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Mazda Protege5



  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    I'd spray them where the wheel meets the rotor around the studs. I'd use the long nozzle to spray in around the base of the studs. Make sure to wipe any excess off the rotors, assuming you're able to get the wheel off.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Mid-cycle refresh? How 'bout offering the engine from the MP3 in the P5? I bet buyers would flock to them.

  • mustang87mustang87 Posts: 129
    the engine in the mp3 is the same as p5. only difference is racing beat muffler, upper intake and timing. Thats it. it only makes 10hp more and that is doubtfull. it dynoes at 110hp and focus with the 130hp at the flywheel dynoes at 110 also. p5 dynoes at 100hp. Which means that both mp3 and protege5 are about 10hp short of advertised hp.

    whats the big deal about mp3?. its a beatiufl car and package as a whole but there is no "engine from the mp3".
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Maybe that poster meanr the forthcoming "MPS" and not MP3. Rumors say the MPS will have a 2.0 turbo engine good for 170 or so hp. That will make the car move as well as it handles. :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    MP3 won a C&D comparo among a group of several quicker cars. Small differences in tuning can create big benefits. If it's as easy as that, all the more reason to do it, right?

  • krotinekrotine Posts: 93
    I too installed this option... right after I had sratched the bumper unloading my bike... :(

    Price was about $31.00

  • coznefxcoznefx Posts: 35
    had my on by day if I could just find the cargo says the damn thing is back-ordered with no ETA. Anybody know where I can find one?
  • reitrofreitrof Posts: 122
    Hi Sporin,

    Just like dsm6 said, right around the open center of the rim which you can see the metal hub. Spray around where the steel rim touches the hub. You don't need much and I let it sit overnight. If not then spray again and let sit for another day.

    Next time I think I will put a little lithium grease on the hub before mounting the steel rims next time.

    Colors. I saw the yellow on the TV ad's and was hesitant till I saw one in person. In NorthEast car colors are pretty boring. I have yet to see another yellow on the road aside from the dealer's demo. After a long day at work just seeing the car gives me a lift. Defintely haven't lost it in the parking lot!
  • meinradmeinrad Posts: 820
    I'm still looking for the tray too. The local dealer has it ordered for me but has given me no idea when it will arrive.
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    Glad I was able to get my cargo tray on delivery; didn't realise it was such a hot item. Well worth it, for those who are waiting. Nice and deep, thick plastic, and easy to pop out for cleaning.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Where the heck have you been? We put out an APB on you about a week ago! Come on back to the Yahoo! group!!!

  • fern88fern88 Posts: 42
    I called Mazda today and the only 2 upgrades they know about are the leather seating and the 'sport auto' which is the auto with a manual gear shifter.
    ETA is mid year :-\
  • Here are pics of my new car. Yeah, it looks like all the rest of the silver P5s but eventually I'll get the windows tinted and think about other mods.


  • sunbyrnesunbyrne Posts: 210
    Very nice pics. I like your comment there, too, about being excited to see it every time. I've had my silver P5 (manual, with sunroof) for seven months now and I still feel that way.
  • mp5freakmp5freak Posts: 51
    A few weeks ago someone ripped off my Mazda badge from the front of my P5. Pissed me off - I would have loved to catch the guy in action...

    Anyway, does anyone know how easy it is to get a new one from the dealer? How much would they charge for that peice of plastic?

    The only consolation is that the front badge is mounted on the plastic front grill. Therefore, when the silver badge was removed, now you see the black plastic outline of the badge. So it looks like a mazda symbol in stealth mode. Kinda like it a bit, but I'd still rather have my silver badge back. I'm just happy they didn't wreck my paint or otherwise damage my car...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Man, that just stinks. Unbelievable.

    Try, they are a wholesaler with pretty good prices. My local dealer charges outrageous prices, a gas cap for my Miata was $28!


  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    It's only about $11 from a US dealer.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    I guess that's one way to tell when your vehicle is "cool."

    Hope they didn't damage your P5 while absconding with your logo.

    Still, nobody better attempt to take my logo.
  • coznefxcoznefx Posts: 35
    Has anybody seen the latest CR? Mazda came in dead last in their annual subscriber survey, averaging 31.5 problems for every 100 vehicles made. By contrast, the average Japanese make has 15 per 100.
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