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Chevy Silverado Problems



  • patkuepatkue Posts: 3
    We have a 99 chev.silverado l500 at 59,000 whole trans.went out,cost to fix $l500,do any of you know of a recall or anything on these trucks. Auto 335 engine. This is about all I know about the truck,but I am sure you can figure out which one I am talking about. Thanks for anything you can tell me. Pat.K.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Is this a 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive. There is no 335 engine. It's either a 5.3 or a 350. Do you do a lot of towing or hauling? When was the last time the trans was serviced?
  • patkuepatkue Posts: 3
    Yes we have the tow haul mode,use this,this is a l500,with the 350,don't know about trans.service.maybe not ever done,for all I know. thanks for any info.
  • patkuepatkue Posts: 3
    forgot to say is a 2 wheel drive,sorry
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    The trans needs to be serviced on a regular basis. Your owner's manual will tell you the frequency. If you use the truck to tow a trailer or carry heavy loads, the frequency will be more.

    In this case, it didn't matter whether it's 4 wd or 2wd. May be a case of neglect?
  • hunter98hunter98 Posts: 273
    I trashed the tranny at 5k miles on my 2000 Sierra 5.3L 4x4 Ext Cab 3.73, ect. The accumulator piston blew out the side of the tranny. They never did figure out what went wrong. Seemed to be a factory defect. So loosing a tranny may not be operator error. Just a design flaw.

  • bartz1bartz1 Posts: 2
    A friend told me he has seen some post here about brake problems on GMC and Chevy pick-ups.
    I have 24,000 on a '98 GMC 1/2 ton.
    I noticed a "thumping" in the brake peddle at 18,000. It occurred with wheel rpm.
    My dealer, who is actually very accomadating, found noting wrong. 2 visits later, my front rotors are warped and the rear drums are out of round.
    Of course, this is caused by heat. But, I dont hot rod it. I dont ride the brakes and I dont have any stop-n-go commute.
    So, why???
    I have a friend who owns his own shop. He has heard of these complaints. He has suggested three possible problems: 1) Wrong type shoes and pads, not allowing for quick heat dissapation; 2) Wrong steel alloy in rotors and drums; and the most likely 3) An ABS malfunction.
    So, what I need is a response from all others who have experienced this problem. I will not let this slide. I refuse to turn and /or replace my rotors and drums every 18,000 because they screwed up. If need be, I am willing to take charge in filing a class action. Please email me, (, if you have had the same problems. Make it brief. And, if you want a response, give me a week or two. I only turn the computer on once a week.
  • I have a 2000 Ext Cab (3 dr) Z71 which I've had in for service 3 times for what appeared to be a leak coming from the drivers front wheel well. The first time it was in they said it was just a vent hose letting off some fluid due to pressure/temperature changes. They cleaned up the wheel well and it appeared to go away. The second time which was a few months later they decided that the drivers side shock was busted and replaced it. Several months later it has come back and once again I'm getting the vent hose story. They said the hose was in a bad position and they repositioned it. I believe it is now near the top of radiator on the drivers side. There is now crap all over the engine compartment as it has been leaking for the last 2 weeks. Until today there were relatively small spots on the ground. Today I had a spot the size of one of my aluminum wheels.

    I find it very hard to believe this is a temperature/pressure thing. It appears to be a full blown leak. Has anyone seen this or have ideas? I'm at 25k and am not satisfied with the answers they have provided so far.

  • My 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 (22,000 miles) is having problems that my dealer can't/won't fix. Two issues exist. The first is that there is a loud clunk/clang every time I shift from neutral to reverse. In addition, from every stop, there is a load clank (one time from each stop) coming from the drivetrain. I have an ARB Airlocker in the rear differential and thought that might be the problem, but the dealer told me that's not it. It exists in the transfer case and the axle set up. Supposedly due to the size of the drivetrain, there is a lot of slop and the different parts load up causing the noise. But according to the service manager, it's perfectly normal and all Silverado's will encounter this once they get some mileage on them. There is one TSB on changing the fluids in the transfer case, but this had already been done. The dealer says there is nothing more he can do. They have no further TSB's on the problem and no recalls. There should be, the truck sounds like it has 100,000 miles and bad U-joints. Any ideas?
  • cwamsley -
    My question would be what color is the fluid? Red, brown, green, clear, yellow.... Is it oil or water? This would be a good start. I had a previous GM vehicle where one one of the aluminum power steering hoses gave similar problems on the driver's side.

    goosecop1 -
    Neutral to reverse clunk. I wish I had more comments but you could try the Maintenance discussion thread as well. Regarding the start out clank, folks in the Toy Tacoma discussion experience similar problems and have come to learn that when you start out and initial torque is transferred to the driveshaft, it is followed by a clunk or loud clank. Some have corrected this by installing harder suspension components in the rear end or seeking drive-shaft replacement via their warranty.

    My advice would be to ask the Service Manager what else happens when you "get some mileage on it" since the Salesman didn't mention anything about clunks and clanks. In fact if I think back hard enough, I seem to remember something about "Like a Rock" and last time I checked rocks don't clunk and clank do they? If you find others with this same problem (and if you read the previous posts you will) there are previous posts here on how to contact the Better Business Bureau as a means to your ends.

    -Good Luck
  • rgmaxxrgmaxx Posts: 2
    Hello All... I have a 1999 GMC Sierra 1500 Ex. Cab 4X4 I/5.3L. The motor will use ~2 Quarts of oil (5W-30W) every 5,000mi. I have had the dealer check the situation and they gave me a GM Technical Bulletin that says this level of consumption is within "acceptable" (HA!) limits.

    The truck doesn't smoke at all, there is some liter noise when at idol. The truck has 34,000mi on it now its done this from new.

    Has anyone experienced this problem, how can I get the motor fixed while its still under warranty... Help!

    Thanks in advance.
  • dead1dead1 Posts: 3
    a 2000 Chevy Silverado, as this is the latest year that has the manual transmission with the 4.8. I prefer manual transmission vehicles. I was wondering if anyone has any comments on this. I am new to the news group and have read about some of the problems w/the Silverado, especially the vibration problem. Does anyone think that it is a good idea to still buy this truck even though it may have these problems?
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    File with BBB now! before your warranty expires...... using that much oil is NOT normal and you should have a claim. Make sure you note in your BBB complaint that the motor has a noise. They're (GM) replacing motors for smaller problems.....

    By-the-way....don't waste your time with the GM 800 number people, or anyone elso with GM...go directly to BBB.

    Good luck....John
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    I would be careful of 2000 models. Depending on how much you like the manual transmission, I would go for the 2001 models. A while back I made a comment that I would never buy a 2wd drive vehicle that had a 2 piece drive shaft. However, last weekend, while my wife was at the mall, I test drove 3 different 2001 models (5.3 auto, 4.8 auto, and the V6 auto--all ext. cabs). Guess what? they all drove great. They were all very very smooth with no hint of a vibration or sensitivity problem. I don't know what GM has done but the ride of the 01 model vs. the ride of my 00 model is totally different. I am now considering trading my 99 4x4 for a 02 model 2wd (I know Obyone I'm going to eat crow) since I really don't need a 4x4. advice....get the 01 model.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Maybe you can get GM to transfer the Major Guard this time around and save everyone the additional paperwork and time....LOL!!

  • Just got my 2000 ext cab back from the dealer who did the TSB repair on the rear doors not closing in cold weather. The truck was sitting out in the cold all day and the doors shut perfectly. Also the road & wind noise after the TSB recommended repairs is greatly reduced. Go to your dealer and ask for TSB # 00-08-64-016 and have the work done.

    Also I complained about a clunk in the driveline that happens from a start once in awhile. They did a service per the TSB that calls for the transfer case lubricant to be replaced, driven, flushed and refilled. They used something called "blue". Also lubed the drive shaft splines. Clunk is gone!!!!

    Good Luck
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Posts: 283
    in all engine types - please give me your impressions on the performance of the V6 relative to the V8s. Did you find the V6 to be underpowered in the extended cab and unable to keep up in traffic. Are you concerned that you might someday need V8 power and not have it if you
    bought a V6? Do you think the new vortec V8 engine problems (ping, etc.) have been resolved? I'd appreciate your input, since you have had a lot of experience with these new trucks.
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    First of all, I was impressed with the V6. I had a 91 V6 and pulled my two horses fine. It slowed on the hills, but otherwise it was fine. The 01 V6 I drove the other day ran down the road at 80 mph fine. I think it hit 2200 or 2300 It had plenty of power to spare. However, I did not tow anything nor did I go up any hills. For my purposes (mostly flat land driving and light trailer pulling) the V6 would be fine. However, I'd be interested in the gas mileage different between the V6 and V8 on interstate driving at 85-90 mph. I heard the V8 actually got better gas mileage than the V6.

    The 01 4.8 felt the same as my 00 4.8 and the same as my current 4.8 4x4. It was a more powerful than the V6 but not a large difference--if that makes any sense.

    The 01 5.3 was noticeably more powerful than the V6 and 4.8. The jump to the 5.3 was different (more power) and I felt like kicking it!

    Funny thing.... they all ran about the same at the 70-75 mph. I think I remember the 5.3 running a little less than the others (makes sense).

    Depending on what you want out of a truck (towing, hills, etc.), the V6 felt fine with me. However, there is one test I could not do that would be important to me: how does running down the interstate at 80-90 with the V6 feel compared to the V8s. It (V6) would have to run without a lot of stress on the motor before it was acceptable to me.

    Just my opinion, of course.... will probably doing more test in the future.

  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    That's funny! LOL..... I think I've gotten all the warranties I can get using my real name. I'll have to use an alias on the next truck I buy, or put it in my wife's name. I'm sure my name is black flagged at GM.

  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Posts: 283
    Your first paragraph states that "The 01 V6 I drove the other day ran down the road at 80 mph fine." but later you say "how does running down the interstate at 80-90 with the V6 feel compared to the V8s. It (V6) would have to run without a lot of stress on the motor before it was acceptable to me." I'm not sure whether you did or did not run at 80-90 mph with the V6, but I have occasionally done so in my reg. cab 2WD V6 and it didn't seem stressed at all. Of course, with a heavy load or trailer in tow the story could be different, and I had a regular cab (lighter than an extended cab.)
    I was curious about gas mileage in the V6 extended cab also. I am getting 20 city/27 highway in the reg. cab - but that is with very careful driving. I think strictly highway driving would exceed 27. I wonder if the extended cab would do as well.
    I suspect the V8 might get better mileage with a heavy load or towing, but I doubt it - my guess is that you would just have trouble keeping your speed up with the extra weight - what was your gas mileage difference in your 91 V6 under those conditions?
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