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Acura CL



  • But no! :(

    I need more help than you will EVER know!

  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    And you just got engaged/married too, didn't you? I hope those mis-aligned body parts didn't ruin the honeymoon :)
  • mdanielmdaniel Posts: 47
    I got a 6 speed with navi for $31,800 including destination, spoiler, splash guards, and wheel locks.
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    Congrats! Did you trade in your 2001 CL-S, or did you sell privately?

    Just curious, but did you consider waiting for the G35 coupe, and did you cross-shop against cars such as the BMW 330ci?
  • mdanielmdaniel Posts: 47

    I sold my 2001 CL-S w/navi and 38,000mi for US$22,000 privately. Classified ad in the county newspaper started Saturday, had an offer Sunday, closed the deal Tuesday morning. I didn't really consider the G35. I'm pretty loyal to Honda/Acura and didn't really like the looks of the G35. I didn't consider the 300ci either. For one, US$43-45k for a comparably equipped car would have killed my budget. And since I plan to keep this one a while, I didn't want a car that would kill me on maintenance after the warranty runs out. Besides, this is SoCal and every self-absorbed prick has a BMW. They're a dime a dozed out here. No thanks. I liked my 01 CL-S, just not the auto transmission.
  • badpiece1badpiece1 Posts: 1
    hello everyone, its been about a year since i posted a message. well, i have a 2001 cls i bought in june of 2001. i have about 28000 miles on the car on the streets of new york city. i was having exceleration problems. i took to car into acura. they told me the transmission had to be replaced. the transmission was changed at no expense to me. i find this strange considering the car is fairly new. it took about a week becuse they were having problems with the celanoids communication with then transmission. a day after i picked it up, the engine & vsa lights went on. took it back again and now they are telling me the celanoids arent any good and they had to be replaced again. if that doesnt work, they would have to change the transmission again. this car shouldnt be having these types of problems. i believe the new manual/automatic transmission (honda/acura) has it problems. has anyone here had a similiar problem and if so, what did you do. anyone who is famailiar with the lemon law, any advise would be helpful.
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    I don't think you have a case, yet, for lemon law. The problem has been identified and Honda hasn't had enough cracks at it in terms of trying to fix the problem. Tranny replacement like what you've described is not uncommon for CL/TL unfortunately. Go read the TL thread in the Maintenance and Repairs forum about a lady who's having a similarly frustrating problem with the tranny in her TL.

    Now, I'm not saying your case might not turn into one that qualifies for lemon law. So, my advice is to start documenting everything. By that I mean get copies of all service orders, write down everything the service reps say, even seemingly off-the-cuff remarks, note all the symptoms of the problem that you've encountered. If this case turns into a lemon case, all that will be invaluable. I went thru an arbitration case and that's what my experience was.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    Go to the NYS website, and search for "lemon law". You'll probably find all sorts of answers there.
    Here in California, the manufacturer has four attempts to fix the problem before you can file. If it's safety related, such as airbags or brakes, I believe it's only one or two attempts.
    We haven't had any problems with our '01 CL, except for the moonroof squeal/rattle.
  • This is just food for thought, I'm not saying it's the cause of your problems ...

    It could be that the heat shield for the catalytic converter has broken its welds and is rattling. I think the shield is just tack welded on there.

    A mechanic would be able to tell. *shrug*
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll get the dealer to look at it the next time I'm in.
  • mapman1138mapman1138 Posts: 68
    ...but I'm going to go ahead and NOT complain about my car anyway. I took delivery of a 2003 CL-S 6-speed in late March, and I've put 5400 miles on it since then (add that to the 250 miles that were already on the clock, and total mileage is just shy of 5700).

    The car so far has been nearly flawless. I typically use it for a 25 mile round-trip commute, all on surface streets, and in that role, it has returned a steady 21 mpg. I drove from Chicago to Dallas and back in late May, and the CL really hit its stride on the Interstate. Peak mileage just brushed 30 mpg with the cruise control set at 75 mph. The car is a wonderful highway cruiser, making the return trip (just under 1000 miles) non-stop, without any driver fatigue. Great seats.

    Complaints: The fuel lid release can be balky, even after adjustment by the dealer service department. The engine idle seems a *bit* lumpy at times. Styling is a bit bland. The car rides too high on its suspension.

    That's it!
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    Wow, those would have been my complaints too! The ride height is the most perplexing. It doesn't affect the way the car drives (for me anyway), but it is weird that the Accord sedan actually seems to ride lower. A sedan of all things! One would have thought the reverse would be more logical. Wonder if the ride height is necessitated by wheelwell clearance issues caused by the wider wheels/tires on the CL-S?
  • mapman1138mapman1138 Posts: 68
    I wonder if Honda doesn't *expect* at least some of the Type-S buyers to do their own suspension tuning. Maybe they're in cahoots with Mugen, Comptech and Eibach. Food for thought, anyway!

    Also, just a little nitpick - technically, the CL *is* a sedan. A 2-door sedan, but a sedan none the less.
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    I never thought of that. Might be something to it, although I wouldn't think the CL-S would be that prevalent amongst the "rice" market. I think there are more tricked out Accord coupes.
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    My younger brother actually likes the CL more than the RSX, but he thinks Benzes are tops, so you can just ignore him. >;p

    Several of my friends have expressed desire for Accord coupes. The "old man and his wife" marketing for the CL is working, apparently, because young people don't want em as much as Accords. That's a pity, because the CL needs more customers.

    mapman, personal luxury coupes have always been "2-door sedans." Big and rooooomy.
  • mapman1138mapman1138 Posts: 68
    I'm satisfied with my CL-S, but I would have gladly taken an Accord Coupe - except for the inability to combine the V-6 with a manual transmission. I'm actually a bit anxious to see what the new Accord will have to offer in this regard. I've heard rumors, but nothing concrete yet.
  • From what I've seen, the new Accord is a total bomb (like Pontiac Aztek bomb), not "The Bomb".

    Ugh ... what a waste.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    All the Japanese automakers are using far too much ugly in their new models.They've always followed trends. Ugly shapes and plastic interiors are the current trend.

    Even the new Mazda 6, which is easily the best looking of the new sedans on the outside, has that same "silver/gray plastic everywhere" interior that is in the RSX, Altima, 350Z, IS300, Celica, Rav4, etc.

    I think they think it looks "sporty". I think it looks cold, harsh, and cheap. Give me wood, leather, and smooth lines anyday.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Keep forgetting to check in here because this CL-S is so reliable compared to my former ride! ;-)) 16 months old, 16,700 miles, 4 dealer visits for oil/filter changes and tire rotations! That's it!

    BEST car I EVER owned! 18 coats of Zaino so far- I think. Last coat applied last MARCH? and the car looks great! Been too busy doing other things. No time for Zaino! I'm losing my addicition here! LOL... If the car didn't look so good, I would have had about 10 coats of Z on by now! ;-))

  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    18 coats? Do you have trouble fitting into parking spaces at the mall?
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