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Acura CL



  • I know this message is late, since you posted last year, but to answer your question about CL transmissions, Acura gave all CL-S models a transmission warranty until 100K miles. It covers all of the latest body style cars ('00 or '01 was first year?). I received the notice from Acura.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Hey, better late than never! :)
  • I have been in a Honda for years, first with an Accord and later with a CR-v which my wife now drives. Today I finally splurged and got my "used dream car", an '01 CL type S. Yay for me, I am very happy. Ask me tomorrow, though, when the payments start to hit. Anyway, here in California I managed to get it for $17k +++, which is under KBB wholesale, and in between NADA average retail and private party sale. I probably could have done better, but I am happy so I guess that is all that matters, no? Now I just gotta save up for that "new dream car", the RL!
  • bluebeastbluebeast Posts: 261
    A 97 CL, 2.2, Automatic came up for sale, orig. owner, 105K miles, timing belt, tune up & new tires @ 103K miles. No leaks, great condition, any problems w/this year/make/model that anyone cares to comment on? I intend on using it for my daughters car, not for myself, so I do not need a hot rod, just dependable & safe.
  • rick27513rick27513 Posts: 29
    Has anyone experienced a sticky gas pedal? I have an '01 S, and very frequently the gas pedal feels slightly stuck after coming to a stop. When I try to pull away smoothly from a stop sign or red light, it takes more foot pressure to get past the initial 'stuck' idle, causing the car to jerk or lunge forward. It doesn't do it when parked and looking under the hood!
  • I have a 99 2.3 CL 5 speed that we bought new. No real problems with it at all. Had to replace the rear muffler recently, and the tires.
    I have heard of some issues with the automatic transmissions, but mostly on 3.0 V6's.
    The steering wheel radio buttons don't work on our car when the wheel is straight. They only work when the wheel is turned. That's the only real problem with our car. We get 26+ mpg commuting, on regular 87 fuel.
  • jlally1jlally1 Posts: 8
    I just bought a 97 CL 2.2 with 79K on it. I have heard a few opinions concerning when to replace the timing belt and water pump. The one dealer here says 105K. The book says 90K or 72 months. The car was treated with kid gloves by its former owner. Any Ideas or thoughts? Thanks in advance
  • drcitrusdrcitrus Posts: 7
    Mileage is one consideration; age, heat, and driver's style are others. The belt is well past the 72 months, and when the it goes, you don't.

    Change it at a time of your choosing--not when it finally decides to leave you stranded. .
  • matty_pmatty_p Posts: 1

    Dude, you are lucky. I am an owner of a 2001 CL Type S (which I really love), however, today I nearly crashed as my car (with my Mom inside) shifted from fifth at about 65 to second (I think). I actually felt the seatbelt - hard. This is my second transmission (first was replaced at 30,590) and I have 50K now. This is not good. I limped home (in second, I think - 5.5K revs was kicking in the rev limiter at 55 mph) and pushed my ACURA (i had no reverse) into my garage. I will get this serviced, but I gotta tell ya, this is really sad. The transmission will be covered under warranty blah, blah, blah but I bought Acura/Honda for RELIABILITY. The transmission is the bane of this model (imho). :cry:
  • jonny2gojonny2go Posts: 1
    I traded my '95 Maxima GL (I miss Max!) for my 2001 CL which I purchased NEW August 2000 and was really happy!! Great looking car and the price for everything I got was well worth it. A few thousand miles later things started going wrong. The transmission(23,000), seat sensors(36,000), and then the fuel injectors(51,000). The transmission,which by the way, I had been arguing with them about when I first noticed the car shifting like it couldn't make up its mind what to do.... Then I got the recall notice, took it in, had it "repaired" at no cost to me and the transmission is still creeping me out. Had heard good things about Honda and their dependability. Think I'll beg Nissan to forgive me... :sick:
  • dungargeedungargee Posts: 2
    I was in the market for a 01 CL and reading through all these forums has kinda scared me away from it to be honest. Still want to get one but feel skeptical about it. Anyone out there that'll vouch for it? BTW the one i'm thinking about has 48K
  • The second series has auto transmission issues. Go for the first series (97-99), with the 4 cyl and 5 speed, they are indestructible.
    We have 80,000 trouble free miles on our 99 2.3 CL. Biggest expense was replacing the exhaust.
  • dungargeedungargee Posts: 2
    i was thinking about a 98 3.0 CL but the ride wasnt as nice as the 2001-03. The newer model had a real ice feel to it. and to be honest i think the 97-99 CL is quite ugly, sad too say looks do matter..................

    BTW are there any people out there that actually have a good 100K or more miles on their 2001-03 CL that have had no problems with them at all?? i mean without the usual things like oil changes, tuneups, belts/hoses, etc.......
  • capril76capril76 Posts: 1
    Have an 01 cl, purchased late June of 2000, have 121,500 miles on it - trans replaced once (I think at about 87,000), recalled after that and now i think the 2nd one is going...I love my car, but this is big...this isn't like a broken armrest or something...I'd shy away...

    My dealer told me the first one went due to an ECU issue, and that the recall was because it got too hot so they installed a jet sprayer of some kind...any truth?? also, they told me the replacement was only covered until 100,000 miles on the car, regardless of when it was replaced...has anyone heard differently?
  • kvogelkvogel Posts: 1
    The seat in my recently purchased 1999 3.0 CL is causing tightness and cramping in legs (mainly hamstrings and thighs). I’ve adjusted the seat to every position possible (I think) and have used various back and seat supports, all to no avail.
    Anyone have similar issues and/or thoughts on possible remedies?
  • mikekoshimikekoshi Posts: 1
    Just back from a trip up and down an extremely curvy mountain rd in Southern California, and my 01 CL-Type S experienced a very strange stutter both heading up and down--the sensation was as though it ran over a bunch of sticks or logs--it seemed to lose traction very briefly, twice in a row. We were going about 40. I haven't felt this in any other conditions, wet or dry, and am at a loss to reproduce it for the service people.. Any ideas, folks?
  • dukehoopsdukehoops Posts: 6
    Does anyone know how many sundance gold cls coupes were made in 2001 model year (the only year that color was offered)?

    ps. I own one with 85k miles on it (57k of those mine) and so far no problems.
  • I need to remove my radio to connect a Parrot Bluetooth receiver behind it. Can anyone direct me on how to remove the trim necessary to remove the radio? Is there perhaps a website or a book that I can purchase to guide me...I don't want to damage the radio or any of the trim if I can avoid it.

    Your reply is appreciated.

  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    about 33,600 on my 02 CL(Base) that I bought in 2001 September. Its still on the original tranny. I know somebody at this place I used to work at and that person had an 02 TL(Base) and the tranny blew at 71K. Anyway no major problems mechanically with my car. Heard a tire blow a month ago and I had to buy a new tire. It blew up right was I was coming onto the Interstate. Thank god I was not on the interstate going 65 mph in traffic. I remember hitting a curb a week earlier. That was my fault for the tire.

    Rigyt now I am having an issue with the fuses. Some of the lights are on on the dashboard. Again my fault. I work a job where I have to sit in my car for the whole time and it was 100 degrees out a couple of moths ago so I get a car fan to keep me cool. Well the car fan blew out my fuse. My Dad tried to fix the fuses because the fuses for the radio were blown out. I am ready to go for inspection but he can;t get the lights off the dash.

    Finally, I got the little jet kit installed in the tranny. The guy at the Acura dealer said the tranny was fine but they also said that with the person that I knew that had the 02 TL.
  • Im not sure what to do with my 2.2 at this point. I have 198k on the car. The transmission was rebuilt about 20k miles ago. That cost me $1500. I had the transmission pulled again about 2k miles ago because something in the differential failed. That cost me another $500.00. Now, the transmission is making a buzzing sound, sort of like a dry bad bearing. It sometimes growls when placed into reverse as well, especially when it is warmed up. I havent been to the dealership yet, only a certified Acura mechanic. Any suggestions? I like the car and would drive it anywhere except for the transmission issue. I understand that Acura has had very little problems with the 97 2.2 auto. :mad:
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