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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    One dealership in my area was offering zero percent financing while none of the others were. This same dealership had the lowest invoice price too. Unfortunately, when I got into the final number crunch, they were only offering zero percent financing on the MSRP, not the invoice price. It would have cost me over $3000 just to get zero percent financing. Dealerships are using this to entice people to come to them. When Toyota is not giving it across the board to all dealerships, then I'd be a bit concerned and check it out! Perhaps Toyota will be offering this to all. That would be wonderful.. . .
  • Superior negotiating skills :)

    Most of the Highlanders I've seen in Atlanta don't have the 3rd seat. I believe when you use the "build your own" option on the Toyota dealer site you can choose 3rd row delete as an option.

    Honestly I wouldn't mind having the 3rd row seat but in reality it would probably only be used a couple of times a year.
  • how did you get them to delete the third row? the dealership by me said that was not optional and standard on all trim levels. I would love to get rid of that since i think third row seating is a gimmick in these types of vehicles. I've only been to one Toyota dealership by me and they seem very cocky regarding their product and not willing to negotiate on anything.
  • It looks like a regional thing...i if i configure it using my zip code in ny i don't have that option and if i use atlanta's it shows up as an option....that's just wrong. anyway, that's got to be con for the higlander for me. i'd rather save the money and get rid of that option.
  • I bought my HLL at Longo Toyota in El Monte CA. The salesman (VS) was very nice and pretty honest. I went to other Toyota dealers where they lie about their inventory or about their costs. I would definitely consider buying a car again from them in the future. Hope the info. is helpful.
  • I think the Highlander drives more like a car than a truck SUV. I've driven a Nissan Pathfinder and Lexus GX470 both of which felt a bit bigger. The HL isn't as heavy, so it stops much easier (quicker deceleration). It has better turning radius. The acceleration isn't as strong as my big V8 was, but the gas mileage is much better. I was having serious big SUV withdrawals for a couple weeks, but now I love my HL. I think the visibility is much better than in the other crossover SUV's I test drove which was a big plus for me.
  • As I read through the various posts relating to "New Car Pricing", the one thing that seems to be missing is "Car Buying Education". You have one of the best sources here on this site; namely, "Confessions of a Car Salesman" in the "Tips and Advice" section. Read this and you will be surprised at what transpires. You also will get some excellent advice on buying your car.
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    The WSJ article has been corrected -- they took out the part about 0% financing on Highlander.
  • Does anyone know where I can get the best deal on a 2008 Limited Hybrid Highlander in Southern California area? I am ready to buy now, but not sure which dealer has the best selection and price. Help!
  • Interesting. I emailed Mr. Welsh, the writer of the article, a few days ago to find out where he got his info for that and he was kind enough to email me back.

    It does say financing as low as 0%, but i'm glad the correction was made. I have a pretty good credit score...well over 800 and i'm wondering if the finance rate is something i can negotiate. I've given myself about 3 months before I pull the trigger on something, so hopfully prices on the Highlander or Murano become more reasonable.
  • rap4rap4 Posts: 1
    Guys, I am looking to buy 2008 Highlander, all wheel,leather with Navigation the MSRP is 39000, How much should I pay for this.
    Also does anyone know the diff between the driving experience of SPORT vs limited.
    Appreciate if you guys can help me with insights. I have a local dealer who has 500 miles on the car, is that common. I do not want to end with a demo car type of situation. The dealer told me this car has moved from 2 dealer location and hence has mileage.Is that common?
  • What part of the US are you in that you found 0%.
  • I've searched most of Orange County and found that Longo Toyota in El Monte had the biggest selection. It is a huge dealership. If you do your homework you can definitely get a decent price here. They beat any other offer I received in person or on line. Vic was an excellent and knowledgeable person to deal with. Come back and post if you end up buying from Longo and how your experience was.
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    A lot of dealers will offer finance rates lower than the manufacturer's current rate, however the difference is subsidized by the dealership i.e. it reduces their profit on the sale. Which means they are not likely to offer as low a price on the vehicle as they would if you took the manufacturer rate or arranged your own financing.

    The manufacturer subsidized rates change monthly, and with interest rates falling in general and the sluggishness of the economy, it's certainly possible that TFS may offer 0% financing on Highlander in the near future. No guarantees of course.
  • brian62brian62 Posts: 30
    I opted for the Limited. I am not sure about the driving difference, but if you are going to get a Sport with Leather, your are at nearly the same price as the Limited and the Limited has additional features not available on the Sport, namely the SMART key. If you don't know about the SMART key, go check it out at the dealer, I will NEVER own another car without it!
    My 2WD Limited with Nav and another 1400 or so in options had MSRP of 37,584, I paid 33,800 + TTL and $369 doc fee. AWD adds about $1500.
  • tiwandatiwanda Posts: 1
    Brian can you share your dealership's name? I am hoping to purchase today or tomorrow and I would drive anywhere in SoCal for such a deal. Thanks in advance.
  • jimb08jimb08 Posts: 3
    I am looking for the best price on a Highlander LTD FWD with DVD, heated seats, and tow pkg in the San Antonio area. I want to be at $34k or so out the door including taxes (my trade will reduce taxes to about $900). So I guess I really want a price around $32.5k. That is like $4200 off MSRP. Tough deal but may be possible at the right place. Let me know if you have any ideas on which dealership might be the best to approach. I have never paid more than invoice for a vehicle but then again I've never bought a Toyota.

  • Bought a FULLY Loaded Highlander Limited 4X4 from Toyota of Riverside. I paid $800 over invoice. The Toyota Dealer in Moreno Valley was willing to give us a low price too, but Riverside got the truck in the color we wanted first. Ours is not a Hybrid, but the fleet manager said he would give us a better deal on a Hybrid. Go straight to the fleet manager.
  • congrats! enjoy your new suv!
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