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Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Accessories & Modifications



  • I have been looking for this for a long time and all over the world. Is this available in the USA? Its normally a hard clear plastic or acrylic sheet moulded into the shape of the front of the bonnet and clipped on with plastic clips or stainless steel clips with screws and a nuts. My 1997 C180 has a few stonechips and I want to stop this chipping. A dark tinted protector will look fantastic on my midnight blue car, but subsequent hits from stones will show up more easily than a clear one. Comments are welcome. My C180 has the same chassis as the bigger engined models in the US. The bonnet was the same from the initial 1994 to the 1999 models I think. If anyone or company can make one for me and send it to me in Melbourne, Australia for a cheap price please contact me. My email is I have 2 sets of the 3M stick-on adhesive clear film and have doubts about being able to handle the tracing on the curvy surface and cutting it out and installing it on by the wet method. I feel the clip-ons are a sure way out of this dilemma. Thank you all.
  • haycarhaycar Posts: 5
    I just bought a 2001 C320 with the hands free cell phone kit in it. I believe it's for timeport phones. Has anyone converted this to a modern phone or just to the Moto V60i?
  • try this.. there are also many other variations from other companies
  • Does anyone know where I can get a performance chip for the current C-class or reprogrammed?

    I am especially interested in removing the speed governor.
  • mbz66mbz66 Posts: 9
    Hi All,
    The original rear wheels of my C230 Sport Sedan (2004) are of 8.5 X 17 X ET34.
    Due to accident, I looked for a replacement and found a wheel of 8.5 X 17 X ET30.
    I'd appreciate help with answers for the following questions.
    What is the meaning of ET34 versus ET30?
    Is it OK to replace the ET34 with ET30 wheel, although the first two numbers (8.5 X 17) match?
    Many Thanks.
  • alf9574alf9574 Posts: 1
    DId you ever get a reply to this? I am also interested in getting this done. I have heard many conflicting stories. Can anyone advise
  • black280black280 Posts: 5
    I installed an XM Satellite Radio and I installed it in the center console/armrest on the top shelf for theft reasons, I took out the analog cellphone. I then ran the wires down through the hole in the back and on throught the bottom corner, and around the seats and between the seats then around the corner. Then through the armrest in the back and on out through the trunk, and mount the antennae on the roof and run the wire snug behind the rain guard on the window and then mounted it on the roof. I hope this helps. It is alot easier then it sounds.
  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    I think I can help. 2004 Models and newer were pre-wired for Sirius satellite radio. I have both a 2004 C240 4Matic and just bought a 2005 C240 4Matic.The 2004 has the satellite radio. It was added at the dealer. The 2005 radio is on national back order and well be installed by the dealer when it arrives. Cost is about $800 installed and includes a 1 year subscription. The unit is added behind the radio in the dash and an antenna is added to either the rear deck lid or just in front of the Tele-Aid antenna. As far as I know you cannot add the Mercedes satellite unit to pre 2004 units since the fiber optic connection and software was not available. Look in your owners manual I think it will caution you about adding to the existing system. This is because all devices like the CD changer is fiber optic connected.

    So if you have a 2003 you must try the aftermarket. Try a really good sound shop or Crutchfield on line, not Circuit City or Best Buy.

    Hope this helps.
  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    An update on satellite radio

    Mercedes has a new rear deck ant that is much smaller than the "hump" version that goes on the trunk deck lid. You can order thru the dealer and they come pre-painted to match the car.
  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    I have a 2004 and a 2005 C240 4Matic

    Has anyone tried using the AUX option. On the 2005 C I have the upgraded harmon/kardon audio system. There is an AUX cable metioned in the book and I'm wondering if this is what you use to interface an IPOD.

    Also, on the 2005 C is the harmon/kardon logo only on the left rear speaker? Does the BASS response seem a little weak? Seems like our 2004 with the standard stereo has much better BASS response. Is the "surround" option only found on the upgraded stereo in the 05? The 05 has terrible radio reception. The dealer is replacing the AMP and installing the satellite radio on Monday. Maybe this is why the BASS is so weak.

    Has anyone replaced the front light assemblies on a 2004. I really like the look of the clear lens on the 05.

    Thanks in advance.
  • hyemooghyemoog Posts: 2
    Hi Bob,

    I can't provide you with any answers to your questions, but I was wondering if maybe you have some answers for me. I recently got a C240 4 Matic (this is my fourth C class car) and I have to say the standard stereo system is poor sub-standard compared to previous models.

    Can you receommend anything for upgrading? Where do you go? To a MB dealership or outside stereo provider?

    Thank you, best of luck.

  • hyemooghyemoog Posts: 2
    Hi there I saw this posted message about someone saying theyinstalled XM satellite in what I assume is a Mercedes....can you help me with some advice?

    I recently leased a new 2005 C240 4 Matic, which came with Sirius satellite radio. I really want to switch to XM, but is this possible and is it more trouble than its worth?

    I have to say Mercedes has certainly cut corners on the quality of their standard stereo systems. I'm not happy with the quality of the one the car came with. When I switch from AM to FM or from radio to CD and back to radio the volume is inconsistant and blarring. CHEAP!

    Please advise....

  • I had upgrade the front lights for clear lens, I got it in ebay for $650, and my car looks great I don't understand how come mercedes kept this ugly fashion lights until 2004. My advice get it and upgrade your car.
  • I'm sorry about the late reply. Yes the 2005 audio as not as good as the 2004 and earlier systems. The base earlier ones were Alpine systems like I have in my 2004. The 04 sounds as good if not better then our new 05 that has the upgraded Harmon Kardon.

    The dealer will be real expensive. I would go to an high end audio shop and see about adding an amp setup and some new Alpine Speakers. Try the speakers first. Also, you could call Cruthfield. Maybe they can help.
  • HELP!

    I have a 04 C240 4matic. Currently with 205/55-16 and stock rims. The dealer had the car for a week. Got it back went to have the tires replaced and found out that someone bent a rim which causes a shimmy at 60MPH. So I will replace the rims or upgrade both the tires and rims.

    I have found an OE Performance rim that looks like the E class rim. It comes in 16" and 17". Has anyone had any experience with this rim product? It is the OE performance 300M E class.

    I will either have the 16" with Michelin Pilot Exalto AS 225/50R - 16


    17" with Michelin Pilot Exalto AS 225/45R - 17

    Anyone got any other ideas? I do not want the car to look too extreme. I would like to stay with the 16" size.

    Thanks in advance......
  • Anybody need a Thule roof rack for their C? Mine is for sale on eBay... Works great. Great for hauling surfboards, kayaks, bikes or just about anything else you can think of. This set up lists for $232 from Thule... but you can get mine less the depreciation... don't pay retail!

    Check it out!
    C220 Thule Roof rack, Item number: 7193512636
  • I am trying to retro fit sat radio to an '04 c-class with the standard radio/sound system. i understand that i will need to replace the standard unit with the Comand Nav unit but that seems a little expensive from the dealer. also, there appear to be many different Comand Nav units available so which to buy is a question. Do you have any ideas? Thanks for the help. BL.
  • mb1733mb1733 Posts: 1
    I know it's been a while since your post - but I recently bought a Benz and I'm trying to figure out how to install my XM.
    Did you have XM installed on another car before installing it in your Benz?
    The dealership cannot help me b/c of their contract with Sirius (ugh!). I'm wondering if the BlitzSafe adapter I used to wire the XM through the radio for my BMW will work for the Benz. Since I already have the receiver and adapter, I was hoping to just use the same equipment...

    Any help would be appreciated!!!
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