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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I don't even know what EV8 is.

    An hour ago I picked up a Limited that I'd put a $300 deposit on the day after Christmas. It pretty much has everything except the rear entertainment system. The ordering process involves detailed written descriptions that are signed. They showed me the stock number and specs on the screen, but no VIN was available so it probably hadn't been built for all I know. I tried to give them $100 cash, but they requested $300. Sigh, they'll take a check for nearly $40k(includes $1100 tax and $395 fee for screwing the license plates on, etc.), but think $300 is more meaningful than $100 to somebody buying one of these things.

    They knocked a couple grand or so off the sticker and then forgot to add the XM, mud flaps and exhaust tip when they prepped it today. Hey, if I don't like the last two I can take them off. I love XM. I'm taking it in Monday after work and driving a loaner home. The sales guy is new and very easy to get along with.

    I really, really wanted black rubber mats, but they're not available. I got "free" carpet for all three rows and the rug for the back. WeatherTech here I come. Could just turn the carpet over I suppose. ;)

    I'm thinking the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400s are going to have to go. I read the reviews. I need tires that excel in sudden blinding downpours on the Interstate, especially on 81 with the heavy truck traffic.

  • We are in the market for a 2010 V6base. A dealer has agreed to sell us one for roughly 26.7k and includes the extra value package and some other extras. The sticker says its 2010 but the MSRP has 2009 pricing (27,600 vs. 27,750). How can i tell that I am actually getting a 2010- the pricing is lower than area competitors and i am a little suspicious.
  • Any recommendations for an honest toyota dealer in the CT-NY-NJ area? Looking at a highlander specifically. Thanks!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,692
    If the official Monroney sticker states 2010, I'd believe it...

    Most manufacturers have mid-model year price increases.. It's possible you are comparing pre- and post-price increase cars...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Your quote for the Highlander with the package #7 is a good one, as I paid 34,853 for that model with the tow package, power rear door, spoiler, carpets etc (MSRP 38,040). When the dealer couldn't find the highlander with pckg# 7, he offered me a Highlander with a Nav system (don't know which pckg this would be) for $36,000. I refused as I really didn't want an integrated Nav and held out for the Highlander that I eventually got. (highlanders referred to are Limited AWD)
  • I have been looking around and prices range from 42K to 48K for same vehicle? What are people acually paying. Same pricing 42K and close is available for low milage used models with same trim levels as well? Anyone have any experience? I am ready to take the plunge as a city driver with 3 dogs.
  • I've been quoted:

    2009 Highlander Base V6 4WD. Managers demo w/1800 miles:
    MSRP: 32, 720
    Price: 29,218

    I'm not sure of the options (probably the popular ones), I haven't negotiated yet either (talking with them over the internet and have not been to dealer before).

    This doesn't seem like a good price to me, but i'm not sure. What do you guys think? Vehicle is in NY.

  • IMHO that is not a good price.

    That is just $ 3,502 less than the MSRP for a HL Base that is 1 year old.
    The 1st year depreciation that you have already lost is going to be over 2 1/2 times that amount.

    On 12-23-09, I got a 2010 Limited for $ 3,863 less than the MSRP.
  • Thanks for the response steven!

    I didn't think that was a good price....I've been using Truecar but i know that wouldn't help me with a demo. Would you happen to know what I should be shooting for (not including out the door)?

    I've tried to research it on internet sites (KBB) but it appears that the numbers are inflated.

    They also have a 2009 4x4 Sport Demo (unsure how many miles are on it) MSRP: 37,080. Assuming the mileage is the same, would you (or anyone else) know a good price (not including out the door)?

    Thanks guys!
  • I would price a 2010 with EXACTLY the options & accessories the Demo has AND then DISCOUNT IT HEAVILY.

    To do that, you must first find out EXACTLY what is in that Base.
    Then, price it on TrueCar, Edmunds (this site), or even Consumer Reports.

    The best time to have bought was before the end of the year, but it may not be too late to do decently. But, IMHO, I think you can probably get a 2010 for about the same money. I would pursue both a 2010 AND a 2009 & see where it leads you.
  • jac1304jac1304 Posts: 33
    What would be a good price when looking at limited AWD Highlander with option 8 (Navi). Over- invoice or at invoice with the 500 dollars Toyota cash?
  • I'm curious to know why the Toyota Highlander incentives on Edmunds differs from those listed on Edmunds currently shows $400 Military Bonus Cash rebate only available to active duty personnel. however, currently has a $750 cash rebate with no restrictions on who qualifies.

    Does anyone know where these incentives can be verified? Btw, this is for the mid-atlantic area.
  • The $ 400 Military Rebate has been around for quite some time.

    If there IS a $ 750 rebate, I would "GUESS" that it would not be on the 2010s - but I certainly don't know.

    To make sure what is available in your area, go to the following link.

    Then click on Highlander Shopping Tools at the far right top of the page.
    Then enter your Zip code under "Local Specials".

    In my Zip Code, the only incentive on 2010s is a low APR if you finance your purchase. It actually has been there at least since the beginning of 12-09
  • I went here and played around with various zip codes surrounding the DC metro area. It seems like surrounding state does show a $750 cash rebate that Edmunds does not. These areas include DC/MD/PA/VA/WV based on a few that I entered.

    I don't think Toyota's website would list all their incentives besides low APR since it would put their dealerships at a huge disadvantage in negotiations. It's third party sites like Edmunds/ that report these for savvy buyers who have done their research. My question is, how can incentives known to one website not be known to another considering the amount of web traffic each of these two gets? Is it possible is incorrect? I would like to know the facts before negotiations and not get shot down if there are indeed incentives.
  • Then, I guess your Question should be addressed to Edmunds as to why they do not show that incentive.

    Consumer Reports also does NOT show that incentive for ANY area in the U.S. They show only the lower APR rates.

    But that still does not mean that is wrong. Maybe they are the only ones that know about it.

    Incentives are a tricky thing, so you can NOT rely on just 1 source.
    If there really is such an incentive in the area you noted, a dealer in that area should be able to confirm that. Just go on his website & find the incentives tab.
  • The only problem with contacting a dealership and asking what incentives they participate in is often times they are less than truthful on their responses other than disclosing APR incentives since that too is highly subjective based on qualification. They can easily say they don't participate in the $750 cash rebate while in fact they do. I just like to know what the invoice is minus all incentives I qualify for and tell them if they sold the car for $xx,xxx they still break even then have them earn my business. Sure I might not know what hold backs or the exact invoice is but a national base average is good enough. At the end of the day, if they sell me the car at invoice but pocket the $750, I'm fine with that but without this knowledge, I would feel at a disadvantage at the negotiation table.
  • You don't have to contact them - Just look on their website.

    I did just that on the website of the dealer I bought my Limited from.
    They show ALL of the incentives that I know exist for the 2010 Highlander (The APR, the Military Cash Rebate, and even a College Graduate Cash Rebate).

    And on some other Toyotas that have more significant cash rebates, they list all of those as well.

    I agree that they all may have some other Highlander incentives they receive that no one knows about, but the ones you are interested in and would ever find out about are there to be found. As I stated earlier, to be sure I was aware of all of those, I would NOT rely on only 1 source but would search for that information on all of the sources you & I mentioned.
  • petchipetchi Posts: 1
    I picked up my 2010 FWD Highlander Sport from the dealer yesterday. It included EV #5 (Upgraded audio, multi display, auto air and bluetooth), sunroof, tow prep, and floor mats options. According to truecar, Invoice is $30,757. I paid $29950+taxes in CA SF bay area.

    Could not have been more happier with the dealer, it was a hassle free and bargaining free shopping experience. If anyone in the bay area is looking for a highlander, you might want to consider the Jimmy-Vasser Napa dealership as well.
  • Here is the offer:
    2009 Highlander Limited 4x2
    MSRP: $41598
    includes: Package #8 (Nav), DVD package, lots of extras
    Miles: 8100

    Selling Price: $35059

    Should we take it? We were going to get a 2010 Limited with MSRP of $39084 for OTD of $38800. But we saw this so now we are debating. Any advice would help!
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