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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Price is OTD price includes tax, title, registration etc..
  • yes its the OTD price
  • mc98mc98 Posts: 4
    that is a very good price. what state are you in? Best price I can get here in Ca is $34,623 plus fees which would be about $38k
    how did you manage getting the price??
  • I'm getting quoted fairly consistently over the phone and on email at around $3,000 below MSRP on 2009 Highlander LTDs. Does this sound right? Has anyone had trouble with dealers honoring those email quotes when they show up at the dealership (i.e. bait and switch or additional fees). My plan is to require a faxed quote with OTD taxes and fees. Any advice appreciated...
  • According to the article linked to below, the 2010 Highlanders are now being built (Link is Courtesy of Message # 51 in the 2010 Highlander Release Date thread).

    link title

    Since the 1st year depriciation loss on a 2009 Highlander once the 2010s come out is approx $ 9,000, you may want to consider waiting for the 2010s. Of course, the longer you plan to keep that 2009, the lower the "average" yearly depreciation loss is.
    IMHO, phone & E-Mail "quotes" by dealers don't mean a thing.
    I would get a very specific price on a very specific vehicle so that you will know for sure what options and packages you are actually getting. You could do that by fax or E-Mail, but the final proof as to whether you will in fact get the vehicle you want for the price you want to pay is to then go down to the dealer in person.
  • Wilde Toyota near Milwaukee is selling '09 Base V6 FWD models for $26867 plus $119 doc fee (plus any sales tax/title) with the EV Pkg #2, Pwr Driver Seat, Tow Pkg & Cold Weather Pkg.

    I just bought the same from Hudson Toyota in Madisonville, KY for $27150 + $150 doc fee (before tax/title) with more stuff than Wilde's had, They even drove 180 miles to get it! It was white ($200 extra cost) plus had crossbars and floor mats, in addition to EV Pkg #2, Pwr Driver Seat, Tow Pkg & Cold Weather Pkg. I was very happy with this deal since they were only 50 miles away from me.

    BTW: does anybody have an 09 Base V6 with leather steering wheel? Half of them on my dealers lot have leather wrap wheel even though Toyota insists it's NOT an option on Base Model. What's the best aftermarket leather wheel cover (Wheelskins?) The reason I'm curious is because I may convert the upholstery to leather and would like the steering wheel to match. Most upholstery shops won't touch the steering wheel.

  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 31
    I am on 22172 zipcode, and dealer quoted me $34,698.73 for 2009 Toyota Highlander: Highlander 4x4 V6 Limited

    I know this is not a very good price. but can someone please suggest what is the best price I get get for this model?

  • It's not as low as I had hoped but we are thinking to take the price. This is 4 cyl base, with 3rd row, package2 and 8way power seat etc. Price is before TTL. Comments welcome. This is the lowest price I can find.
  • Not sure if this will help you any since this car has a V6 and not 4Cy

    1. 2009 Toyota Highlander Base V6 w/ 3rd row seating
    2. MSRP $30,539
    3. Invoice ~$28,052 (from truecar)
    4. Paid $28,000 OTD
    5. This was a lot special - Base + $2,144 ($1,694 truecar) options (7% tax)

    tow prep package, pack #2, 6 disc, power seats, carpets and premium color
  • That's an excellent price!! I am in New Orleans and none of the dealers here would go that low. Maybe we haven't tried hard enough??
  • Could you explain what Truecar is.
    I assume it is a car buying service?

    Also, please list the city & state & dealer name.

  • is a place where you can get the price of a car with all options like Edmunds. It breaks it down to a bell shape graph that gives you an idea of what most people are paying, sticker price of the car with options, dealer invoice and the bottom of the barrel price with all dealer hold backs.

    I'm from Tampa, FL

    Go through the internet sales department. When I went and tried a saleman, I got 29000 OTD. The internet department was able to get me to 28000. Never be afraid to walk away.
  • Now that the 2010s are entering showrooms, does anybody know when Edmunds/KBB update their listings? I'm mostly curious about when the used 2008 models might drop in value due to the new model year.

    I see certified used 2008 HiHy Limiteds being pushed at $40K which just seems crazy!
  • ny_ny_ Posts: 4
    I negotiated a decent price for a 2009 Base over the phone and ended up giving them a credit card for a $500 deposit. I plan on paying with cash.

    Atter reading this, I wondering if I should have waited until November when there are new it likely that there will be a $ off incentive for 2009 (instead of just financing as there is now)?

    Can I just hold off on picking it up and see what happens? Will I automatically be entitled to the new incentive at the price I negotiated?
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 31

    What is the final price you guys agreed on? what model? I guess its NYC, correct?
  • im being offered $28,140 with ny tax OTD at $ that good??
  • xetownxetown Posts: 10
    Sent you an email. Interested in a group buy as well.
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 31
    I am also interested in group buy, what to do? someone make group and email us?
  • xetownxetown Posts: 10
    email me.. x e t o w n a t h o t m a i l d o t c o m
  • tl_stl_s Posts: 13
    anyone still interested in group buy, please contact me and see if i can put something together.
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