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Toyota Tundra Problems



  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    You're still here?

    Thin sheet metal? Hmm - the Tundra weighs within 200lb of the Shakerado. They must be stretching the steel mighty thin in that Chev of yours.

    Truck Trend rated the Tundra best for towing when compared with your Shakerado.

    Trailer Life hooked up 6500lb to the Tundra and towed it through the Sierra Nevadas in mid summer and proclaimed that it was very capable.

    Automobile magazine 36000 mi. long-term test with a Tundra. Not one repair!

    Motor Trend long term test on the Tundra - not one repair!

    For comparison sake read Edmunds long term GM test - the WORST vehicle they EVER tested! It literally fell apart.

    Car and Driver did a long term test on a Shakerado and had both power windows fail, power seat fail, leaking differential, intermediate steering shaft etc. Just to name a few. They said the brakes reminded them of a '78 Impala.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    don't care why tundra stops quicker?The fact that it does is enough for you?Why didn't you buy a Celica?It stops 25 feet shorter than your tundra !
    Just toying with you buddy,but seriously,SLOW DOWN when you're towing ! With 4000 lb on your bumper your stopping distance DOUBLES !
    BAMA your weight figures are still off ,just like last nite and this morning.
  • I see you're still regurgitating the same rubbish every time you see my name! Some things never change! I can bash your Toyota with the same rehashed magazine articles you're quoting, but we've seen it all before.

    Since your Tundra is perfect, why don't you see if you can offer some words of comfort to this poor guy:
    jimedwards Feb 15, 2002 4:14pm
    800 lbs??
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    You know, you're right, I guess I just get a little defensive now and then with all the BS flying around in these threads. I shouldn't make blanket statements like that.

    However, from reading some of the horror stories from the Silverado owners threads and all the experiences of friends and family who have owned GM along with my experience with GM cars and trucks in my 8 years in the car rental business I have a very very very strong bias against GM. Hey that's my experience and I would say that it's quite a bit more than most and enough for me to make some qualified statements about GM quality. I don't really see any evidence that anything has changed at GM in recent years either. I have equally if not stronger feelings about Hyundai cars and nothing in recent history will change my opinion of the crap that they spew out either.

    I don't think the Tundra is bulletproof but I do think it is best 1/2 ton truck in its class.
  • I'm a proud new owner of a Tundra SR5 Access cab 2WD. I didn't actually think it would happen today but the deal was pretty good and I liked the truck. I got it for about $500 over invoice, but got a toyota bedliner and free oil changes for life thrown into the deal and a LOJACK for dealer cost at $325. I'm sure I could have ground out another $100 or so of accessories or service plans but I'm pretty happy with the deal. The session only took about 3 hours from the time of arrival to driving my new baby out the door cause I was dealing direct with the fleet manager not some two bit salesman who can't make a decision. I got hooked up with the dealer through Autobytel.

    Thanks for the tip, losangelesemt. If I would have known about or checked, I would have solicited a quote from them. Nonetheless, I'm pretty satisfied.
  • Yes I too get defensive at times for the same reasons as you, especially when some folks (not you) insinuate that owning a GM truck classifies you as a second-rate person!

    We've owned 3 Chevy trucks in the past ten years, and they have all been quality vehicles. Had a minor wiper problem with the first S10 Blazer but no nightmare stories The Silverado has been perfect so far, and overall it's the best 1/2 ton for the money in my opinion. Catch you later.
  • I'm a Toyota fan, but i agree with your thoughts. Certainly the truck isn't invincible. I think some people get too caught up in all the little numbers sometimes. One truck stopped 6 inches shorter than other ... one tows 3 more pounds over another and so on. I'm lookin for a truck thats gonna run for a while and run fairly well. Tundras gonna be just fine for me, but im not out workin dem fields or anything else so might not be best truck for everyone. And hey, i had an old 85 chev blazer that we drove into ground lol. Had over 120,000 miles on it and was a pretty good little truck i must say, not many probs at all. Went to trade it in, pulled into dealer and I could hear all the lifters rattling. Oil cap popped off and white foam everywhere. Head blew right there during trade in, but it was a trooper man lol.

    AK - I agree that Toyota could definitely work on adding plow option, it could only be a plus i think. I'm not sure if the guys at Toyota thought over all the possible options for this truck and compared with contenders and decided the ones they currently offer are the best for this truck and said screw it to the rest of possible options, or they just never thought to offer them in the first place.

    Bama - Got a good chuckle from your post ... any newer truck with brakes that are compared to a 78 Impala, just might be in trouble lol. I've recently experienced the Shakerado and more importantly its brakes. It beats walkin, but the bicycle comes to mind some days.
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    Yeah I was going too fast with the trailer. I need to slow down when towing. But the damned thing is so stable and easy to tow with speed just creeps on you. I also have electric brakes on the trailer hooked to a Prodigy brake controller. This thing has a manual function to engage the trailer brakes when I want. I do use it when I am slowing down on the fly. The electric brakes and the controller make it so much easier to tow and takes a hell of a load off the Tundra brakes. I highly recommend that controller.
  • Hey glad to hear ya got through that whole process of hagglin over a few dollars, never fun. Best of luck with the truck, looking to get mine pretty soon as well. Theres a lot of guys in here who are pretty happy with truck and im hopin you have same results. Seem like ya got a pretty fair deal if ya ask me.
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    Cograts on the truck. Seems like you had a good deal. Tell us all the options that you got. I love hearing about new Tundras. The new truck smell will last in your truck for about 4K miles. mine is lamost gone :-( I really liked that smell.
  • eric2001eric2001 Posts: 482
    I concur, sounds like you got an excellent deal on your truck (how is the oil change done, every 3k or by the book - just curious). Good luck with your new truck.

    BTW you would do better posting that message in the rate your Tundra forum, not the problem forum (lol).
  • rob133rob133 Posts: 24
    Take a look at all the problems that Toyota is having with their engines, the sludge board is full of controversy about Toyotas engines, they don't seem to be as strong and long lasting as other engines from Honda etc. and are very sensitive to oil changes, more than 3000 owners have had engines fry, and if you are doing your own oil changes, watch out! Toyota won't honor that.
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    What does this have to do with the TUNDRA? Did you read the title of the thread before you posted? This is amazing. If you want to post about the sludge problem, please do it in the correct thread. The Tundra V8 engine does not have a sludge problem.
  • rob133rob133 Posts: 24
    Toyota says they don't have a sludge problem with any of their vehicles, not just the Tundra, but it seems that a lot of Toyota owners have been having these problems with their Toyota engines. Seems like a lot of controversy about it. Its just information, use it how you may, I'm not attacking anyone.
  • I got the following options on my Tundra:

    * 3-in-1 in-dash CD (single CD not the changer)
    * Fog Lamps
    * 5 spoke alloy wheels
    * Convenience package/Keyless entry
    * floor mats

    It's got the white exterior with light charcoal interior. And yes, I love the new car/truck smell! It even gets the garage smelled up with that scent. Kinda like perfume, I guess.

    It's fairly basic on the options; I wouln't have minded getting the ABS but none of the trucks the dealer had in stock had the ABS with the color/options I wanted. And he "tried" calling other dealers and looked up on the dealer inventory database for the package I wanted. "closest" one with what I wanted was about 100 miles away in Palm Springs. Well, I didn't want to burn up anymore time shopping, so I took the one without the ABS - that's the only thing lacking in my new truck that I wanted. I don't think it's a very big deal though. Any thoughts? Should I have held out for the ABS?

    The oil change package I got was for every 4 months or factory recommended change (5,000 miles) whatever comes first. But I think I'll probably change more often between the freebies (by yours truly) especially during the break-in period.

    I know this is the problem forum but I just wanted to reply to the above posts. Hopefully, I won't have a need to ask about problems with my Tundra, but judging on the heated debates above, I guess I'll be at least checking posts frequently for the fun of it.

    Later, JD
  • Hey I have ABS on my truck right now and think I've used it maybe once in 6 years. People have been driving cars for years safely before the option was ever available. Its kinna like airbags i guess. Theyre great to have for those rare occasions, but not absolutely necessary. I'm kinna suprised Toyota doesn't go ahead and make ABS standard on all trucks period. I think they have a little something left to be desired when it comes to options.

    My truck wil be straight from factory, but I still think I might pass on ABS unless theyre gonna throw it in. I dont have a huge trailer or anything to haul so im not too worried, guess it might be worth it for some. It's not like you can get going fast enough in L.A. to worry about ABS lol. Heck, I could probably get by with just 1st gear most days.
  • In December, at 52,000 (primarily highway) miles my overdrive failed, and the transmission had to be replaced. I've owned 7 Toyotas since 1980, including this one and my wife's 2002 Camry, so I don't have a bone to pick. However, I just thought this might be of interest to anyone considering buying a Tundra. I sure don't have the confidence to buy a Toyota pickup again!
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    I for one do not like ABS. I like the fact that Toyota has it as an option. I like to modulate my own brakes. The noise and vibration that some ABS brakes do annoy me. I had ABS in my 96 G20 and I did not like it at all. It is reported that the Tundra ABS clunk on occasion.
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    Tell us more about your tranny failure. What did Toyota do? Toyota has a 60K mile powertrain warranty and they should have fixed it for you. What did the techs say caused the tranny failure.
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    No ABS on my truck either. I don't really miss it though.
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