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Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra - Owners hangout



  • morton4morton4 Posts: 12
    Well I have not recieved all my paperwork yet on the exactly what they did. Apparently they have to get it all sorted out first. anyway, From what they could tell me they rebuilt the whole txf case and stuff. Said that the gears were all tore up. I dont have more specifics yet but I will post when I find out.

    So far no noise. My rotational noise came when in 2hi, 4hi, auto. I could hear it alot when I slowed or accelerated.

    Thanks for the input hunter.
  • gator36gator36 Posts: 294
    There is a TSB on the front Differentials that has to do with the engaging mechanism. This is an old TSB where due to a partial engagement the carbon fiber discs in the front diff would be worn out by 2wd driving. Then when you command 4wd the discs would not engage.

    Here is some of the text of the TSB...

    Front Wheels Slipping with Vehicle in Four WHeel Drive (Replace Transfer Case Clutch Plates and Front Drive Axle Lubricant) #99-04-21-003B
    Front Wheels Slipping with Vehicle in Four Wheel Drive (Replace Transfer Case Clutch Plates and Front Drive Axle Lubricant)
    1999-2001 Chevrolet and GMC K and T Models (Silverado, Sierra, Blazer, Envoy, Jimmy)

    with NV236/246 Transfer Case (RPO NP8)

    This bulletin is being revised to correct a part number in the Parts Information section. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 99-04-21-003A (Section 04 -- Driveline/Axle).

    Some owners may comment on a slipping type condition at the front wheels while the vehicle is in four wheel drive (4WD).

    When the vehicle is driven extensively in low temperatures (-12°C (10°F) or below), slipping may occur when the vehicle is in the 2 HI mode. This occurs because the transfer case clutch pack does not have enough torque capacity to overcome the viscosity of the front axle lubricant. The friction generated by the slipping clutch discs may cause premature wear of the clutch pack assembly.

    Overhaul the transfer case and replace the clutch plates on affected vehicles. Replace the lubricant in the front drive axle with synthetic axle lubricant, P/N 12378261 (in Canada, use P/N 10953455). Use the following procedure and the part numbers listed below.

    Walter... (gator)
  • morton4morton4 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the TSB info. I think this is what they had to do. I am still waiting for the paperwork. I have the truck back now and it seems to work great. I suspect that will change since I own a truck huh?! Just a matter of time.
  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    FYI. "carbon fiber discs in the front diff"

    The carbon fiber discs are located in the transfer case!
  • I had a 99 5.3 Sierra and never had an engine knock but did have what I always thought was a lifter noise when starting cold that went away before I was out of the garage. Just bought a 2003 Rado z-71 5.3 and now I am worried about this engine knock stuff. Its got about 4k on it now and still quiet.
  • chevy4mechevy4me Posts: 203
    I had one replaced under waranty but its progressivly getting louder again. Is there a TSB on this problem?
  • Hi all,

    Is there a way to disable the Automatic headlight feature on my 99 GMC sierra truck. I have tried the dome override trick,but that didnt' work on my 99. Please help. thanks!
  • I'm looking for a hard Tonneau cover that is removeable. So far the best option I've found is made by Peragon. Does anybody have any experience with this or any other hard Tonneau covers? I had an A.R.E. on my last truck and while it looked very nice, it was very difficult to remove.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    My Y2K override feature works fine , push dome light button in 3 times and it cancels the auto feature. It resets everytime you restart the truck however. I thought 99's were the same way, maybe not.

    Ray T.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    are heavy enough that it's pretty much a two-man job to remove them. I had a Snugtop that fit great. It had two pins in the hinges at the front that pulled out, then after unhooking the struts cover would lift off. I never actually took it off while I had it. The one I have now has tabs at the front on the underside of the cover that slip into slotted pieces that mount to the front of the bed. So you have to open it, unhook the struts then lift it open farther as you slide it back out of the slots. Not something you want to do too often.
  • Try Gaylord's in Bellflower CA. They have dealerships in various places. Theirs works very much like the Texas Yankee just described. Little tough for one person to take off, but they are strong. I just walked all over mine and it didn't give a bit.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Check out
    Easy and FREE advise to turn off those
    PIA auto ons and DRLS............geo

    BTW: 99 and some early 2ks Do not have
    the override feature by pushing in the
    button 4 times........
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    I have an ARE and would have to say it is one of the better ones available. Being that it has the clamp-on rail helps to make it somewhat easier than most since you don't need to do more than remove the four clamps securing it to the truck. At times I would rather have a cover like a Truxedo, but I like the security of the hard cover, since GM has yet failed in providing a locking tailgate like the rest of the manufacturers.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    There are a few aftermarket companies that
    sell replacement locking tailgate handles.
    Its funny tho....'Lades, Tahoes, etc have the
    same handle with a lock in it. Iwonder if they
    would fit a pick up ?...............geo
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    I'll have to check that out, not sure how difficult it would be to convert the handle to a Silverado. Would have been nice if GM could have had an access panel on the inside of the tailgate.

    Picked up the new '03 last night-steering wheel radio controls are nice, as is the auto dimming rear view mirror. Otherwise not much different from my '01, other than it being a 4x4.

    Wish Chevrolet would have went with the smooth talgate guard on the 1/2 tons like they have done with the 3/4 ton trucks! I'll have to get out the drill and remove the blind nuts to install the smooth one to use my hard cover.
  • Just what noise does it make. My Rado Ac makes a strange sound like a sighing sound at about 1800 RPM.
  • I had a 99 GMC Sierra and the dealer had to de-program the auto lock doors, you might check with a dealer and see if they can't shut off the auto headlights too.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Visited the Chev-GMC dealer yesterday. They
    had about 100 new 03s.....Some of the 1/2s
    had the new style whaletail. It wasn't straight
    across the bottom. Itwas like notched out between
    the bolt holes. Others had the 2500 style flat cap.

    RIC: you can take off your waletail...Make sure
    you get a genuine GM flat one from dealer. It
    will cover the bolt holes in gate. My bud took
    his off because of clearance probs. with cap.
    We tried the other caps from autozone etc. and
    they didn't hang down low enough to cover holes
    in tailgate but the GM one did. NOTE: all new
    GMs have he holes already in the tailgate
    anyway !.........geo
  • I have a 2000 Silverado 1500 Ext Cab w/5.3L V8. I have been experiencing several problems that I could use some help with. I do not have a dealer in my town to bring it to. I am hoping some of you have had the same things happen and can shed some light on things. I would really like to find a site with a knowledgeable GM truck mechanic I can access. Here goes:

    1. The "Service Engine Soon" message light is on
    constantly. I found a local shop who took a
    scan tool, found the faulty code (EVAP SYST). I
    had them clear it, which they did. Light came
    back on 2 days later, still on. Any clues?

    2. This may be related: Now that it is cooler out
    (I live in Alaska), I have noticed my
    defroster output is weak. No mater where I put
    the selector, nearly all the output is on the
    the floor. I am guessing the selector is vacuum
    operated. Anyway, I get a ton of hot air when
    the engine is warm at the floor vent, but it
    is not diverting to the defroster vents at the

    3. On several occasions, the display on the radio
    cd unit goes out. Heres the wierd part: The
    radio will play, but nothing else. Even wieder,
    you CANNOT shut the radio off. Pushing the
    little orange button does nothing. A day or two
    later, it all comes back to life and works
    just fine. Ideas??

    4. I read something here some time back, but when
    it gets cold out (below 10 degrees), the rear
    cab doors won't latch shut. REALLY slamming
    SOMETIMES does it, but not always. Gets worse
    as it gets colder. Is there a fix out for this?

    Would appreciate hearing from anyone experiencing
    these problems. Would like to get them ironed out.


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