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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,273
    The response I got to this question from our local Jaguar dealer was "they'll all be long wheelbase", so I guess that's the company line. He also said that they will be in the showrooms sometime in April. Oh, and they're not going to offer a Vanden Plas model, so I guess we'll have to live without the picnic tables.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    Where will I put my Grey Poupon?
  • If that is true, methinks those of us that keep our VDPs in great shape, especially the picnic tables, will find in years to come that our VDPs are much sought after. I must admit, though, if this is true I think they are making a huge mistake. The VDP is set apart from the crowd of mercedes, Lexus and other "luxury" marques under 100k. Sounds like a decision made by some brainless Ford executive.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    don't you think "brainless Ford executive" is just redundancy on top of redundancy???..:):)
  • I bought Dunlop Wintersport m-2 last winter. They are "H" rated and seem OK for Michigan winter driving. About $100 from discount tire. No winter tire will let you cowboy around in a Jaguar on hard packed snow.
  • I recently purchased a 2001 XJR and was wondering if anyone can tell me their experience, reliability and satisfaction with the car is. Also, are there any goods sights devoted to the "R" cars.

  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,273
    I think that not having a Vanden Plas version is a terrible mistake. It truly made for a unique vehicle. We can only hope that Jaguar (Ford) brings it out later. Meanwhile, I may have to look for one that's coming off lease to hold me over.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    What is a Vanden Plas over a regular XJ? A few nicer bits & pieces on an otherwise world-class interior, and a little more chrome outside. It's not something that's going to take a major effort and a brand new car to re-launch like the "Thunderbird" or "Camaro" (being optimistic on the second one!) nameplates. Jag is investing large sums of money in simply creating the X350, so they are going to offer fewer choices until the X350 starts bringing in money, then they'll spend the $$$ to add picnic tables (I'm surprised the safety gurus didn't nix this option years ago) and extra chrome. In any mass production environment, the more you vary the units, the more it costs (Hence, all T-Models were black, to keep the price down. Henry was such a penny pincher that he probably went with that color because he could save 2 cents a car over white). The Vanden Plas is a variation off the regular X350, so Jag is going to let the X350 start paying for itself before they spend money on the Vanden Plas. Look for the nameplate to comeback in 2004 or 2005.
  • pluskinpluskin Posts: 79
    A stretched version of the X350 is planned. Don't know if it will carry on with the mini-picnic tables and Vanden Plas name, but I would assume so.

    "(Hence, all T-Models were black, to keep the price down."
    Actually, I've read that the reason was that at the time, only black paint was available that would bake quickly enough to meet the cycle times that Ford was pumping Model T's out in.
  • I had been shopping for replacement tires for my 1998 XJ8L. The OEM Pirelli's were 225/60/ZR16 98W. I decided on Bridgestone Turanza LS-Z's after much research. Everyone told me not to get less than "V" speed rating and a couple of tire dealers told me that the "98" load ration was important. I ended up getting tires with a "97" load ratio (supports 1609 vs 1653 lbs of weight.)

    Anyway, the reason I'm telling you all this, is that I was so concerned with replacing the tires with something comparable to the manufacturers recommendations.

    Now I see that the newer Jaguar XJ's (in the dealer showrooms and as indicated on Jaguar's website) have Michelin "H" rated tires as standard OEM!!!!! In all my research, I found that "H" rated will give longer tread life, but that the handling won't be as good because the sidewalls aren't as stiff as a higher speed rated tire.

    So I ask, what's up with that?????
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    I'll concede on the black paint. The point was that having one color meant one less variation on the assembly line, making the operating costs cheaper.
  • Awhile back someone was asking if others had a problem with a rattle behind the clock on the XJ8. At the time, I had none. Then it happened. He was also wondering how to fix it because the dealer was not giving the attention it deserved. Anyway, if you read this and want the remedy, I'll post again. I was able to fix it in about 15 min.
  • Please, please post the fix! I've been reporting a rattle in the dash since I first got my XJ8L and the dealer always says they can't hear it or fix it!

    It drives me crazy! Please post!!!!

  • I am Hopefully closing on the deal for a 1999 XJ8 Monday. The car has 47000 miles on it and
    is still under Jaguar warranty until March 2003 - Since I only drive about 5000 miles a year, I will not reach the 50000 until after then.

    This is the first jaguar I have ever owned, even though I have always wanted the car. I was concerned because people say they don't take it out in the snow, and I live in Chicago. While we haven't gotten a great deal of snow in the last few years, we usually get 1 or 2 big dumps a year.

    The car is going to my regular mechanic tomorrow to be inspected - what other than the obvious problems should he look for? Are there any specific to Jaguar, or to the 1999 XJ8? Any other help/comments would be appreciated.
  • derel2derel2 Posts: 49
    These cars are relatively sound with regard to the the engine and power train. Most problems specific to the XJs are related to the accessories. Look for problems with the steering wheel tilt adjustment motor, the memory seats operation, the front suspension bushings which seem to wear relatively quick, the sunroof tracks, a leaking rear view mirror and a sagging headliner when the sunroof is open. Enjoy your new Jag.

  • The rattle is not coming from the clock or the vent system. It is coming from a piece of metal that runs lengthwise across the dash. I was unable to see anything as I did this so bear with me as I try to explain.

    Remove the wood trim around the clock. I used an L shaped alan wrench. Put the small end behind the wood trim and pull. There is a metal backing on the wood trim so dont worry about damage. This came off very easy.

    Drop the steering wheel to the lowest position and remove the wood trim from the instrument cluster in the same manner.

    Remove the four screws holding in the vents and clock. The tab on the left is set behind the instrument cluster. Gently pull the vent system out by gently bending the plastic. The tab on the right is behind the wood trim that covers the air bag. You cannot get to this tab so you end up swinging the vent system out. It stays connected behind the air bag wood trim. I did not want to mess with the air bag wood trim in fear of messing up the air bag, or worse, getting a black eye from it.

    Reach into the now open vent. Reach up and you will feel something like a ledge that you can get your fingers into. This is where my rattle was coming from.

    Now for the highly technical fix. Take a small to medium rag and stuff it in the area between the ledge and the dash. I used a screwdriver to really force it in there.

    I was able to hear my rattle as I pounded on the dash during the disassembly. Once the rag went in there were no more rattles. It’s been a week since I did this and still no rattle.

    Hope this helps!

  • I have a 98 XJ8 that I bought a few months back. I too was concerned about quality and driving it in the snow. The quality has been fine, expet for the rattle in the dash that I was able to fix (see my previous post). Many people on this message board told me to get another car for the winter. Well, I simply cannot afford that! What I did was trade in the Perelli (sp) tires for Goodyear Aqua Tread 3 all season's. I Live in Minneapolis so I can appreciate your concerns. I wish I could tell you how the car has done, but to date, we have not had any snow.

    Good luck with the car if you buy it. There is quite a feeling that goes along with owning and driving a Jag. Plus you get a lot more exercise when you find youself parking in the furthermost spaces of any parking lot.

  • kdw2kdw2 Posts: 1
    I own a 99 XJ8 and I need new front brakes. The dealer wants about $600 for pads and rotors. Merlin muffler and brakes will put on new pads and machine the rotors for $138. Is it safe to take my car to a discount brake shop or should I bite the bullet and pay the dealer?
  • mveramvera Posts: 22
    You can drive the Jags just fine in the winter if you put snow tires on it. But you need snow tires.

    The reason I don't drive mine in the winter, is becasue I have another car I can drive and I don't want some idiot sliding in to me on the freeway when they are going to fast and can't stop in time. I like the way she looks with no damage and would be sick to death if someone hit me.

    I live in St. Paul/Mpls. and feel it is worth it to put her away for about 5 months. When I get her back in the Spring, it is like having a new car again. I say, if you can afford it, put her away, if not, get your snows on her and drive defensively. Best of luck
  • I have never understood why it is automatically necessary... or even expedient to automatically replace disc brake rotors with the installation of new brake pads. If the brake pads are being replaced "in enough time", i.e. before scoring the rotor, I fail to see the practical sense in (automatic) replacement of the rotors... just because the pads need to be replaced; IT SHOULD NOT BE NECESSARY !!! Of course, it is not wrong to do so... but why is it seen as an "automatic necessity"; this does not make sense to me. If disc pads are being monitored for wear and (then) replaced when needed... and before damage to the rotor, I fail to see why it is a defacto need to also replace expensive disc rotors. Am I missing an important point here? If I am, could someone please explain??? As always, thank-you for our wonderful and informative forum. Audra
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