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MINI Cooper



  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    Or wind it up. I'm babying my new Cooper (well, trying my best ;-) ) but the test car was a hoot to drive. The dealer told me to wind it up, not to bother downshifting from 5th to 4th on the freeway for passing, said to skip down to 3rd instead and keep it up near 6000RPM. As long as you keep the engine spooling well, it pulls just fine.

    For fast starts you need to dump into the clutch just a little but you can chirp the tires and get the ASC+T light to come on easily if you try. That light coming on means you are clutching and gassing right in the zone and need to back off a smidge. With a manual tranny you can get any car to move well at the expense of gas mileage and clutch life.

    Same with cornering under hard acceleration: you can get the "remember buddy, you're only human" light to come on there too.

    If it bothers you, it can be turned off but I find it to be a good retroactive traction control meaning it just brakes the wheels a little if you are barely on the edge. Some traction controls kill the engine at the slightest hint of wheelspin which I find to be dangerous (it can leave you sitting in the middle of the intersection with no engine power and oncoming traffic). I have yet to see my MINI actually retard the engine timing or anything that severe.
  • jr47jr47 Posts: 10
    Hopefully the dealer will have one with a sport pkg for me to drive next time I'm there. Great to hear about the sport seats, I was extremely impressed with the stock seats as it was!
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722 integra?
  • wishnhigh1wishnhigh1 Posts: 363
    shifty, do us a favor and delete his username too...check out the rest of his sexist and racist comments over in news and views, etc.


    actually I was thinking more along the lines of Metro
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    because they were not appropriate discussion for this board. It's best to ignore trolls and not let disrupt the discussion. Okay? Also, feel free to send me an email if you come across any more problems in this discussion.

    And now, back to the subject of the Mini Cooper! Thanks for your participation.

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  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    thanks for pulling my response as well. It would have looked kind of silly sitting by itself ;-)
  • 759397759397 Posts: 79
    with the Mini to date. What are the performance numbers on the "S"....just curious.

  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    I'm trying to remember which magazine pulled a 6.9 out of an S in its test. As usual, it depends on how hard you launch the car, how much you dump into the clutch, etc.

    I've seen 8.5 or better out of the base Cooper too which is good considering its power:weight.
  • 759397759397 Posts: 79
    with the Mini to date. What are the performance numbers on the "S"....just curious.

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    To seminole- You're welcome. ;-)

    To 759397- You'll find detailed performance specs on the Mini Cooper S in Edmunds' New Vehicle Guide. Also, look for a direct link to the Mini Cooper New Vehicle information in the Helpful Links on the left side of the page. Good luck.

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  • aerostar45aerostar45 Posts: 19
    You may or may not read my previous post stated that when I test-drove the manual MINI Cooper, I felt that the first gear was kind of sluggish. I thought it might be the case that I was not a good manual driver and the CVT might help. However, the CVT just felt the same way if not worse. In a word, it doesn't surprise you. However, it does give you a smooth shifting cause it is not really "shifting", like all other automatic do. The tiptronic feature is horrible, but again, it might be that I am not familiar with it. It will really "Choke" you when "shifting".

    My dealer told me today that the Xenon will be available on July's production(Lucky you! :-)). Since I am buying a car for my wife and she doesn't mind to wait another month, I kept my order. I must give my dealer a hard time yesterday. I hope they will relay it to the manufacture though.

    Happy motoring!
  • tollagtollag Posts: 23
    In response to jr47, when I drove a regular cooper, without the sports package, the ride was very comfortable. The only problem was that when it filled up with 4 adults (all about 170 pounds), the soft suspension kept bottoming out on sharp corners, or large pot-holes in Boston. When I tested almost the identical car, with the stiffer sports suspension, and the 16" tires, the problem was no more! My only complaint was that you could feel every single little crack in the road... (but that keeps you alert :)

    Now then, talking about grunt...
    A lot of people say the base cooper is lacking, but I'll repeat the same thing many people have said before... rev. it to 3-4000 rpm's, and drop the clutch! If that doesn't work for you, then get the Cooper S... That should eliminate any question you have about the power of the MINI!

    Motor on :)
  • 759397 - See this month's Car and Driver for short two page article on Mini Cooper S version...may have what you're looking for?

    nyc - Yes, I am looking forward to driving the "S" on Saturday. I think I'll try and wind it out a bit.


    I guess I am just trying to transfer my current "real" S driving experience onto the new Mini, and I shouldn't do that. On my "S", driving on the interstate at 70 MPH you can just floor it and the car will overtake most anything around. This is very scary when things get past 85 or so; the fastest I've had it up to on a motorway has been about 90-95 (I could not see the speedo, things were vibrating too much:).

    I seem to recall an old road test that said the original "S" was quicker from 40-70 than a 911 Carrerra...but I digress.

    OK, what I meant about the grunt was that in order to overtake on the highway I had to pretty much row the gearbox down to 3rd then step smartly through the gears in order to keep the engine on the boil.

    Now that I think about it, I don't recall seeing anyone put the engine on a dyno and generate a torque curve. I wonder if its as peaky as it seems...?

    Long live Mr Bridger!

  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    This months European Car magazine has an electric blue S on the cover with a test. I'm looking forward tests comparing it with other hot hatches.
  • gotenks243gotenks243 Posts: 116
    The last time I was at my local dealer (Columbus, OH) there were quite a few Minis in the back lot, including Coopers with xenons listed on the sticker and Cooper Ss with Sport Package (comes with Xenons). It wouldn't say on the sticker that they had Xenons if they didn't, so I'm confused why you all are getting info that the Xenons are delayed. Did they just run out at the factory or something?

  • tetonmantetonman Posts: 73
    Read in today's Chicago Tribune that Toyota has entered into a contract with BMW to provide a diesel engine for the MINI division. No further details were given... probably for the European market.
  • doctorddoctord Posts: 4
    Hey everyone-new to the discussion, altho I've been following it for sometime. I'm really excited about the new Mini and have plunked down my deposit for one in Atlanta-I'm stuck at about #90 on that list so who knows when my number will come up?!

    I was real impressed with the car at my test drive-quality materials, good road manners (not darty like I expected) and alot of fun for the $. However...

    Here is my question: Does anyone have any comlaints about the build and/or material quality? I went to the Atlanta auto show and the Cooper S that they had was absolutely falling apart. The leather on the drivers seat was wearing thin, the mesh sunroof shade had come completely of its track and didn't work and the black molding around the wheel wells was all scratched up!! Of course, the salewoman response was," well, there's been 600,000 butts in and out of this car." Well, my response is that the Mini was the only car I saw all day long with any wear and tear, and it wasn't the only show stopper there.

    Any of you new owners lucky enough to be driving one have any gripes?? Thanx for any thoughts
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    Only quality issue I've found so far is it seems I've already scuffed up the driver's seat vinyl a bit from where I rub it every time while getting in with my leather jacket and/or belt and jeans -- I've been meaning to get some Armorall wipes or something to try and buff it up before I complain about it. Haven't heard anyone else mention this so maybe it was on the seat at first and I didn't notice. If I can't just clean it away then I'll mention it to my retailer.

    There was a slight dash rattle for the first week and a half or so but it has gone away. It showed up again recently so I tried to show it to the dealer but it was silent while the tech. was driving it and hasn't shown up since.

    Overall it seems to be well put together.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    There was one auto-x racing with us last Saturday. Wasn't impressed at all with its handling and performance (it even looked slow accelerating). It understeered a lot. Its owner also has an S2000 he's been racing so it wasn't like it was his first time auto-xing. It was his 2nd or 3yr doing it. The factory tires seemed to be the #1 problem. They really have to be replaced. I was expecting to see the car 3-wheeling or something (like Sentra SE-Rs, VW Golfs/GTIs and other "similar" cars) but it didn't. Just kept pushing and going wide on the turns with lots of understeer. Was kind of disappointed but then again, auto-x racing is different than driving on the street. In auto-x you push the car's suspension and tire adhesion to its limits. The car may drive and handle beautifully on the street with some spirited driving. I liked it it, inside and out, but it was almost the slowest car around the course that day :( and there were other cars there with less hp..
    With a bigger rear sway bar this car should handle much better with more neutral characteristics and slight oversteer. I 'm sure it's fun to drive on the street as is though.
    Watch out when aftermarket parts come out for it! It could become a handling demon..
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    Strange that your friend couldn't drive it that fast. Base MINI Coopers (non-S) took 1st and 2nd in their class (H stock) recently, results at I've never auto-x'd or solo'd so I don't know anything about it, I just thought I'd post the results. BTW, base Cooper S comes with all-season runflat tires so they may well not be the best for the track. I don't know how the MINIs were prepped in Cali.

    S2000 is RWD, right? Maybe your friend isn't used to FWD?

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Edmunds' road test of the Mini Cooper is now available. Here's a direct link to 2002 Mini Cooper - Rating a 10 on the Smile-o-Meter, by Liz Kim. Let us know what you think.


    Thanks for your comments!

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  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    it won the HS class on the May 5th event.

    here's the result:
    May 5th results

    those things stick like it's on rails when they run through the cones.

    maybe it's because oldharry's friend isn't used to autox in a FWD car? FWD and RWD cars are completely different beasts in terms of driving style :)
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    Too bad the test vehicle didn't have sport seats. I find they are preferable to the standard seats.

    Also too bad they didn't have a broken-in engine. The engine revs much more freely once you start to break it in.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    In H Stock the base Mini Cooper shood kick a*s! BTW, HS is the slowest class there is in autocross in case anyone didn't know. Its competition would be Ford Escort GTs, Sentras, base Civics and base Golfs. Undoubtedly the Mini should be very competitive in this auto-x class.
    I think the S is in G stock (GS) and I can see it having a hard time in that class. We 'll see. I hope it's not in DS! It 'll get killed by Type-Rs, MR2s and Audi S4s! I 'll go look it up.
    Anyone got any auto-x results to show us with an S model besides the base model in HS?
    The auto-x I went to, was by a BMW club so they only had 5-6 classes which wasn't too fair. I hope that guy just couldn't drive, because I thought the S would hanlde better than what I observed. Those crappy stock tires gotta go for sure. I need them to be more competitive. Makes me faster when I 'm auto-xing :)
    Sunday I 'm racing with my local SCCA club. We 'll see if any Minis show up..
  • tollagtollag Posts: 23
    Basically I was wondering if and when Mini will be returning to the FIA WRC... I know it won't be this year, because it's nearly half over, but if anyone has any info on it, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    as a WRC fan, I'd love to see the MINI return to rallying. Especially love to see red, with white stripes, MINI's at the rally of Monte Carlo.
  • tollagtollag Posts: 23
    There seems to also be the SCCA, but that is never broadcast... And yes, i too would love a Monte Carlo victory :)
  • 2003 Mini production starts this September.
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