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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dakineguydakineguy Posts: 46

    did you buy the Highlander LTD w/ Nav and other options for $35,000 OTD? Tell me which dealer offered you that deal? I am looking for the same in Southern Cal and ready to pull the trigger. Please provide dealer details and sales rep too.

  • jilin74jilin74 Posts: 24
    Hi Montalvo,

    I actually paid 33732 as selling price. After my research on, a Highlander limited with the options: power backdoor, rear auto ac, heated seats, jbl 6 cd changer/bluetooth, spoiler, tow prep package, moonroof, roofrack, the invoice is 33885. Mine also has carpet floor mats and crossbars. These two will cost around 4 - 500 dollars. I am not sure how you got the figure that 33500 is already 400 above invoice. I think you got a really good deal.

    By the way, the invoice here i mentioned included destination charge. Also, since I am using the manufacturer's low APR financing, I did not profit from the 1000 dollars cash rebate.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    Hi jilin74,

    Did you get the Sport or Limited? What options and accessories did you get? I'm in MA too. Which dealer did you go to? Friend of mine just got a good deal on his '09 Corolla from Copeland Toyota in Brockton. And I am planning to there. I will probably try Expressway Toyota. I bought my Camry there. Thanks.
  • jilin74jilin74 Posts: 24
    Hi lok888,

    My highlander is the limited trim. With the following options:

    -rear auto ac
    -jbl 6 speakers + bluetooth handfree calling
    -heated seats
    -powered backdoor
    -tow prep package
    -rear spoiler
    -carpeted floor mats

    I bought mine at Boch toyota in Norwood. Before I went, I emailed a bunch of dealers and they gave me the lowest quote (which is about 1200 under the costco buying program price). When I went in, they did honor the price and I also got the 2.9% apr financing from Toyota.

    I read some bad reviews online about Boch Toyota, but my personal experience was not bad. Guess it is worth a try to see whether you can get a good deal from them.
  • 2002champs2002champs Posts: 11
    By all accounts, every manufacturer model that is an SUV is experiencing significant and dramatic price declines across the country. Apparently, $4.50 a gallon was the trigger point for the change in buyer mentality. So people in the market now for the non-hybrid Highlander should drive a very hard bargain (like well below invoice) or continue to wait for a better deal in a month's time when the dealers are desparate to dump the 2008 models. And if you buy one, be prepared to have a quick decline in resale value. If you are planning to be a long-term owner, no big deal. But this market shift will have long-term ramifications for SUVs.
  • rs14rs14 Posts: 1
    Sorry am new at this. how do I figure out how much to pay for a 2006 highlander 2 wheel drive sport model- it is still at dealership and never been sold. How do i figure what is a good price. in california zip 93436.
    Do I go by TMV- any help appreciated.
    sooryy if wrong place to post.
  • montalvomontalvo Posts: 52
    rs14, first line up your numbers: TMV and invoice price from edmunds and a price quote pulled from the website at If you're a Costco member, you can get a price quote from a dealer through their Auto Program, although in my case, their price was $1,000 higher than CarsDirect. Armed with these numbers, visit your dealer and tell him what you're prepared to pay to buy the car he has sitting on his lot. This is where judgment comes in, balancing all the numbers against a) what you can afford and b) what you're willing to pay to get the car you want.

    Waiting until the end of the month will help you drive a better bargain. And, as was stated, the pressure will continue to increase as we get closer to the end of the model year. But by waiting, you run the risk that the car that you've found and like may get sold.

    If financing and/or a trade-in is involved, that complicates matters because dealers may give you a deal on the car, knowing they can stick it to you on financing/trade-in or vice versa. You have to be able to roll everything together to calculate the total cost of purchase and that's something that many people can't do correctly, especially the financing part, because they don't fully understand the "time value of money" concept (e.g., $6,000 is worth way more than five years of $100/month payments but many people would erroneously insist that they're equivalent).

    Good luck!
  • montalvomontalvo Posts: 52
    jiln74, I was surprised to see you mention $1,000 cash rebate. It's $750 here. And yes, I think my calculation of invoice price was incorrect. In any case, I've got my car and will try not to beat myself up as the prices decline when the 2009's arrive. Hey, it's only money!
  • jilin74jilin74 Posts: 24
    Montalvo, that is interesting. So the cash rebate is only $750 in CA. I thought the $750 was a coupon from, and wanted to ask you how I can get one of those for our next car. :)

    The cash rebate is 1000 dollars in MA, guess it varies region by region depending how many cars they still have left?

    No matter what, I am really enjoying my new ride. (took a road trip to Maine last weekend and loving it). I am sure you are enjoying it as well. That is what is important, right? :)
  • montalvomontalvo Posts: 52
    Yep, sure seems like a great car and I'm immersed in trying to get my arms around all of the features and gadgets. CA has a new law banning hand-held cell phone use that starts soon so I'm trying to get all my phone numbers listed via Bluetooth.

    BTW, my wife and I are attending a wedding in Boston next month and will be spending three nights in Kennebunkport, intending to see the Maine coast. Any places, restaurants, etc. there that you particularly like and/or suggest we check out?
  • jilin74jilin74 Posts: 24
    Can't say that we are that familiar with Maine. We drove to Portland, Maine. It is a nice, charming little town, very European looking, with many red-brick buildings. We had lobster at the water-front, a place called DeMillo's. It was nice, a little touristy, but nice. Many other restaurants serve lobsters on paper plates, which just does not give you the right feeling if you want a romantic dinner. :)

    Portland also has a very nice trail along the waterfront. Make a pretty good walk on a sunny summer day.

    But we have never been to Kennebunkport. So cannot give you much info on that place. Sorry. :(
  • montalvomontalvo Posts: 52
    Well, thanks for the info on Portland just the same, since I think we'll be driving up there.

    This afternoon, I noticed that I didn't have a tonneau cover and thought, "Jeez, as loaded as this car was, I should've gotten a tonneau cover!" I called the CarsDirect guy who informed me that it was stowed under the back floor. My 2000 Lexus RX300 had no such place for storage. This really is a cool car!

    Happy driving!
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    That sounds like great deal. I assume you have leather since you only mentioned heated seats. Friend of mine got a Limited AWD with everything you have plus Nav. and rear DVD player for almost $38K last fall from Weymouth Toyota.
  • jilin74jilin74 Posts: 24

    The limited trim all comes in leather.

    I also emailed Weymouth Toyota and their quote was about 800 dollars higher than Boch's.
  • I'm having a bear of time working a deal on a new Highlander and would like to run my deal past you guys and see what you think. Here's the car I'm trying to get:

    Highlander FWD Limited


    Power back door
    JBL premium stereo upgrade
    Heated front seats
    Special color
    Auto rear AC

    Options not listed on Edmunds with sticker prices:

    XM sat radio $449
    Park Pilot, rear parking sensors $399
    Mud Guards $179
    Carpeted mats $275
    Vehicle shield (sealant, scotch guard, etc.) $349

    Dealers best price, which includes the $750 rebate is $33,987 and a selling price of 34,181 out the door. The selling price is close to the out the door price due to $750 equity for trade-in which pretty much covers those expenses.

    Edmunds invoice price with options, minus the options not listed on the site is $31,755 and the $750 rebate brings the price to $31.005. The dealer gave me an invoice showing the total additional options to be $1651 list and 1111.50 invoice. So the total invoice minus the $750 cash back would be 32116.50.

    $33,987 - $32,116 = $1871 over invoice price with the rebate included.

    Am I doing something wrong here? Is there something I'm not calculating right? I just can't believe I can't him to do better than this. BTW, my trade-in is a immaculate 2006 BMW-325i and edmunds list the trade-n value at $24,700 and they offered me $23,000 and said that was the best offer they could get.

    Anyhow, I was only looking to get the car paid off so it's just a plus in the whole equation. Is this out the door price way out of line?

    Please help.

  • jilin74jilin74 Posts: 24
    Are you sure that there is no moonroof and rear spoiler? Those usually come with the package such as power back door , jbl audio, etc. That will increase the invoice price.

    I am a little confused by your selling price and out of door prices.

    Also, do you still need parking sensor when you have the built-in backup camera?
  • newwhipnewwhip Posts: 4
    I am looking at an 08 limited 4x4 with nav, sunroof, bluetooth and heated seats. and a few other little things
    I'm in PA.
    mspr $40,264
    they offer it to me at $36,100

    I can't get the $750 cash back because I want the 4.9% for 60 months.

    Does this seem reasonable or is it still high?
  • Hi Ocautoseeker,

    In one of your earlier thread, you had mentioned about knowing a fleet manager in bay area. I live in bay area so wondering if you can give me his/her contact information. I'm looking for 2008 limited FWD highlanders with DVD/Nav option.

  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    This deal is very good. I just got basically the same vehicle with special paint and the dealer installing Sirius radio for 36700, so your 36100.

    Make sure to ask what their financing rate would be for 60 months if you took the cash back. If the difference between that and the 4.9% is less than $750 over the loan term, you're better off with the cash back. But, my guess would be you're better off with the 4.9 on that long of a term.

  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    You bet! E-mail me at and I'll give you his contact 411.
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