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Volkswagen Golf Care & Maintenance



  • herbh1herbh1 Posts: 2
    Didn't realize how old your post was, but I can tell you what the Bentley manual says and a little more. These cars are hard to drain and maybe even harder to re-fill. The manual says to drain by removing connections at the water (coolant) pump. There are three connections at the pump. The lowest is not a hose that clamps onto a bib, but is an o-ring sealed connection to the thermostat cover at the bottom of the pump. There's a wire retaining clip visiblly protruding, and supposedly you can pull that clip out and then break the joint -- after first being sure you have a new o-ring to replace the existing one. Before beginning, you put the heater control on the dashboard to the full heat position and you remove the cover from the plastic globe expansoin chamber where coolant is normally added.

    That's not all. You also disconnect the middle hose connection from the water pump, and that's pretty hard to get to. You may get more of the coolant out, once the connections are broken, by blowing air into that expansion chamber. The thermostat can be removed, but you probably will have to drop the power steering pump down a little after loosening a good number of bolts.

    Refilling the system is possibly harder than draining it. You will probably have to remove the TOP radiator hose connection -- loosen it enough to open a crack that will vent the air from the radiator, before you can get enough coolant into the system. I have one of the special radiator hose clip pliers and would not try to get by without it.
  • Hello everyone, just after a bit of help!!
    I have a T reg vw golf which i am in the process of selling but before i do i need to fix or replace the dial that that changes where the heat is directed eg windscreen,feet or both, i turn the dial but i doesnt do anything seems to just turn around! Now i dont know if its broken or what but what do i do to fix this problem.
    Hope someone understands what i mean!!!
    Any help would be great.
  • hi i was wondering were to find the thermostat in my car its a 98 i can do the work but first vw iv owned i was told by my local parts store its extremely it doesn't scare me i just dont wanna start taking things apart only to find its not there.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The thermostat on VW 4-cyliner water-cooled engines has been in the same place since the 1980s. (That is because the engine has not changed much.. it is basically the same engine-block) When you have a good engine deesign, there is no need to change it much.

    Since this is a "bypass" type of cooling system , the thermostat is where the LOWER radiator hose connects to the engine-side.
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