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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • MSRP was 32,500
    invoice was 29,400
    I got it for 28,800 (before taxes and the rest)
  • Settled down for a 2010 highlander limited 4 X 2 on thanksgiving day
    package#8 with 10.2" Overhead DVD player

    On Road Price = 38,000 USD

    Thanks for the help I got form this site which helped a lot during negotiations
    I am from Houston,TX area!

    What do you think of this deal???...Feel free to let me know!
  • Settled down for a 2010 highlander limited Edition 4 X 2 on thanksgiving day
    Color:-Waveline Pearl
    package#8 with 10.2" Overhead DVD player

    On Road Price = 38,000 USD

    Thanks for the help I got form this site which helped a lot during negotiations
    I am from Houston,TX area!

    What do you think of this deal???...Feel free to let me know!
  • You go to:
    Long Island is Sunrise Toyota. You have to go through the web site to get an authorization code sent to them.. You can not get the costco pricing from them without this.
  • I just wanted everyone to beware of unethical dealers. I went down to Philadelphia to get my highlander that I had a written (e-mailed) offer of $34,853 for. Four other dealers had agreed to match the price, but we felt that since we had dealt with this dealer first, we'd buy it from him. We had our checkbook, all our paperwork and when we sat down to write the check he asked for $350.00 more. He said that management felt they wouldn't be able to make a profit at the price they had originally offered us. Before he exploded this bomb over us, he showed us our soon to be new car, all glossy and clean. We were furious and walked out. This was on November 27th. I called the second dealer and the next day bought my car at that dealer, Gault Toyota in Binghamton, NY for the agreed upon $34,853. Stay away from Sloan Toyota in Glen Side, PA. They are unethical. I bought a '10 Highlander Ltd with Pkg #7. MSRP $38,040, purchase price $34,853.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Sounds like your 1st salesman offered you the price without getting it approved from his/her superiors. You were right to walk !
  • got a highlander 2010 base model with few extra options for $26000 and 0%/ 36 months , msrp was 27789 ,,,, believe this was a good deal ?
  • thanks for the link, got invoice price of 36400 includes the following: 2010 HL Limited 4x4 with EVP #8 + rear spoiler + tow package + 800 dest + 500 TDA + 700 dlr holdback + 350 financial reserve Anybody has thoughts on how good this deal is?
  • MSRP: 46400
    Invoice: 42485
    Offer: 43985
    Its about 3.5% or 1500 abv inovice.

    Is this a good deal??

    What shoud I expect for the RV in CA for 12k/36mo?

  • edl3edl3 Posts: 2
    Spent all of BF following up emails to every Toyota dealer in the SF Bay Area. Ended up getting it for invoice @ $36,447 including EVP2, carpet mats, manual rear AC and cross bars. Had to walk away from several dealers who wouldn't go any lower so I feel pretty good about it considering I needed it immediately and the local inventory was very low. (They seemed to have lots of Limiteds though!)

    BTW - Sadly Toyota of Marin is lost to me due to the fleet manager being a jerk and not only *not* going down less than $200 to make the sale but trying to guilt me into patronizing them since they're "such a great business in our community." (You know who you are!!) I ended up saving over $300 under his best price *and* getting the cross bars thrown in from another dealer half an hour away.
  • I am in the bay area as well. Would you mind sharing the dealer info? Thanks,
  • edl3edl3 Posts: 2
    Hansel Toyota in Petaluma. I used Edmunds to get quotes from multiple dealers. I liked the guy there and at SF Toyota best. Another guy in Vacaville was responsive and competitive as well; he was on the back burner if I didn't get my deal closer.
  • Was it a Limited? I am looking for a 10 HL limited extra value package number 2 (or aka as package number 8)
  • cain5cain5 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2010 Higlander Base V6 AWD. It had the following options: EH,PE,DJ,TO,CT,SR, and EVP#2. Bought the car for $ 30,200 this includes the $ 800 destination fee from Penn Toyota on Long Island. I hope this helps.
  • Are you able to see out the rear view mirror with the DVD player down? My dealer will install a 7" or 9" DVD, and I'm not sure which way to go.

    Also, do you have XM radio installed, curious to know what the XM display looks like on the Navigation screen.

    Looks like you got a great price. I'm in the Carolinas, have not purchased yet.
  • bell6bell6 Posts: 2
    Hi friends, Got new Highlander base V6 FWD with following options SR/QB/PE/CT/FE/EH, black in color. Paid $27,100 + tax and fees, This is in Orang county CA.

    Out of the door cost me $30,400. MSRP $30510

    Is this a good deal?

  • $ 3,410 off of MSRP for a base Highlander sounds good to me.

    But, you did pay $ 3,300 of TT&L and "fees"

    Depending on how much those "fees" were, it still might be a good deal.

    Did the dealer / salesman give any indication as to why they gave you that amount off of the MSRP?
  • bell6bell6 Posts: 2
    Here is the exact break up
    27100+ 55(document fees)+ 2399 Taxes (8.75%) + DMV fees+ 30(DMV filing) + 245 (Guardian lock) + 314 (reg) + 88 (title transfer) + 7

    30238 + full tank gass.

    I asked for $26800, dealer came back with $27999, but eventually worked out for $27100.
    The car had about 50 miles on it, may be it was there at their lot for long or either they got it from another dealer.

    I guess the trend is about a couple of hundered $ below invoice.
  • mbclkmbclk Posts: 6
    I think it's a good deal. can you email ( me the name of the salesman and the dealership... I too live in O.C. looking for V6 highlander.

  • Hello All,

    Looking to help my brother-in-law purchase a Highlander Limited with value package #8 in the Houston area. Anyone have any suggestion on a specific dealer to work with or even avoid?


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