want your business. I think there are at least 6-8 dealers within 100 or so miles of San Francisco.

    Good luck

    Larry Homer
  • I purchased my CL Type-S (no nav system) in July. I was told by my bank and a few other institutions that, because the car model was new, I would likely have to pay sticker (MSRP) price for one. I drove mine off the lot with tinited windows and wheel locks for $30,100 (they deducted the destination charge and threw in the tint and locks at no charge). This was the best deal I found here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

    In my opinion, the Type-S is definitely worth the extra $2,500 over the base CL!
  • Have any of you Type-S owners installed a K&N air filter yet? I can't seem to locate one for my car, nor can I get any performance info. I live in the DFW area.
  • I am the owner of a '99 accord cpe. It appears that my roof is the same as used in the 2001 Cl. I have also had rattles. It appears to be two problems. 1) The roof rattles, a coat 3m makes a great product for weatherstripping, solves the problem for a few months. 2) The shade rattles. Don' push the shade all the way in. Leave out (a 1/2 inch will do it.) My passengers also say that they hear nothing! But we know it is definitely there.
  • I want a CL Type-S with stock CL springs and shocks. Does anyone know if these parts bolt up? Ron.
  • Don't take this to the bank, so to speak, but I think the main difference in the suspensions of the Type-S vs. premium model is in the shocks and the rear sway bar (1-mm smaller on the premium). I suspect the biggest difference (ride-wise) between them is in the wheels and tires. The wheels are 7 x 17 inches and the tires are 50 series on the S model and the premium has 16-inch wheels (6-½ inch width?) and 60 series tires. If your aim is to soften up the ride, look to the tires and the shocks. Everything should be a "bolt-on. However, the handling will suffer if you tweak the wheels, tires and suspension.
  • My dealer, Feders in Middletown, N.Y., installed two foam strips onto the shade. This seams to have cured the rattle. Only time will tell if it is "the" cure. Tom.
  • Got my 7500 mile service today and took the chance to complain about he rattle. Like most everybody else on this board, the dealer "lubed" the area and asked me to continually monitor it. They said it was very dry at the seams and the lube should do it. I stopped hearing the rattle when I drove the car home, but we'll see if it lasts.
  • ront8ront8 Posts: 1
    I have been shopping in North jersey for a CL-Prem w/Nav and spoiler. My best price so far is 28.600 plus tax and lic. Anyone in this area had better luck.
  • jandsjands Posts: 1
    I would like to buy a 2001 Acura CL Type S with wheel locks and splash guards (no Nav system) in the San Diego, CA area. Only quote I have is $29,700 (incl dest charge) plus tax and license. Invoice (incl dest charge) is $28128. Is this a good price compared to what you have paid? Thanks for your help.
  • I bought a Type S with Nav. (Northern California) for $31,300 (could have done at least $200 better if I had not had a trade to unload). A non-Nav. Equivalent would be about $29, 300. If you are not trading, I'd try for around $29,000, particularly if you're color-flexible. Good luck!

    Larry Homer
  • I think Larry got a good price with a trade-in. I purchased a black/black Type S w/ Nav, wheel locks and splash guards in Orange County for $30,500 + tax & license back in September w/o the trade. The Nav is suppose to be a $2,000 option - a really cool toy! This would suggest that a non-nav should be around $28,500. If you wish to drive up to Orange County, I'll be glad to give you the name of my dealer and see if you can get better than $28,500. Good luck!
  • I have been reading through all the posts made on the new CL...I have had my CL Type-S w/Navi for 5 months now and can't keep my foot out of the throttle. This car not only turns heads but, eats gas!!! Has anyone gotten better than 250 miles to a tank yet??!! Every chance I get I just want to take a cruise to the Keys or just down to South Beach....Does anyone know of any sites or places where you can get any other performance upgrades??? Need to go fasterrrrrr... thanks in advance.
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