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MINI Cooper



  • ninawinnninawinn Posts: 2
    I'm thinking of buying the MINI COOPER -S after seeing one driven on street. Immediately I fall in love with the body shape & color of that cute car. It looked so classic and unique. But after reading quite a few messages in this forum, I feel a little bit of hesitation. Any advise?
    I did place an order last Sat. and dealer didn't require any deposit. It takes 6-8wks for delivery.
    Nina Winn
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257

    Follow your heart. If you like it, get it.
  • ninawinnninawinn Posts: 2
    I did ask the salesperson, he said MINI has designed the tires that allow driver to continue driving on flat tire up to 80miles to find a repair store @ max. 55mph. Therefore there is no spare tire for MINI.
  • eashleyeashley Posts: 8
    My 2003 has been a joy...go for it, and don't look back.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Minis use run-flat tires, just like BMW. Run flat tires (RFTs) a're rough riding, expensive to replace and prone to damage (thus requiring replacement). In a nutshell, they're horrible.

    Some of us remove them and go with normal tires - cheap to repair, last longer, less damage prone. The downside: if we get a flat we're stuck.
  • coupahcoupah Posts: 18
    Like the other poster said, ii YOU like it, get it. If you decide you don't like it you will have NO problem selling it as they are in VERY high demand. I TRADED my '05 for an '06 and I got ALMOST what I paid for it!
    You did right in getting the "S" model.
    Just remember, the MINI S is a real "Driver's Machine" and you can't EVER have enough fun driving it!
    take delivery and go motoring!
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    You did a trade-in and only lost a couple grand? Seriously?
  • coupahcoupah Posts: 18
    It was a base convertible, red and it was late spring. The dealer had literally 3 cars on his lot and was even buying cars on Ebay just to have something to sell.
    I got suckered into the S when i went for a demo ride. then I went for a ride in a friend's S and then I went online and had one built MY way!
    I paid $30K and right now I can sell it for 26! here is a pix of a similar unit but I'm sure it doesn't have the options mini does.
    If you want some help in re-specking yours, (it's not too late to ammend your order, I'm sure) I'll send an email address...
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Well, ok, you traded a convertible for a coupe. With the convertible, you benefitted from perfect timing in that it was just going into convertible season, and the dealer obviously wanted inventory. Otherwise, no matter how much the car is in demand, it would be hard to believe you would only lose a couple of grand after a year.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Sadly I learned tonight that I may have to sell my 07 Cooper S in December. I was just fascinated at the concept of losing only a few k. Right now my car seems to be down about 13% from my purchase price but it's only 15 months old.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Why do you suddenly have to sell? What happened?
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    simple as this:

    1. I have limited mobility
    2. Number 1 means that the options on baby seats is limited to 1 option and it's not the small, easy kind
    3. Cooper's got the ability to fit even the large seat but see 1
    4. Must drive the kid - to be born in late November - daily to grandmas starting in January.

    Loaded with about 15 lbs the car seat I can use (the buttons on most carseats were designed by odd folks - why would you push a button down into your child?), simply is too unwieldy to comfortably lock in and remove from the back of the Mini. Fitting in the back is not the problem. My physical ability to pull the carseat out and put it into the back of the Cooper without causing the kid major trauma..that's the problem. I don't want my poor kid to feel like every trip is a cause for much cursing and jostling.

    I knew going into the Mini I only had a two year window. The baby production was a bit easier than anticipated (we read most couples "try for 6-12 months" but we tried for one weekend!). So it seems the Cooper's realistic shelf-life for me will be about 20-21 months. Shrug. But that means 3-4 years later, I'm in a 1 series (unless something more entertaining arrives).

    :D Now do you see why I'm interested in real-world resale? The gas crunch is probably helping resale on Coopers.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "we read most couples "try for 6-12 months" but we tried for one weekend!)"

    Hey, never underestimate the power of Viagra! ;) :P

    Congrats on the baby!
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Thanks. I guess I should be happy I don't have more kids running around; or that this is my wife's first kid. Regardless, I'm alternately excited and despondent. I really don't want to see the Cooper go but I also don't want to scramble my kid getting him in and out of the car. :)
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Would the Clubman be the answer to your dilemma?
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    I'm contemplating it, that's for sure. :)
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 166
    FWIW, that is the reason I bought my Clubman in April. I have a 5 and 3 year old and the seats are easy to install with the "clubdoor" open, the LATCH hooks are very easy to access, and my boys have plenty of room back there.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    That's encouraging. My wife suggested checking out the clubman further too. This time I can get the features I want... comfort access again. Yahoo!
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    I noticed at the mini dealer that their lot was almost empty. A salesguy told me that they had sold 9 cars between Thursday night and Saturday afternoon at 1 pm. He said they can't currently keep the Cooper in stock.

    I know the dealership, as I bought from them and visited on many occasions over two years. I've never seen their lot so empty. It was almost creepy. They had a total of 2 convertibles, 2 demo clubmans (2 were sold and waiting to be picked up), a handful of Coopers and S models. Wow.
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