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MINI Cooper



  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:

    Greyscale I couldn't resist LOL so take it with the fun intended.

    Really aren't we getting a little carried away here, how much room to eat in a Mini? If you have Mini meals it'll work, White Castle hamburgers are kinda cute to go along with the Mini theme. Stick with the 12 oz. cans and they will fit in front cupholders, install the add on to drivers side and sign up for a knee cap replacemnt in the future.
    Harmon Kardon not loud enough ? maybe if your into sound equipment competitions it's not but how loud does it have to be before you forget your driving and loose it in a corner or can't hear the ambulance behind you trying to get by to rescue the guy who lost it in the corner adjusting the volume LOL

    I better stop now before I get a mini headache................
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Let's get back to talking about the MINI - thanks!
  • :shades: I have a 2005 MCSC (convertible) that is 6 months old. I TOTALLY love the car and thus far have had zero problems with it. My driving is 99% highway (and though it's in the Bay area, it's not stop and go and 95% of that is with cruise control). I commute 100 miles RT 4 days a week, and alternate using the Mini with my other car, an Audi A4 (189K and still rides like a dream!). I have about 3500 miles on the Mini and use 91 gas (ugh - almost 3 bucks a gallon). My on-board reads avg. fuel consumption at 28.6. It was 28.3, but for the last tankfull, just to see what difference it made, I actually drove 60-65 on the road, down from my usual 70-75. Of course, I am over in the far-right lane with everyone blowing by me, usually in their SUVs (considering the price of gas, they must all have pretty deep pockets!) When I did this, the gauge only went from 28.3 to 28.6, much less than the difference I expected. When I calculated the fuel consumption per mile at the pump, it actually was darned close to 28.6, so I think the computer is pretty accurate. My questions are:

    1) Is there a way to re-set the gauge and try it again? I have a hard time believing that the mileage would only improve that tiny bit with a 10 -15 mph speed reduction, esp. considering how one always hears that consumption starts to rise over 60.
    2) I read somewhere on here that the mileage improves after the car has 10K miles on it...Is that true, and if so, why?

    While I can afford the gas without eating Franco American each night, it's become somewhat of an experiment for me, to see if the speed reduction really does make a difference, and also to see if I can max out the MPG... :)
  • I ordered my '05 convertible from SFMINI in Sept. 04 and took delivery in December... Before I ordered from them, i called around and found that the dealer in Pleasanton was selling at MSRP, but that it would be a 9 -10 month wait, which was just too long for me. The dealer in Concord sold for 1500 over MSRP and also "threw in" a rubber boot mat, sunshade, large cupholder, and wheel locks. SF wanted 2500 over MSRP, so I said to them, look, this is the deal Concord is offering me, I could buy the car from them, but I'd rather buy from you since I live in SF, can you match their deal? They matched it. Now, I must admit that when I went to get the car, "extras" they agreed to match were absent, save the cupholder. So, when the MA began his reminder spiel asking me to please give him a good rating when Mini calls me to ask about my experience, I smiled reassuringly and then casually reminded him about the missing extras. He ran right in and got the boot mat and sunshade (I didn't push for the wheel locks - I was happy with what I got!)
    I had no problems with the dealer at all, but then I haven't had to service it yet, so we'll see... :shades:
  • sitcursitcur Posts: 4
    Concerning the radio - I just ordered my MCs pepper white and did a careful listening test between the standard & H/K sterios with some of my best "reference" CDs and the FM radio.

    In two tests comparing them in a total of 4 cars I consider the standard to sound better!!! ($550 savings). I don't know if it is the speakers (supposedly JBL), the head, or both, but the difference is consistent.

  • hugh1hugh1 Posts: 8
    Roger, I think that the head units in the HK and the standard system are identical.

    Before final ordering my 05MCS blk/blk,prempkg,armrest,chrome grill, (dealer installed because I didn't want chrome mirrors) I listened to the Harmon Kardon. It sounded a tad better, but not $550 worth. So I ordered the standard. Now I'm in the process of upgrading, and don't know which way to go. Various options have been suggested:

    Replace just the speakers with better ones, high efficiency Infinities or Alpines

    Replace just the head unit with a higher output one. Higher wattage that will push the stock speakers making them sound better. Would also need to add interface so MFSW buttons still work.

    Replace just the speakers with more expensive lower efficiency speakers and add an amplifier. That's basically what the Harmon Kardon system does.

    The above choices will cost me anywhere between $350 and$1500 or more including labor. I'd love to buy my components over the internet and put them in myself, but that would be a disaster because I am mechanically challenged.
    Which raises another issue.

    Cheap labor installs like Circuit City, Best Buy, etc. mean risking work done by some kid who might never have worked on a MINI before. The boutique stereo shops offer more confidence, but labor is very expensive. And don't look for markdowns on the equipment! What's really holding me up is what I hear in the showroom may not be what I hear in the car.

    So I'm holding off until I get to a couple of rallies this spring and summer. I'll listen to systems and then try to decide. In the meantime, maybe I'll run into somebody competent who will do the installs at fair price. In the mean time, the standard system isn't all that bad.

  • gopguycagopguyca Posts: 30
    About cleaning and maintaining my Mini.

    First night I had it I paked it in front of our house... In the morning he had water spots all over himself. I took him straight to a car wash, ugh. I would like to wash him myself but's its extremely embarresing as where I live no one seems to appreciate anything of theirs and take everything for granted... So me taking care of my car would gain alot of stares and snoots. It embarreses me!

    But I don't mind doing is just keeping him clean... Going out with a rag and going over the body and mirrors to keep him clean from little marks when driving or crap that falls from the sky when parked.

    I been using a microfiber cloth and ammonia-free windex-like spray to go over the glass, mirrors and body... Is that safe? And if yes or no, what should I/can I be using instead?

    And next time my Mini is dirty I do plan on washing him out in the street... Just going to pretend no one else is around!
  • jfljfl Posts: 1,335
    ...ammonia-free windex-like spray to go over the glass, mirrors and body...

    For the body, use a Quick Detailer rather than "windex-like spray".
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Go to your local AutoZone, Pepboys etc., There are at least 2 dozen products to choose from for quick detailing of your vehicle. STOP :cry: using any kind of window cleaner on the painted surfaces, you will strip the wax off and end up with streaks. "he" will look like crap when the sun hits it and you will be doing a wax job on "him" sooner than needed. :sick: Read your owners manual that came with "him", it goes over "care & maintenance" of your vehicle in detail.
    Now enjoy your new car..... ;)
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Got a glance of article on whats ahead for Mini in 2007. They are stretching the body to allow for more rear leg room and possible addition of rear doors. Front nose is less rounded to meet new requirements for pedestrian safety standards in England. Both Cooper & "S" will be available with a turbo instead of the supercharger and h.p. ratings will be 137 & 173 respectively. Base Cooper will also be available without a turbo @115 h.p. engine as equipped now.
    I didn't care for the "stretch version" but to each his own.

    Ray T. :shades:
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    If they stretched it I think they will ruin the uniquely cute looks of the MINI. :cry:
  • dlefontdlefont Posts: 7
    I just ordered a 2005 Cooper (not S) - 5spd with Prem Package and wanted input from current MINI owners. How does the car fair on long road trips?
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Here's the link to the article on the longerrrrrrr Mini

    Diefont, My first trip with my Mini was after a 500 mile breakin and was to Virginia/North Carolina from upstate N.Y. about 1500 miles round trip. It was a blast but the stiffness of the Mini starts to wear on the bones after a while. I found myself stopping every 200 miles for a breif walk to get the circulation going again. Was getting a little over 400 miles to a tank of gas also. The car is built to handle so ride comfort suffers on long hauls. All in all I still enjoyed the trip and since Mini's on the road were still few and far between the looks had me laughing and smiling the whole trip. :P
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519 my surprise, it doesn't look as bad as I had envisioned and feared. :surprise:
  • dlefontdlefont Posts: 7
    MAXI MINI: Thanks. That was probably the best description on a MINI road trip I have read. I am planning on numerous three-hour road trips; so after reading your response to my question, I feel much better now. Again, thanks for the information.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    That may not be the longer version in the photo. It looks like it will come in regular and long wheelbase models.
    I wonder if they will work on giving it a more liveable ride?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Lets hope so, even if it means taking a bit of the edge off the handling prowess. We only have the base (non-sport) suspension, and even that the ride is pretty jarring on all but glass-smooth surfaces. Maybe if I was in my 20's it would be OK, but when you're in your 40's ......Nah! :sick:
  • mininmanmininman Posts: 1
    You will love your mini when you get it... to answer your ? about Dinan up grades they are available and i really recomend it, i have a 03 S with Dinan intake, exaust, computore soft whare up grades, pully reduction, and sway bar and i am over the 200 hp mark.. the car is kind of slugesh under 4000 rpms but is a blast to drive... they also have a coopers works tuning package which is a little high in price but is well worth the money... Good luck, Moto on
  • From what I've read the suspension on base and S are the same. The only differences would be the runflats and 17" rims if you get them. Mine has both and I routinely take it on 300 mile trips b/t college and home and its still not too bad- but I suppose being young helps. Great passing power on the S too, even in 6th gear- I rarely ever have to downshift.
  • crunchcrunch Posts: 84
    The suspension on the Base and the S ARE different UNLESS you order the Sport suspension as an option on the Base MINI. I have one of each (base w/o sport suspension and an S) and there is a world of difference between the two. The S can be harsh compared to the base.
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