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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    That car sounds like its' Carnival Red over Oatmeal. I happen to have its' identical twin in my driveway as we speak that just turned over 60K miles.



    It's been a flawless car since purchase.

    Few things to check... aside from the obvious.. Make sure that the power adjustment on the steering column works properly. They can fail, and chances are that this car is out of warranty (Well, it's got a 1 in 4 chance, roughly, of still being under factory warranty). This is a $400 or so repair. Also make sure you dont hear a rattle at startup, if so you need to do a timing chain tensioner update to get rid of the noise. If its' not under the campaign.. expect $400 or so there IIRC.

    As far as a warranty... if its's available with a select edition by a Jag dealer.. add at least $2K to my prices. Otherwise, pass. I'm not personally a fan of them, but people's tastes differ. I do know that they are at LEAST $2,000.

    Pricing onthe car is easy... I don't see a record of that particular car being sold at auction recently, but its' worth roughly $19-20K wholesale and I'd peg its' retail value at $3-4K over that.

    Shoot for $22K, but I don't see going over $24,000. Obviously, first offer ought to be closer to $20K.. who knows. If its' a private seller, they tend to have grossly inflated ideas of the cars' worth.

    Hope this helps!

  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    I have just purchased a '99 VDP (one owner, Texas car) with 34k for my wife. The car was purchased via the internet (big leap for us). One of the things that gave us confidence in the VDP was this forum. Jaguars are beautiful cars with owners who are passionate about owning them.
    The homework I did on the car revealed a few issues I would appreciate any feedback on.
    I spoke with the dealership who performed all of the warranty service on the car. A niggle here, a niggle there, but one issue seemed to be the "air bag" warning light. It was repaired in 2000 but re surfaced at the "certifcation" inspection after the car was traded in (different dealership).
    The other somewhat troubling information was that the previous owner complained of a "transmission noise" in 2000 that the dealership couldn't reproduce. This problem was not mentioned by the dealership that performed the "Certification" inspection.
    The "Certification" inspection showed that the car needed new front pads and rotors and some duct work under the skid plate (from driving on to a parking stopper). I asked why the car was not accepted for certification. He explained that the cost of bringing the car to "Certified" level coupled with the high trade-in cost may have made the profit margin unattractive to the dealership.
    I had the car inspected by a third dealer before purchasing and he mentioned the duct work but said the car was gorgeous otherwise (no mention of the "airbag" light).
    All three said the car was never hit.
    My local Jaguar service center is ready to do the 30K service and the other work.
    I elected to buy the car even with this info because and all of the service managers said that the issues were not major ones and I saved 10k to 15k on the purchase. The car is being shipped to us this week.
    Are brakes a problem on the VDP?
    Any suggestions if the "airbag" light reappears?
    What "transmission noise" should I be listening for?
    Can I still "Certify" the car or purchase a warranty extention after the 4 year 50k runs out?

    Thanks in advance.
  • sikorski1sikorski1 Posts: 6
    I just bought a used 98 XJ8 (31000 miles) and the brakes are squeaking most of the time upon stopping. What would your concerns be if you were me and how much should it cost to fix?
  • lesliejoylesliejoy Posts: 62
    When I bought my 1998 XJ8L a month ago, the brakes squeaked also. Brought it to a dealer repair shop. It needed new front brake pads.
    Cost approx $200 with labor.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Congrats! What color? As far as the airbag light... Who's to say, but stuff like that is usually a minor problem. I wouldnt be overly concerned. Trannys are not a problem, maybe the PO (Previous owner) was too.. umm... well, maybe they were "overpicky".

    He explained that the cost of bringing the car to "Certified" level coupled with the high trade-in cost may have made the profit margin unattractive to the dealership.

    Sounds like BS to me. Also, those trays under the front bumper are always being replaced. I've ripped mine off a bunch of times :)

    As far as the warranty, adding an extended is usually expensive, I don't think that its' possible to add a Select to the car.

    Brakes: These cars are very heavy and suck through pads somewhat frequently. Common problem. Probably why sikorski has squeaky brakes.

  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    Topaz w/ Ivory. It's a beautiful car. We were test driving a LS400 when my wife saw a XJ and said "that's still what I want".
    We had driven a few XJ's but the dealership was "uncooperative" price-wise. We don't have a formal Jaguar dealership here but the local Lincoln Mercury dealer is trying hard to get one by stocking 4 to 8 used (ahem....pre-owned) cars from California. They are an authorized service center now.
    I kind of suspect your comment about the "certified" inspection is correct, although I hear the market for upper end cars in Texas (and many other places) is very soft....with tight margins.
    I'll probably shy away from a extended warranty depending on the near term experience with the car. I hope to get by with the $200.00 Leslie mentioned (thanks) for the brakes, that would be great.
    Being an owner of a few older British cars, we'll try to stay away from "parking stops".
    By the way, I looked up "National Flags" and could not find the exact flag posted with your correspondence. Which of the British territories is your residence?

  • sho3sho3 Posts: 28
    I notice on the internet that alot of Texas
    Dealerships sale Jaguars online. With the
    heavy rains and severe flooding in Texas
    should Texas dealers be avoided? Besides Carfax
    is there any other way to check for flood
    damage ?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome to Town Hall! Trust NO one's flag around here. ;-> The flag comes from the country of residence selected in one's profile - many folks decide where they "live" based on what flag they think is attractive.

    You can see the country of origin for a flag by holding your cursor over the flag itself for a few seconds.

    Good luck and again, welcome.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    I'm not sure of any other way besides Carfax. I'd be careful until their data base is updated after recent events. I've been calling the dealer and the shipper to make sure we're in the clear. So far so good.
    I scoured the internet for, what hopefully was, the best deal. For some reason Texas is a competitive market. The dealer I purchased from had 99.5% positive comments on E-bay. My experience with them was very pleasant. The real verdict will occur when the car arrives on Friday.
    My auto-body person says that the main thing to watch out for in Texas cars is the interior baking in the sun. Try to make sure the car was garaged. Same applies to Southern Cal.
    Also, thanks for the tip Pat.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Ahh, Topaz is the most valuable color for that car! That and White.

    As far as where the cars come from, if you bought it from TX Mustang sales, he buys at Jaguar Credit auctions all over the country. I know him from the auctions (Im a dealer) and he's picky about what he buys too.

    Few of his cars originally came from TX I can tell ya :)

    sho, CarFax is an excellent way of checking for flood damage.

  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    Your Carnival Red looks great also.
    I would have liked to have known about TX Mustang sales during the process (maybe I should have studied this forum more closely). I purchased the car from Expo Motorcars in Houston. The car was sold originally in the Ft. Worth/Dallas area according to Carfax.
    I agree, Carfax is a great tool.
    Quick question: Carfax only accepts an exact 17(?) digit VIN. Since I can check as many cars as I wish for a two month period for my $19.95 (money extremely well spent), I tried to check some of the other vehicles I own. I found that some of the older ones ('77 back) do not have the proper amount of digits so Carfax will not accept the entry. Is there a way around this, or is it an issue of the age of the cars?

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    It's been my experience that much after the last 80s.. Carfax starts getting a tad unreliable.

    I tried running my Vauxhall Velox through carfax, # PASY108534 (Try it if you like :)

    No dice. Apparently it doesnt take cars before 1980 IIRC.

    Heck, I wish I could get 2 months for $20... I pay $10 a report with a minumum bill of $50 a month.

    Still, it's on every used car they sell out of my franchise. My idea. Gee, for $10 a car allof a sudden its' a lot easier to sell those cars! :)

    I've seen expo motorcars, and I think I saw your car sell. Nice car, I bet you did well pricewise too from what I see. Looks like they're the typical independent. Buy car at auction, clean it, mark it up $2,500, slap it on eBay and flip it in a week. Versus the dealer's Buy it at auction, inspect it, detail it, slap brakes and tires on it and warranty, mark it up $7K, slap it on lot.

    IMHO, ya bought the car smart.

  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    The Vauxhall wouldn't run, not enough digits.
    With some of the classics out there, ignorance can be bliss. I've owned a couple of Old Brits that I would have never purchased if the pragmatic side of my brain new their history. I love them now though.
    I must have gotten some introductory offer on Carfax. Of course, I'm dealing with the depreciation side of the car business, not the "for profit" side. Carfax must have taken the government approach to billing.......your ability to pay.
    They treated me very well at Expo, even after they had the money in the bank they kept the car inside during the rains down there. I'm reserving a total endorsement until I receive the car but the indicators are the right car at a great price. I was just a hair north of center 30's.
    I appreciate your exchange and will let you know how the car is once I receive it at the end of this week.
    I'll also keep in touch with the "spirited" exchanges on the new "X" series page.

  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    I tried playing with my "A-Scan" button on my radio the other day. The manual says this is supposed to load the six strongest stations into the radio's buttons as a temporary setting. It's to be used when you drive out of your home area to reprogram your radio.

    However, when I press mine, the radio display just says "No FM". None of the buttons are programmed. I tried pressing the SCAN button while it was in this mode. It cycled through the dial, locking on stations, but it failed to program anything.

    Has anyone successfully programmed their radio this way?

    Also, it appears my Automatic Volume Control (AVC) does not work. If I hold the volume button in, the radio "beeps" and the display reads "AVC ON", but no matter what the road noise level, the radio volume never gets louder.

    I didn't check this when I bought the car but I had a CD changer installed afterwards. Is it possible I have some loose or unconnected leads off my radio?

  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    I know that in my Jaguar with the speed volume it is dependant upon speed, not interior noise levels. When I hit 60 kph, it will go up a little louder. If I go hit the brake and go to 59 kph, it will lower again. Maybe you haven't driven fast enough to engage it, if you're driving around town.~ A.R.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Well, I think they know they have a more permanent market with us :)

    97vdpguy: Hold the "A MEM" Button in until it beeps. Hitting it once gives you 6 extra presets which you have to tune in. If you DO Hold the A-Mem button in until it beeps it'll reset the a-mem stations tho.

    In the 95/97 I have the FM set up like this:
    (Orlando/Tampa/Melbourne FL Stations... Your Mileage May Vary)
    1) 93.3
    2) 95.3
    3) 96.5
    4) 98.9
    5) 101.1
    6) 101.5

    A-Mem 1) 101.9
    A-Mem 2) 104.1
    A-Mem 3) 105.1
    A-Mem 4) 105.9
    A-Mem 5) 106.7
    A-Mem 6) 107.1

    In the 97, My dad drives it a lot. So on the 6 presets he has his NPR Drivel, classical and oldies. I have the A-Mem stations.

    This way I get to program all the stations I listen to. In the XJR I just hit the seek button on the steering wheel but that can't be reverse-engineered into X300s >:(

    As far as the AVC Goes, it ought to work. You have to listen carefully. 40, 70 and I think 100 MPH are the step-up points. I remember it getting louder over 100 or 120. Although I don't suggest doing that to test the radio :)

  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    Bill and Arcoates:

    ..but honest, officer.. I was just adjusting my radio!

    Thanks for the pointers. I'll try them both out (with the exception of the 100MPH test). I could have sworn that the manual said the radio programmed itself with the six strongest FM stations. But the fact that there are no presets in those A-Mem locations would explain why the display reads NO FM when I put it into that mode.

  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    Today at lunch, I took a group of folks out and while I was driving, decided to let the rear seat passengers marvel at the Grey Poupon shelves mounted on the back of the front seats. I instructed the rear passenger to "pull on the tray" to get to move into position.

    Well, he pulled.. Took the screws holding the tray right out of the back of the drivers seat!

    Hopefully, the holes aren't stripped.

    Next time I put a visitor in the back, I'll personally demonstrate the tray table function.

    Do people really eat back there?
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    Those tray tables are more of a novelty than anything else. About the only thing they are good for is writing a cheque out at the country club when you lose at golf! Honestly, i think it is purely a novelty. But, I sure wish I had them on my XJ6!!!~ A.R.
  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    Bill, I really apprectiate the advice you gave to my lastest query regarding the 1997 XJ 6.
    It helped immensly. I passed it along to my friend and I think he will join our ranks as a Jaguar "nut". I saw the car and she really is a beauty in that lush red color. Thanks, too, for the picture of your "lady". You two will be the envy of all who look in your direction.

    Thanks, too, Bill, and all our Jag friends for all the insightful comments on this XJ site.
    When I originated this discussion some months ago I never anticipated that this would be one of the most active on the web. Horay for our Jags and those who love them!

    I am happy we are seeing notes each day from "new members of our web and Jaguar family".

    Keep the good "times rolling". "Listen to them purr!"
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