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Volvo 850 Wagons



  • ximbiximbi Posts: 1
    All of a sudden my transmission is set to winter and I couldn't figure out how to set it back to normal. Pressing the winter button did not do anything.
    What is the correct way to set it back to normal? And in case the regular way does not work, what are the tricks and workarounds to get set it back?

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Try hitting the Sport and Economy buttons.
    Failing that, its time for a trip to the mechanic.
  • avjohnnyavjohnny Posts: 1
    My 850 wagon (1995) has a new glitch .... the external temperature readout (beside the clock) began to give very inaccurate temperatures for about a week (about 10 degrees below the actual external temperature). Now, it does not even give me a temperature ... it just says "Lo degrees C" ( mine is set to display in Celsius up here in Canada). Is this just a faulty sensor, or is this trying to tell me something much more important?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • stephfstephf Posts: 1
    Hi there. I recently purchased a '94 volvo 850 turbo. it was hesitating when starting out in 1st gear after the car warmed up. We had the transmission fluid flushed twice and that issue went away. The problem I am now having is that prior to this service, the check engine light went on while on the fwy and I noticed that that turbo no longer engaged. The check engine light is still on and while the car is changing gears just fine, the turbo still won't kick in. I was hoping that the light just needs to be re-set.. perhaps some kind of switch disengages the turbo when the light is on? Has anyone ever heard of this before?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Could be that the waste gate is stuck open. The Turbo always spins(unless it has seized) but with the wastegate opened the boost doesn't go to the engine.
    Also one of the turbo hoses could be cracked or ruptured and the air charge isn't getting to the engine.
  • sdepewsdepew Posts: 1
    I am new to this site so I apologize for the lateness of this entry. If your "white smoke" is what I think it is then you may have a problem with your PCV system. Your PCV system is a series of tubes that alow gases that have escaped into your crankcase to vent. On a turbo model this is done with an oil separator. to acess the oil separator it is necissary to remove the intake manifold. once removed you should see a plasitc canister sung against the motor, that is your oil separator. remove it an remove the hoses off of the block and check for any blockage. Clear the blockage with a scraping tool and spray parts cleaner like B12 chemtool. I had this experience once with my 850 turbo. After I reassembled the car it smoked for a little bit and then it went away completely. The total cost for me was about 10 dollars for a new intake manifold gasket. As far as not starting its hard to tell. What does it do? Does it turn over? Do service lights flicker?
  • I have a 1996 850 Turbo. For the past number of months I have had the check engine light on. What I am noticing is that when highway driving at around 100 to 120 kms the engine will hesitate or choke and shudder. This does not happen all the time and only last a for a minute or so then seems to smooth out. When running well the engine light will go off but the first signs of hesitation almost if going to stall the light is back on. If doing an hours drive on the highway may happen 2 or 3 times lasting a couple of minutes. I have installed new O2 senors and few other minor parts changed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  • ccfooteccfoote Posts: 1
    Have a 1997 850 GLT and was looking for knowledge of anyone who rebuilds these code # 56 engines? My car is located in Daytona Florida. Thanks for any help.
  • boyatooboyatoo Posts: 2
    I would like to know if the front left wing, the front left door and the back left door of a 1995 volvo 850 wagon fit a 1995 volvo 50 saloon?
  • boyatooboyatoo Posts: 2
    sorry, it was a mistake in my previous message, as an 8 went missing from 1995 volvo 850 saloon. Psted again, my question is:

    I would like to know if the front left wing, the front left door and the back left door of a 1995 volvo 850 wagon fit a 1995 volvo 850 saloon?

    Thank you.
  • I was driving my 1986 850 back from LA tonight and midway through the trip after about 200 miles while on HWY 5 in the middle of the valley, i.e. flatland nowhere, the ABS light came on and did not go off till I stopped the car for gas and turned of the engine. The light stayed off for about another 100 miles and then came back on again. This is the first time I've had this occur and it seemed rather strange when no brakes had been used for nearly 100 miles before the light came on. The car has 106k miles on it and is scheduled for a certified mechanic maintenance stop next week. Whadda think this ABS light is all about. The brakes of course worked just fine after the light came on.
  • I just bought a Volvo 850 Turbo wagon w/200,000 miles.The car is pristine in appearance but probably needs new struts. Other than this web page where should I go to get up to speed. If the car makes it for 12 months then I paid $100 a month for this experiment. I am mentally prepared to put $1500-$3000 in it to get it to 230,000 miles. Is this realistic or I am just being hopeful.
    Volvo Newboy
  • Robert-

    Great to hear your car made 200K. There are many possible troubles with any car that has that many miles but if yours was decently maintained you could be happy with the ownership experience. A couple of the major troubles, of which I've never had with my own car w/ 107K, are transmission failure, and aircon failure. These things are expensive enough that most people just give up and get rid of the car. There also is also continuing niggling little problems that some people just cant handle dealing with. If you have complete repair records you will be able to research this forum for possible problems you might want to have checked out. At 200K who knows what is yet in store for you. The 850 was a whole new platform for Volvo and nobody yet knows if they'll still be tootaling around towns in 20 years the way the old 740s still do. :confuse:

    I have had a very pleasant ownership experience myself and plan on driving this car into the ground whenever that finally occurs. The car was paid off several years ago so I feel like every trouble free year after that is one more at no additional cost. My car is still crisp and enjoyable to drive and gets decent gas mileage to boot. :shades:
  • Did you mean a 1996 850? More than likely your ABS Module is going bad. It carries a cost of about $500 to replace at the dealer. If you can change parts I would be able to direct you where to get it fixed at a fraction of the cost. There are a few other causes for this to happen but it sounds like the module.
  • The car has about 160k on it worked very well till the radiator blow up .I got a new radiator but when the mechanic fixed he said there maybe a cracked headgasket. After he told what it would cost I decided just to take the car home which it began to emit white smoke. Since then I have only been able to start it once. Where can I sell this car as it is? I know someone can give new live to this car.
  • I've noticed on my 94 850 turbo that the abs light comes on at random times as well. i just had my brakes replaced and so far it hasnt come back on. i think that it is more of an electronic thing than it is actual wear and tear.
  • The way my light comes on seems to be totally at random and sometimes it does not occur again for several months. I have not yet determined what sort of driving conditions bring on the light but I generally find that if I turn the car off and then start it up again the light stays off. Sorta weird but not a constant irritation to be becuase the ABS still seems to be working just fine. I drive a lot of city miles around the hills of SF but mostly those are brief trips and then the car will sit unused for several days at a time. So whether this is a failing module or what I dont yet know. I guess I could have our Volvo mechanic check it out the next time we send the car in for a brake job.
  • 9585095850 Posts: 1
    can anyone tell me is there a way to reset my ECC fault with out taking it to a dealership ? when i start my car both my rec and A/C light start flashing and my blower wont engage ?
  • First off..........our 850 has about ten years till death by my calculation.

    LOL- my wife and I had this discussion last week and I thought it was pretty much brand indicative. My wife, who is from Japan, has a very high expectation for what her personal automovite transpertation will deliver. She thinks Volvo has sunk into the Ford Owned abyss.

    Now think......this currently is an automotive nightmare. I dont like mini vans, SUV's, or any or their kissing cousins.......I like a frickin Wagon. If you had to replace your 850 wagon with something else......what the hell would that be?
  • Hi, just a few questions. I have a friend of mine who was recently promoted and was given a car allowance through work. Fortunately for me, he asked if I would be interested in buying his car. He has a 1995 volvo sedan. I am not sure if it is a turbo or not. It has 160k miles on it, but looks and drives as if it is in mint condition. He is only asking for $1500. Is this a fair price, and are there any serious concerns when buying this model this old, or with this many miles on it? Thank you for any and all input!!! :)
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