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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just picked up my 2009 4WD Highlander limited today and turned down all service/maintenance contracts which run as high as $3000.00 plus. Any opinions on these when you sit down way down the hall with the finance guy who has a sheet all ready for you with your name on it. First ? from him was how long do you keep your vehicles. He asked me if the problem was price-said yes-then gave me a "deal" which I also rejected.
  • $27,700 was what I was quoted with:

    Blizzard Pearl
    8-way power driver
    cold weather
    tow package
    extra value package 2

    on a base model V6--

    Said it was invoice but then included: dealer holdback charge of $500, floor mats, de-icer, finance reserve charge of $250-something, and a charge called TDA for like $500--are these charges BS?? Edmunds only figures $800 destination fee.

  • YES, those additional charges ARE BS!

    See the Message No. 3888 (follow the link below) for a detailed price from my FAILED ATTEMPT to purchase a 2009 Toyota Highlander Limited.

    steven1357, "Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience" #3888, 7 Jul 2009 1:00 pm

    Or, just simply go to Message No. 3888
  • I finally decided to take the plunge. I settled on the 2009 Highlander - one of only a couple available. It was the color (grey) that I wanted and included the navigation (not a priority). In the end it is a 2009 Limited Highlander AWD, options pkg 8 with tow package and rear spoiler. The only thing missing is the DVD rear entertainment system. MSRP came out to about $39100 - with invoice coming out to about $35500. I paid $36500 about $1000 over invoice. I am sure others probably got a better deal but in the end I am content with the outcome and the experience was great. The 2.9% financing was a nice little perk as well.
  • Nuclus66,

    Did you get this at the initial price quoted by the dealer? Or were you able to get the dealer to agree to a lower price than what they initially quoted?
  • zelduhzelduh Posts: 8
    Well you got a better deal than I was getting so I did not take that plunge yet. (this was on Monday night)

    They would not go below $35200 for a LTD but WITHOUT the navigation...So they did not get my money. (MSRP approx 38300.

    Another dealer would not go below $35 either so I didn't bite.

    Be happy with your car...Sounds like you got the best of what they were offering at this time.

    I am not sure if I am going to continue or not...I am wavering on the RAV4 -only b/c I may not be in the US for a long time....and to resell I am not sure if I can unload it quicker...but I do love the highlander..I have been driving it for a year as a rental (friend in business-was a base model) but now I will be here longer I will buy something....

    Let's see how they treat me in the next week or so...

    I am tempted to wait for that 2010 and just not get all the bells and whistles.

    BTW...I am sure your price was $35.5 plus tax and title right? Was the desitnation charge included??
  • I got the information on all the cars available in the area (only three dealerships in area had any left). They all pretty much had the MSRP listed the same. About 5 of the AWD limited were listed at $38200 with option package #7 and tow package - I have a small ski boat. I did the Edmund's TMV and determined that a fair price would be $35600 for this car - or about $1000.00 over invoice. The manager and I talked about the fact that they did not have the exact car I was looking for - but I asked him what he would want for the grey one in stock. He came back and presented me with a quote - it came in at $37200. We talked about a variety of things including how much one should pay for a navigation system that according to several was considered pretty poor (lots of complaints), he agreed that it did have some issues. The MSRP on the navigation was about $1500.00. I offered him my researched $35600 plus offered to split the MSRP cost of the navigation - I offered $36300. He came back with $36500 and I jumped on it - in essences $1000.00 below invoice - essentially my original plan but with navigation. If others reading this are doing exact research my car also came with floor mats and cross bars included in the $36500 price.
  • Wrong wording in my last post - I paid $1000.00 over invoice for my car. I paid $36500 for the car plus $3950 for tax and license (we have 9.5% tax rate).
  • edkakedkak Posts: 6
    Will it be better to get a 2009 or a 2010 Highlander?
    Where are the 2010 Highlanders being made?
  • Our local dealer still has a new 2008 Highlander Sport Demo model that has 4900 miles on it. I offered $22,000 on the spot, knowing that was super low. The MSRP is $36k, it has fabric seats, JBL w/ bluetooth, moonroof, and 3rd row seating. But it's now 2 years old, it is a demo, and it has 4900 miles on it. So what do you think a reasonable offer would be? Is $24k still way too low?
  • zelduhzelduh Posts: 8
    My last shot before just waiting but I want to know thoughts asap. I may go in today.

    I was able to get the dealer to $700 above invoice for a 4CYL FWD Blizzard Pearl with some upgrades....We are in Delaware area so not lots of snow and ice but the mileage is what I love..It says 21-27 and I thought it drove really well.....even par with the RAV4 v6..Still quiet..

    We don't get too much snow areound here..but wanted to know thoughts on resell if I have to.

    I jsut don't want to spend the $30k plus for the much as I love this car I may not hold onto it super super long due to geographic changes in the next couple of years.....Alternatively, I drove the RAV4 V6..and for just about the same price (for the 10 RAV) I can get my highlander with good mileage...

    ANy thoughts? Everyone in the NE area always says gets 4wd...but really how many times do you use pay that extra..

    Would love an answer asap..would love to maybe do the deal today if I get feedback about those issues..

    PS...from my reading on the v6 RAV people like it but really their gas milage is not as much as they thought it would be...That is why I am comparing...

    Thank you all..
  • sbuhlersbuhler Posts: 93
    From what I noticed with Demos is that they still don't want to loose much money on the deal. Many times they just wait for the right buyer that wants that exact model and will pay a little of a premium on it. If the MSRP is 36K (not inflated dealer MSRP), I still doubt you will be able to get it much under 27-29K (Invoice - any money they have on it - some for the miles) if it has never been titled before.
  • Thanks sbuhler :) I am going to try to negotiate with them and see. The salesperson was mumbling that it would at least need to be another $2-3k, he thought, for it to be reasonable. But that was with an offer of $22k on the table. So...I am going to give it a good effort, prob would pay up to $25k on this '08, but don't want to pay close to invoice. I know there are some dealers where I live that will pretty much sell at or very close to invoice, even if you have to order a car. So if this does not turn out to be a geniunely good deal then I will wait and order one prob the end of December. I'll let you guys know how I make out!
  • Hello All,

    I'm considering buying a 2009 Base model Highlander. There are a few things that are confusing me while researching standard & optional features:

    1) The 2009 brochure shows fabric 3rd-row seating as standard on the Base. Also Edmunds shows it as standard, with an available credit to delete it. However, the factory MSRP window sticker on all Base units on my dealer's lot include a $740 charge to include the 3rd-row seat (Option code TH). Does anybody know which is correct?

    2) Some Base models on my dealer's lot have a leather-wrapped steering wheel, while others do not. According to the Toyota brochure and car buying websites, a leather-wrapped wheel is not even an option on the Base model (even as part of a package). A person at the Toyota 1-800 # is under the same impression. Has anybody noticed this, or know which package needs ordered to get a leather wheel? Since I may upgrade to after-market leather, I'd like the wheel to match. Local upholstery shops don't want to mess with leathering the steering wheel.

  • Looks like 2010s are starting to come in - has anyone gotten any prices from dealerships?
  • marc52marc52 Posts: 17
    Just bought the same color car in a Limited.
    Navigation, special color, sport spoiler, tow package, cargo mats, carpet mats and cargo mat.
    List Price... 38,333 after 1500.00 Extra Value Package Discount includes destination.
    Paid 33,300 plus plates and tax 2565,,,35,865
    Love the car,,,, Will take some time to learn the Navigation.
  • Here's the deal offered to order a new
    2010 Highlander Sport
    4X4, Black, Black Cloth Seats, Back-up camera, Bluetooth, rear climate controls, powered driver seat, sun roof, 6-disc JBL system with Sub.

    First Offer -
    $35,330 - List
    $5,000 - Trade-in
    $30,330 - Difference
    $2,450 - T&T&L
    $32,780 - FINAL OTD
    $609 monthly 3.9%

    Second Offer -
    $33,155 - 3% over invoice
    $5,500 - Trade-in
    $27,655 - Difference
    $2,257 - T&T&L
    $29,912 - FINAL OTD
    $555 monthly 3.9%

    Did not accept either offer. The dealership was helpful and knowledgeable, good starting point.
  • $ 2,175 below MSRP - Huh !!

    Is that as good as they all are going to go?
    Then, they may not sell many 2010s.

    3% above invoice is 3% above their made up invoice and not 3% above their actual cost.

    When did they say you could expect to get this 2010 Highlander?
    Also, what city are you in?
  • Naperville, IL.
    They said by the end of the month they will be coming in.
  • zelduhzelduh Posts: 8
    Me..Forget the Rav 4...Still wavering (waiting for the Highlander). Waiting for these fool people to come to their senses.

    While they waste their time messing with us on these prices- I have found one I was really surprised by and now may go down a road....

    Has anyone here looked at the SUBURU OUTBACK? I know this is a Highlander forum and I love the hlander and is this close to getting one...but they caused me to at least look elsewhere and for the money...a decent car....

    WHat I can get is still lower than any BS they are feeding me at Toyota...SUburu has great resell value; very close in specs to highlander, (Except storage/cargo is obviously bigger and 3rd row).but honestly, I am going to consider it..

    These prices are crazy..and I cannot wait much longer (for toyota).
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