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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    Well said Bill- it's nice to hear from a dealer, who knows the cars inside and out. Some of the interior bits are a little finicky, like the cupholder, sunroof design etc... But all around, they are reliable, fun cars to buy used. I wish more people would realise you can get these beaties at a fantastic price if you buy used.~ A.R.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome - nice to see you over here. There are several Jag conversations going on in Sedans, and a couple discussions on "High End" vehicles that may be of interest to you.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Everyone in smart shopper thinks that we're the devil :)


    Seriously, there are precious few problems with the X300s (95-97s)... And the X308s (98+) cars are likewise bulletproof.

    Who is the (possibly current... I've resigned) webmaster of
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    See ya in the chat room.. in.. ohh... about an hour and a half or so.

  • Hello to all:
    I just bought a 1998 xj8 after nearly two months of shopping. Like many others who buy a Jaguar, this was my dream car. There is nothing like it for the exceptional beauty and styling, is there?

    So, here's the story. I have been driving Japanese cars for ten years and came down to the Jaguar and Lexus as the final candidates. Obviously the kitty grande won. I bought the car from a reputable dealer and they have been great. However, after only three weeks of ownership, I'm feeling as if the blush is coming off this rose.

    The new brakes put on the car when I bought it squeak mercilessly and a left turn often results in a low growl/whine from the right wheel side of the car. Yes, it has been back to the dealer already for these problems which were assumed to be fixed ( correction of the right wheel bearing and an anti-squeak glaze put on the pads).

    Unfortunately these repairs did not fix the problems. Just a few days ago, a rattling noise comes in from the rear of the car. The car will go back to the dealer again in a few days but now I am crazily imaging every little whimper, bump, or noise as another test of my patience.

    Don't get me wrong...the car drives and handles beautifully but I am nervous plus concerned that this is the beginning of many trips to the dealer.

    Okay, thanks for listening...I just needed to get this out of my system.
  • Thanks for the replys and encouraging responses.

    These Jags are great cars!
    If only people knew what "gems" they are other luxury cars sales would plummet
    For us, of course, this "secret" allows us, the enthusiasts, to buy several years back at great prices!

    Thanks again for your sharing with all of us.
  • Welcome to the wonderful world of Jaguar ownership!
    I mean it literally when I say WONDERFUL.
    I can assure you that you will enjoy this automobile more than any other you have owned.

    Now just a word of friendly advice."Hang in there!"

    I have had similar expierence of annoying little nit picking problems with every car I have ever owned, both domestic and foreign, Mercedes, etc. included. There are always "bugs" to be worked out.

    Consider these days and annoyances as the "shake down cruise" for your Jag.
    A good responsible dealer will get to the bottom of these quirks and resolve is all in due time.
    Remember,too, that this is a "pre owned vehicle" with some mileage. That means that you need to expect some "corrective maintanance".

    The bottom line to remember is that when all is said and done, you will have a great car with many years of great driving experience ahead.

    Let's hear how you progress.

    Take the Jag out today and let the "cat run" !
  • net ranger has answered a query I made to him several weeks ago. Seems as though he had "sage advice" from a "friendly old mechanic".
    Now he has passed this on and it is the best advice I have seen on line.
    I am copying his note and calling attention to it so that all of you don't miss it.
    In fact, it would be good to print this and save it as "hard copy" and place in our glove boxes as a good reminder that regular and faithful maintance is the key to compatable ownership with these "cats".

    Thanks,again, net ranger !
    Happy maintance supported motoring!

    to christchurch on XJ care advice by netranger4 Mar 26, 2001 (04:37 am)
    Sorry I haven't been able to locate the pamphlet from the elderly Jaguar salesman. Must have given it to the new owner when I sold it. Will post the advice as I remember it. Daily: (1)Check and top up lubricant and appropriate fluid levels using Castrol products. (2)Check and top up coolant with a 50/50 mixture. This is critical, especially with 12-cyl cars. (3)Check all engine belts for proper tension with screwdriver blade. Travel should be less than 1/2 inch. (4) With car running and warm from day's driving check cooling fan for proper operation. (5) Check for any oil seepage from engine or transmission areas, especially the overhead cam covers. Wipe suspect areas and recheck next day. Check for any signs of water seepage, leaks other than A/I moisture. (6)Check external lighting, head lamps, parking and reversing lamps. (7) For carburetted cars, be sure to check the oil level in the carburetter reservoir. (This advice covers Series 1 and 2 XJ cars. I usually did this in the evening when I got home before putting the car away for the night.) Note: These cars run with extremely hot underwood temperatures so belts, hoses and vacuum lines are especially susceptible to failure with no warning. My XJ6 Series II ran virtually flawlessly for many years using this advice.

  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    I have had my '01 XJR for 6 months now - and not a single problem. Not a single annoyance. It literally feels like is a carved out of a block of steel or something.

    Previously, I had an XJS convertible for 5 years. And it never had a single problem. I think bringing the car in every 6 months for a look-over is what did it for me. I also guess I am lucky that the service department at my dealer is pretty good. The latter probably makes a big difference.
  • litlrivrlitlrivr Posts: 11
    I have a newly leased XJ8. The Pirelli P6000 high performance tires are a disaster in any snow or light slush. Fortunately, now that April is here northern MI will get little, if any, more snow. If we do the Jag stays garaged. Next fall it gets a set of Blizzaks. I have these on a Regatta that was prone to 360's in the snow and now the car handles beautifully. Admittedly we are comparing very high performance rear-wheel with not very high performance front-wheel, but trust me Blizzaks will make a huge difference.
    The car, though, is a delight. I would prefer a lights on when the engine is on feature and retain the automatic off feature. Did it by taping a black card over the back of the rear view mirror where the sensor is located.
  • Glad to welcome you to the select crew of JAG enthusiasts. You have chosen to enjoy motoring as no other car can quite deliver.

    (1)Your tricking the auto light system is a very good one. I recommend it myself for it still retains the auto off capacity.

    (2)Your expierence with Pirelli tires is one I shared. I experienced an awfully dangerous and frightening hydro-planing with a Benz. After "sailing" with no control across an interstate bridge, I immediately got rid of the tires and put on the best and latest version of the Goodyrear Aquatreads.....a great improvement and the best for all year round driving unlike Blizzerks which are for winter only. You might look into this alternative because it would give you better year road control.

    (3)Take a look at the great message on service and maintance(# 89)
    I forwarded from one of our on-line friends.

    (4)Incidellity, I think we all would be interested in knowing how much your lease cost and what the particulars were. Many of us have considered leasing but are still undecided. Advice ?

    Again, welcome to the wonderful world of Jaguar !
  • netranger4netranger4 Posts: 149
    Thanks for the complimentary acknowledgement on my maintenance posting. Hope to have the monthly recollections ready shortly.
    Thanks again
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    Sorry to hear you're having problems. Usually a dealer will give a used Jag the "120-point" Select Warranty inspection prior to sale. Now having said that, my dealer sold me my '97 VDP with two burned out tail lights.

    Two things you might want to try. 1) be very friendly to your service manager at the dealership and ask if he can look the VIN up in his database. It's possible that your car was sold and serviced by that same dealership (mine was). If so, the complete service history of the vehicle should be there. They are not supposed to disclose anything about the vehicle prior to its sale to you, but that doesn't mean the records don't exist. My Jag had 28.8K miles on it. I was about to cough up the $835 for the 30K service on it. The service manager pulled up my records and told me that it had already had a 30K mile service last November, and a second one just 2 weeks before I bought the car. It also had the Select Warranty inspection even though the car was out of the service period. You may be able to get a feel from its history whether it has had problems in the past, or if maybe it's just being persnickety.

    Second, I covered my Jag with a 5-year/100,000mi warranty that pretty much covers it bumper-to-bumper with a $100 deductible per visit. Even with a coverage like this, you should only expect to pay the $100 once since you're bringing the car back for the same complaint.

    Good Luck and let us know how you make out.
  • The advice of #94 is right on target.

    My experience is that "sugar" is better then "bitters" when it comes to dealing with service managers. If they become your friend they can do a lot to get things done, sometimes without charge. They know what extras can be done to help a good customer. For example, I have even had them install bulbs, wash the car, provide cars to drive while mine was being serviced, take the car in even without an appointment when I have driven in with "some strange sound or problem" all without charge. So get to know the service manager, stop by for a friendly "how are you" talk to him, consult him on routine Jag enthusiast "shop talk" and, thus, establish a "friend to friend" relationship. In the long run, this has and will be bound to pay off.
    It is the old "Golden Rule" approach which always works..."do unto others as you would have others do unto you" !

    On the second point, I am interested in what kind of warranty you bought. Was it from the dealership... official JAG... or was it from a private company. What convinced you of its merits? I am wondering, too, if they had a o deductible option. In my opinion, that is the way to go since you don't get "socked" with $100 bucks each time you make your friendly visit. Ideas?

    "Listen to the Cats purr!"
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    My warranty is not through Jaguar. Since my car was originally purchased in 10/96, the original 4-year warranty had lapsed. The Select Warranty can only be put on cars that are still covered by the original warranty.

    I don't have the paperwork here, but as I recall, this was the "Platinum Plus" or some other super-deluxe-sounding-name coverage. It cost US$2800 to provide coverage for up to 5 years from the date I purchased the car or 100,000 odometer miles, whichever comes first. It covers pretty much everything except belts, hoses, brake pads and wiper blades. I wasn't offered a choice of deductible. Not that one may have existed. It's just that at that time with all the other details I was juggling, I neglected to ask. Probably cost me plenty. Re-reading the coverage after getting home, I did notice that there apparently are two kinds of deductible: pay-per-item and pay-per-visit. Mine has the latter.

    I suppose this coverage will only really "pay for itself" if I need a new transmission or engine, since bringing it in for something "small" will cost me $100 plus the labor charges per visit (I assume that labor is outside the scope of such a policy - I'll have to re-read things again). Nonetheless, it was the only option I was given at the time I purchased it. I asked about a Jaguar warranty. I was told that the only Jaguar warranty that covered used cars was the Select Warranty, and that my car didn't qualify.

    Just as when I bought my first house, I purchased a "Home Protection Plan". This supposedly covers everything in the home for a $25 per-occurrence payment. But the fine print says that basically nothing is covered, since for a "used home", any pre-existing condition is outside the coverage, as are any items for which parts are no longer available as well as any item subject to normal wear and tear (like the roof). So you're left with catastrophe coverage, which a homeowner's insurance policy covers anyway...

    Here's hoping I never have to find out the subtlties of the Jaguar service agreement!
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    Has anyone put an aftermarket GPS navigation system into your XJ series Jag?

    Magellan makes the Hertz "NeverLost" system. They say they can install their system into any vehicle. The 4-inch display is mounted on a goose-neck so it can be tucked away for storage. The CD player is trunk-mounted.

    I've also seen Alpine and Demso advertized as aftermarket items, but they seem to be in-dash systems.

    I'd welcome all comments and suggestions. Thanks!
  • Good Morning !

    A couple of comments.

    (1)These extended warranties can be very good or very bad. There are "horror" stories of the companies not covering certain items and disagreeing with the service charges. Then you hear quite the opposite. Smooth and speedy compensation and "no questions asked" reimbursements. I am not sure which you have but judging by what you paid it should be in the comprehensive group of coverages. I would query the Jag dealer or wherever you have it serviced about their experience with a policy such as yours. Hopefully, yours will bring you nothing but satisfaction.

    (2)You suggest that you may have to pay labor costs but my guess, HAPPILY for you, is that you have coverage for BOTH parts AND labor for your $100 deductible, ie. everything over the first $100 should be covered.

    (3)As related to navigation systems, I don't know specifics or anyone who has installed on in the XJ series. I would suggest you approach your Jag dealer,see what they suggest and what they may have been installing. You might also send off an e-mail to the various manufacuters of the devices or even to the Jaguar corporate center and see which they suggest as an after market application for XJ Jaguars. Maybe, too, you will get some response at this site from our Jag friends as they have many suggestions and always have good advice. Let us know.

    My advice is "don't fret the small stuff like warranties, you will cross that bridge when you come to it".

    So, the next nice day just take the Jag out,put the seat back, open the windows,listen to her purr and let her run!

    Enjoy your success !

    Happy Jaging, it's the best !
  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    My former car, the XJS coupe, had the extended Jag coverage. For the duration of that warranty, I didn't pay anything. Even the complementary car was free. I would get the Jag warranty if I got a used Jag. It just means peace of mind. And they'll often throw it in "for free" (they did in my case).

    The Hertz NeverLost system is *horrible*. I have used it twice. The last time out, in San Diego, it was an utter and total joke. I think you're much better off with a PocketPC and downloading streetmaps, really. Or printing directions off Yahoo. Even the regular Jag Navigation System (a $3,000 option if you decided for it afterwards, ridiculous) is not glitch-free. If you have music running and you turn the NS on, you can't get rid of it anymore. Really intrusive. Besides, it is rather stubborn and will not adjust to shortcuts or your attempts to avoid traffic - it will insist on you turning around and taking the original way it suggested for quite a while...
  • Thank you for your previous encouraging comments...very much appreciated.

    Well, the Jaguar and I seem to be back on sound footing...(except for the brakes).

    The cat went back to the dealer today, and I asked to have a mechanic ride with me to hear the left turn noise and the new rattle in the rear. Plus, I thought the mechanic would be interested in hearing the finely tuned brake squeaking.

    Well, wouldn't you know it, the car failed to own up to its problems at first. But, the mechanic was a fine, patient fellow, and after a while, the cat began to cough it up. Then, the mechanic took over the driving to isolate the noises better (except for the brakes, which needed nothing to help hear those). In all, we spent 40 minutes in that car together.

    I picked up the car later, and the noises were corrected. The left turn problem turned out to be the left wheel hub, and the rear rattle was a suspension brushing. I learned a bit about Jaguar brake pads, and the service manager gave me a bit of advice as to how to minimize and/or eliminate the sqeaking by some braking techniques. Now, the big kitty will get its real test tomorrow morning when we take our daily rush-hour commute into the city...lots of stopping and starting on those brakes.

    To answer the questions asked:
    I have the Select Edition warranty (six years/100,000miles) since the car had time on the original warranty remaining. I have no deductible. To date, I have spent nothing on these trips to the dealer (well, except for the looming car payments). The warranty cost was included in the price of the car. Also, because there were 27,700 miles on the car at purchase, the 30,000 mile check was done (which seems a contradiction in terms on this "pre-certified" car).

    The dealer did not have the service records on the car since they were not the dealer of origin (or that's what I was told).

    You are absolutely correct, Christchurch, about the best way to deal with people. This goes for everyone including Jaguar service people. Also, what I always keep in mind is that these gentlemen---and they are all gentlemen---love these cars as much as we do and want them to perform well for us. The mechanic who serviced the car last week and rode with me this morning has been with this dealer for 25 years. To me, that speaks volumes about his belief in his work and the cars he repairs. Yes, it is also "good business", but it is amazing how so many dealers may not get the connection, even when they talk the "good customer service" talk.

    So, all-in-all, it was a good experience. I borrowed a friend's BMW528 to use while my car was at the dealer and while his BMW is a superb car, well, I was so glad to get that freshly repaired and just-washed Jaguar back...nothing like it.

    Again, thanks for listening...
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    The car connection:

    has some great spy photos of high end cars, such as the new XJ, BMW 7 and MB SL. The new XJ looks fantastic. There are two pictures, one of a computer rendering and a one of a real spy shot. There is a lot of the black covering on the spy shot, but the overall shape looks to be new. More bentleyish with harder lines. It looks great to me~ A.R.

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