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Hyundai Santa Fe Accessories and Modifications



  • azmrboazmrbo Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. I am sold on the weather tech now.

    How about hood bug deflectors. The one by hyundai seems to cover more space but I am not sure about the looks or cleaning behind it. The lund interceptor looks pretty good.

    Any info on either of these?
  • eshoneeshone Posts: 1
    I am embarassed to ask this question but I don't want to fry my electrical system. The battery on my 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe died on me last Sunday. Of course, I headed out of town on a business trip Monday morning and am now just getting around to putting a new battery in. The problem is, I can't remember if the negative terminal goes on the right or left (as your looking at the vehicle). Can anyone help with this?

  • Hi
    I put on the aftermarket hitches on both of my SFs 2002 n 2004 The only problem I encountered was when you drop the tire down in the assembly it would get stuck on the hitch coming downThen you would need a little tire iron or crowbar to get the tire out ,Its a pain in the butt but it works
  • HI
    I deal with TFR racing
  • no it aint They told me that the rails on the top were 100 extra so I told them if i put stuff on the top and it slides off due to insuffient braces to secure Im holding you liable then they gave them to me on houseAnyway to make money
  • TFR racing .com

    Yes, I have bought several items off EBAY including my hidden hitch and a replacement front bumper! :shades:
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97
    My 07 Santa Fe came without Mud Guards - does anyone have a good source for discount priced Hyundai parts - factory or after market.

    I'd prefer body color matched but black will do.

    Thanks in advance,

  • beebee13beebee13 Posts: 38
    I really liked the '07 Sante Fe, but when I asked about mud flaps,towing hitch and harness,side steps, all season floor mats instead of carpeted ones I was given a blank look. Any ideas on why these aren't offered or if they will be down the line?
  • Try this link for mudflaps and other mail order hard to buy for :shades: - - 3/c-10105

    Joe in Texarkana
  • bcme136bcme136 Posts: 21
    I have weathertech on my PT and plan to get them for the 07 Santa Fe. They look and blend in much better than the stick on's
  • Does anyone know the dealer cost for the 2007 mud guards? Hyundai site states $30.
  • jamitjamit Posts: 5
    When I purchase my 2007 SF back in October 2006, I noticed that our dealer do not have any all weather floor mats. So I visited to order a 4 pieces set, and they are custom made. Unfortunately, those mats are fabricated by the Hexomat directly.

    When the mats came in, they did not fit well. Then I found out that those are for 2006. :confuse: Immediately, I gave a call, and they corrected my order within 2 weeks time with no charge for the new ones. The new mats fit perfectly and look great.

    However, I still have the 2006 SF mat set. :D
  • Needing now to wait till late December for my Slate blue/beige AWD Limited Premium to roll of the production line and be delivered to Southern California. :mad: But, I believe it'll be worth it. By then the Limiteds will be fit with the addition of XM radio. Honestly I can't see me using this too regularly. Regardless, it'll be standard now, and in turn has raised my negotiation price past my no-budge, non-negotiable numbers! A month in working down the salesman, and Im now having to wait AND pay more anyway.... My question is does anyone know what the mark-up will be for the addition of XM radio?
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I think your salesman is just trying to get more money out of you. This is going to be a standard system in all of Hyundai's vehicles eventually.
  • Just wondering ... if Santa Fe has optional DVD system why not also offer an optional navigation system. Earlier Santa Fe reviews suggested that an optional navigation system might be available by Spring 2007. If anyone has reliable info on the availability of a NAV system for Santa Fe, please advise. Thanks.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    The Navigation system will be available by Spring '07, starting with the Santa Fe.
  • My local dealerships in NY metro area don't seem to know anything about NAV system availability. What is the source of your information about availability in Spring '07? Thanks.
  • I had a difficult time finding 2007 factory mud flaps.

    I bought mine online from Gary Rome Hyundai at:

    They are $28.50 per pair but register as a new customer and save another 11% on your purchase.

    BTW - these are engineered perfectly and fit like a glove. They come with longer screws and clips that you'll need. I put on all four in under 15 minutes. No drilling or cutting. The easiest installation of mud flaps I have ever experienced. :)


  • Anyone have a cargo box that fits their 2007 Santa Fe roof rack? I like this car very much, but it is a potential deal breaker if there is no cargo box available. Thule and Yakima websites show nothing available.

    Also wondering if anyone knows the weight limit on the roof rack. Dealer said 150lbs. but didn't seem too sure about it.
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