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Mazda Protege5



  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    There are 3 ways of putting the seat backs down, 2 of which give a flat surface.

    1. Just put the backs forward. This is the easiest, but is not flat.

    2. Remove the rear headrests. Pull up on the seat bottom. It pulls forward and creates a sort of a bolster. Then put the backs forward. This is flat.

    3. The rear seat bottom can also be removed completely. This might or might not require removing the rear headrests depending on where the front seats are set, but also gives a flat surface slightly longer than in 2. because the bolster isn't in the way.

  • dreantedreante Posts: 7
    Just wondering, does anyone know whether the seats can be upgraded to leather? Can the dealer do it? Will it affect the warranty at all? If leather is possible, are there any colors you would recommend for a silver exterior (excluding black, which I don't like)? Price?

    BTW, I'm an owner, not a potential buyer of a Pro5. Thanks.
  • rsparrowrsparrow Posts: 60
    I saw a silver Protege ES at a dealer that had a custom black leather interior... with leather accents on the doors as well. It actually looked quite nice, and I can't imagine a silver car without a black interior myself.... I doubt the dealer will do it though; I'm pretty sure it's not an option. They'll just ship it off to some local outfit that can do those things...
  • phoenixmp5phoenixmp5 Posts: 60
    I'm almost hesitant in asking this question but, is there a trick to removing the luggage rack outside of removing the screws on the top side of the cross bar and prying off the plastic caps?

    The reason why I ask is, I tried to follow the above steps and the caps seemed overly tight and I didn't want to force them... just in case they would break.
  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    The attached is a review of the MP3 from the Globe and Mail of Thursday, June 28.

    Note the second sentence of the second last paragraph. For those of you looking for a bit more than the current P5, it might happen soon. Also, for those of us that have already bought, we are part of the "unexpectedly high sales generated by the P5 in Canada and the U.S. since its late May debut".


  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    Well, I have just completed 1000 kilometres (i.e. the breakin period) on my new P5, and am very happy. I had it out on the highway both last Saturday and today, and I loved the handling. The car just drove very smoothly, and accelerated very nicely. I'm very happy with the car. And now that I am past the breakin period, I am looking forward to trying out the cruise control. (Of course I have to find a stretch of highway that is amenable to cruise; something not too easy to find in the summer around Toronto. Oh well.)

  • exl5exl5 Posts: 8
    I am shopping around for Protégé5 here in Vancouver, BC, and I really have a tough time
    with local dealers. I do not mind negotiating and bargaining, but things are not going smoothly at all. It looks that demand is high and dealers are arrogant.
    First off all, no one of them accepted X-plan pricing. I asked them in few dealerships and I got few stupid answers.
    Has anyone in Vancouver area gotten X-plan pricing? If yes, please say where.
    You mentioned that you had paid 4% over net invoice + $300 for pdi + $25 doc fee and that was around 850 less than sticker price. I am little bit confused here, what is the net invoice price that includes freight, can you be more specific?
    For example, I am looking for an automatic with sunroof and A/C.
    MSRP for this vehicle is $22,600 + $820 F/PDI = $23,420
    According to your information (THANKS!), invoice for this car is $20,977. Obviously the last number is not what you referred to as a "net invoice".
    Anyways, the best offer that I got so far was around $22,800 F/PDI included. That is $620 less than sticker price. It is not so bad, it matches approximately Edmunds TMV price (about 2.5% discount), but your deal was better, obviously.
    Ironically, I got this from a broker and prices at dealers should be better, but all discounts that I got from dealers were some miserable $200 - 400. I expected to get couple hundred dollars more discount from dealers, not less. Who is crazy here?
    BTW does dealer's holdback apply for Canada, too? If yes, that means that dealer's cost for this car is actually 450 less than 20,977, it goes down to $20,525!!!
    I would appreciate if you could clarify some of these things for me. Thanks.
  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    I'd love to clarify if I could, but I have given out all of the numbers that I had. I believe that net invoice includes whatever compulsory charges there are to the dealer. This would include freight (but not PDI since the dealer does the PDI) and might include an advertising charge. This is why net invoice is not just invoice price for the vehicle. But your invoice numbers don't look right. There shouldn't be that much difference between the invoice and MSRP. There is also an invoice price for freight and PDI shown on the APA listing of $731, although as I mentioned before PDI is not actually on the invoice.

    I don't know whether there is holdback here. All I know is that Mazda Canada verified the price I paid (as they do for all X-plan deals) and confirmed it was correct. No one will actually show you an invoice here in Canada, so you can't see it for yourself.

    If the dealers feel that they can get full sticker price or close to it, they can choose not to accept X-plan. I got in quite early, and I don't think they realized the popularity of the car, so they were willing to accept X-plan. Now, according to the Globe and Mail's Wheels section sales of the P5 have been "unexpectedly high", so they don't feel they have to deal.

    Sorry I can't provide more help.

  • iamziamz Posts: 542
    Out of curiosity, what is the appeal of leather upholstery in an automobile. Normally the leather used in cars is of the lowest grade and so treated with dies and chemical sealents to protect it, that it is essentially the same as vinyl.

    In addition, with a sports car, I believe cloth is the best material. When driving a sports car as it is meant to be driven, a cloth fabric will grip your clothing better during hard cornering. Leather will tend to be slippery.
  • phoenixmp5phoenixmp5 Posts: 60
    Well said iamb,

    When my wife and I aught our 4Runner, we got the Limited,so we could get the leather. After two years of sticking to hot seats, I doubt we'll ever get them again.
  • Howdy all,
    I have a hard luck story i thought I'd share with everybody. Last week my salesman called and told me my blue p5 had arrived (weeks ahead of the estimate) and I could pick it up anytime. The next day I ready my old beater of a trade in ('90 323) and load up my girlfriend to make the 1.5 hour trek over to the dealer. I arrive and the sales guy say 'well, good news and bad news. good is that the car is here, exactly as ordered, all cleaned up and beautiful. bad is that we can't get it to start.' I am shocked and express disbelief. He takes us out to the service bay and there it is, beautiful blue, w/the hood up and 5 mechanics crowded around. He tells me they don't have the service manual yet and that they can't understand the diagnostic computers readouts. I express my disbelief more vehemently. He claims there is nothing they can do until they talk to some guy somewhere who won't be back at work until tomorrow. I ask him to try and start it and sure enough there is no spark. We wait around for two hours and eventually go home. I have never really been that disappointed before. I found it hard to speak on the way home.
    He calls the next morning and says they've replaced the central computer with one out of a 2.0litre protege es and will deliver the car to me. Though he wants me to drive it back over next week to have the computer replaced again with a actual P5 unit. I had ordered it with the roof rack (which isn't standard up here) and it shows up with this massive and brutally ugly oem mazda rack. I quickly strip it off and send it back, expressing outrage once again. So now anyway the car seems to run well, we've put 1000km on it over the weekend. What does everyone think of this story? Does it seem like anything odd is going on? And now i want to find a proper P5 rack, so does anyone out there in the US want to sell one? And if not does anyone know the dealer invoice for the rack in canada? Thanks
  • exl5exl5 Posts: 8
    Hi, again!
    What part is wrong with my invoice prices?

    These are the invoice prices that you have posted couple weeks ago:
    Base Manual $18,477
    Base Automatic $19,406
    Sunroof $557
    Air conditioning $929
    Metallic Paint (all colours but red) $85

    I am looking for an automatic $19,406
    Sunroof $557
    Air conditioning $929
    Metallic paint $85
    Total invoice $20,977

    What numbers don't look right?
    So net invoice is
    Net Invoice = $20,977 + X
    Where X is freight and other dealer's compulsory charges as you suggested advertising, etc.
    But the question is, how much is X?
  • lolmanlolman Posts: 10
    I went to a dealer on friday and I decided on a Silver P5 with Auto, ABS, Moonroof the price is 18315 minus the 400 dollar college grad rebate. The dealer told me that the car will arrive the third week of august, the two things that strike me as a little off is that the dealer can't give me the VIN number of the car or guarantee the special financing (which is a big part of my decision to go with Mazda). Anyways, tell me what you think of those two things and if the price seems fair or not.
  • curemecureme Posts: 15
    The dealer called me on Friday and said my Yellow P5 had arrived a month early. I trekked out to Cathedral City, CA (about 120 miles) and picked it up. The car is fully loaded and absolutely awesome. I love the color. The dealer (Imports of the Desert) sold it for $500 under MSRP which isn't bad given that my local dealer had a yellow one and wanted $5000 over MSRP. He said there are only going to be 500 yellow ones in the U.S. so they will be going for premiums. Is there any truth to this?
  • kosikosi Posts: 9
    I live in Houston, TX and my local dealer wanted $2,000 over sticker price for the yellow Protege5. Sounds like a little too much for me.
  • bluong1bluong1 Posts: 1,927
    Tuan Tran (your name sounds very vietnamese),

    I live in Houston too. I got my yellow P5 (I love this color, no wonder why most of the Mazda webpages have the yellow in their photo gallery) 2 weeks ago with following (unofficial Mazda) options:
    1) Aftermarket alloy rims,
    2) extra body wax coating,
    3) wind deflector (with moonroof)
    4) tinded glasses,
    for $800 above the sticker price. Option 1) and 2) are for personal look, and options 3) and 4) are useful (minimize wind noise and texan heat). Several dealers proposed me the yellow one for $1200 above the sticker price, and that was before any price negotiation.

  • mckaguemckague Posts: 24
    I drove past a local dealer who had a (blue) p5 on the lot. I asked if I could take it for a test drive. A sales person explained that it couldn't go out because it wouldn't start due to a faulty alarm system. The fix, according to this sales person, was to replace the chip from the computer control module. The new chip hadn't come in yet, so the car wasn't up and running yet. Perhaps you have the same or a similar problem. I understand your frustration. If you could keep us updated on the progress of the fix, i.e. whether or not the problem goes away with the installation of a new p5 chip, that might be helpful to others with the same problem. How do you like the car, otherwise?
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    tell the dealer to take a hike. They can't guarantee the financing? Why? They should have your credit report almost instantly.
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    I am sorry to hear about your troubles. Unfortunately, this is something that is all too common with new vehicles. That dealership should NOT have called you until that vehicle had been through its full Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). That is extremely bad business on their part. You can't calla customer and tell them their car is ready just because you see it pull up on the transport. In general, about 20% of those vehicles on the transport are missing parts (antennas, hubcaps, center caps, floor mats, etc.) or have some type of damage (generally very minor scratches that require a good buffing) or have some type of mechanical problem (usually a Check Engine light or factory alarm problems). I know. I was the lot/inventory manager for a major Mazda/Dodge/Pontiac dealership. It happens across all makes and models. It is just part of a brand new vehicle and the many months it takes from being built to actually arriving at the dealership.

    It sounds like mckague could be right. Alarm systems, in general, give the owners more grief than thieves. I have had one alarm in my life and I absolutely refuse to have one again! Factory alarms are better than aftermarket alarms, in general, but they still have their pains. Particularly these new ones that are wired into the car's ignition and fuel systems. If the alarm goes haywire, it cuts off any reasonable method to start your car. I'm sorry, but I would rather have my car stolen than it not start for me and then always worry that it won't start!

    I would write the dealership's General Manager and Owner. You should be able to get their names from the receptionist. Tell them about your long drive to the dealership and how you should have not been called in to pick up the vehicle before it was actually ready to go. If the dealership is worth anything, you should be able to get something out of it. As for the roof rack... did you get one that wasn't made for the P5? Did it come installed? Otherwise, good luck with your new P5 and zoom zoom!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    "I was the lot/inventory manager for a major Mazda/Dodge/Pontiac dealership."

    What was the name of that dealer?

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