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Chevy Silverado - Continued XVIII



  • Web sites guest book.
    I might have a few pictures of "tires". On another 2k "Badass 4x4" as you put it....LOL

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    hey ALLEN start up a picturetrail site its easy

    I wanna see yours

  • sf0383sf0383 Posts: 204
    so what exactly is a Hypertech anyway. And, more importantly, how can I convince my wife that I HAVE to have one?
  • k0hbk0hb Posts: 89
    A $350 computerized gizmo to reprogram your vehicles ECM for those who are smarter than the engineers who designed it.

    In other words, a waste of your money.
  • Ryan,
    I just e-mailed you a few pictures. For now I think thats it's just a little easier this way. Let me know if they came through ok...

    sf0383: Hypertech is a hand held computer that hooks directly into tour datalink connector , it's right under your left knee(driver side).
    It does a few things.
    I got mine mainly to recal. my spedo, I now have 35" tires so it would be waaaay off if I didn't.
    #2 They claim you can get as much as 15-20 horsepower using the Hypertech 111.
    #3 You can change your top speed limiter.
    #4 Transmission shift points as well as firmness
    #5 The engine rev limiter
    #6 With their 160 degree powerstat thermostat and 93 octane fuel you get what they call "power tuning".
    And you can change it all back to stock when ever you want. It all takes less than 10 minutes.

    I can go more into detail if you like just say the word. It's pretty cool. All things considered picking up 15-20 horse on a late model truck is pretty good now days. Especially when only spending less than 20 minutes.
    They run around $300.00.

  • I know I've seen several posts in the past concerning one side of the bed being lower than the other. On my 2001 2500HD Duramax/Allison ext. cab SB, the left rear is one inch lower than the right. This is constant with any fuel load. The front end is level. I have checked the lemon site recommended by Obyone, but there is nothing on that problem. So far, that is the only problem I have had, but I've still only 2K miles experience with it. Any info you can contribute will be appreciated.
  • Dam that truck is grimmy Ryan. I thought you were washing it like every week. Whats up??? Did you just recalibrate the spedo, or did you recalibrate the engine for performance?

  • xringxring Posts: 129
    Had an up close and personal experience with what a F350 can do to a Ranger tonight on the way home tonight. Lady in the Ranger lost control, crossed the median and was T-Boned by the F350 in the inside lane - probably ~50-55 MPH, next to me. Luckly the impact caused her to spin back toward the median instead of toward me. The guy in the F350 walked away but he'll get a new bumper radiator and AC condenser but the lady got an ambulance ride and the Range gets to see the junk yard - the bed was torn off and the cab was almost off the chasis. She reeked of alcohol and the para meds said she would get a blood test for sure. I wound up off the shoulder in the grass and mud and stuck! Tow truck had to winch me out. Lord was watchin' out for me tonight! All this happened in about 4-5 seconds. I just happened to see her coming toward us and I took the shoulder/ditch. Lucky no damage my truck other than people seeing me get stuck in 2" of mud! (Steeltex tires don't clean themselves in mud at all.)

    Say what you will about the big trucks, I'm even more of a believer now. That F350 saved that guy's bacon, even without a seat belt.

    Guys, watch those divided highways without a median barrier, even in good weather!

    Take care,

  • dch0300dch0300 Posts: 472
    What is that statistic....25,000 people die each year due to alcohol related automobile accidents? Pretty sad.

    Glad you are still with us John, and weren't involved in that accident anymore than you were.

    Also looks like more accurate information to add to this statistic......Real men drive real trucks, women drive Rangers, Tundras, etc.

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I washed the truck (went through an automatic) monday. Cant even tell. I only programmed for the tires today didnt have time to play around with anything else yet. So far everything is good the shifting is smooth. Only thing is these tires create more road noise but thats no biggie.

    Allen the pics came out nice

    John glad to hear you and your truck are ok

    I had a close one tonight too. I was coming back from a restaurant and a semi threw a large rock (good sized actually i seen it coming in the dark) and it slammed into my windshield. I for sure thought it would break but it didnt.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    ...I have stated several times that you are much safer in a heavy bigger truck....

    Glad it worked out for you.....sorry for person in Ranger.....course if they were drunk....get what you deserve I guess...

    - Tim

    Nice tires Ryan....although they really don't look bigger?...(honest)...perhaps it's the lower sitting 1500?.....

    still don't prefer white letters....sorry!.. :(
  • Ryan, I think you made the right choice - blackwalls would have made it look like a stripper.

    As to ride height, does the 2500LD sit higher? Is the front end on the 2500 more level with the rear than the 1500?
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Posts: 283
    Ryan - be careful not to overinflate those tires, regardless of what the max inflation on the sidewall says. I pumped up the set I have on my old 73 in order to carry a extra heavy load - forgot to deflate after hauling - got a tread separation a couple of weeks later - had to replace two of them to get a match and controllable ride - expensive lesson.
  • sf0383sf0383 Posts: 204
    sounds pretty interesting. I would be interested in hearing more about it. Definitely on the "things to check out" list along with, tires, dual exhaust, bed liner, nerf bars or running boards, bed rails,push bar and maybe even one of those video systems. Now I'm wondering if I should be looking at an aftermarket security system? Is the stock one any good?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    just got to get rid of the tacky 4x4 decal and the plastic 2500 marker.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162

    Nah.....trends ain't me

    - Tim
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Thanks Tim the nice comment

    I thought i wanted blackwall but im happy i got whitewalls.

    Tim its not that much bigger but it is noticable by me and i have been asked by a few people already. THe tires are wider and stick out a little more.

    TUCSON whats a good PSI the sidewall stats 65psi. WHat are you running

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