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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Paid $35,000 OTD for a new 2010 Highlander limited with nav package (evp #8), tint windows, floor mat set, STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUST TIP and COLOR-KEYED BODYSIDE MOLDING
  • nu7990nu7990 Posts: 1
    raul76051, Do u have the dealer information for that deal? I am trying to get it in NJ
  • raul76051raul76051 Posts: 19
    edited October 2010

    Doing my research,dealers in the Atlanta area are willing to deal, what i did was go to, use the best price search, use zip code 30122, make sure you select all the options you want on the car. I got the certificate in the e-mail and i started to e-mail dealers near me, no local dealers wanted to match the price, they either laughed at me or thought i was getting a demo. I was ready to fly to Atlanta to pick up the car and i decided to e-mail dealers a little further in state and a dealer was available to offer something close to offset the costs of flying and driving back. What i did was i dealt with the GM of the dealers, you can usually find their e-mail on the dealer website. Look at Russel Toyota in Maryland, they lower their prices for a few days during the month. I hope this info helps you out.
  • paid $33.652 + TTL in Atlanta. With the JBL upgrade - no navigation.
  • Now that is what I am talking about.
    Those of you who are paying that and more for a 1 year old 2010 should take notice.

    Way to go.mdasg2003 ! ! ! !
    Makes me a little sad that I just bought a 2010 LTD on 12-23-09.
  • jiangyjiangy Posts: 8
    Got Car today 2011 HighLander LTD with Navi for $ 36,885
    Total Out of Door price $39,820 in NJ (Dealer Name = Hudson Toyota)

    I traded in my following car for 4,500 (Not bad)
    honda odyssey 2003 EX-L Mileage=103,300 Payoff first owner

    Take total 1 hour to finish all.
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    edited October 2010
    Hi booyah1, did you close on your deal? It looks like a great price. Where is the dealer?
  • Just paid $36,192 plus tax/title for a new 2011 V6 FWD Limited Highlander in South Carolina. Options include Navigation w/ JBL stereo, Special Color (blizzard pearl), Towing Prep Package, and Carpet Mats.

    Total MSRP was $39,209. Went to the dealer planning to purchase a 2010 model, but they weren't discounting prices as much as we expected. We're happy with the 2011 style changes and our negotiated pricee.
  • jiangyjiangy Posts: 8
    Hi Dave:

    Yes, Look like good price (very close to invoice ) for FWD. South Carolina don't need AWD, I live in NJ sometime snow so AWD need.
    Do you know invoice price for your CAR ?
  • johnd15johnd15 Posts: 41
    Thanks Tigerdave2 for your posting. I think all viewers benefit from posters listing the MSRP & the price paid. So you got a $3017 discount off MSRP on a 2011. That's great. Would be nice to know how much over invoice this was too, but that takes a little more digging. I am shopping for a 2011 Limited AWD with just tow pkg & floor mats. USAA buying service price quote is $35,215 on this HL with an MSRP of $37,650. So $2435 off MSRP. Vehicle invoice is listed as $34,715, so net price paid is $500 over invoice. Hoping to do a little better than that...
  • Hi Jiangy,

    I just calculated the invoice on Edmunds around $35,200 ($34,857 plus approx. $400 for Carpet mats) with MSRP at $39,209. We recently moved from Philly, so surprised that they didn't have any AWD models on the lot here in SC.

    We went into the dealer armed with the FitzMall prices, and our dealer matched their discounts. Our total price out the door was only $36,706.
  • Just purchased a 2011 Highlander AWD Limited with EJ - JBL Premium Audio and TO Tow Package for $37,000 Out the Door. Appears to be about $1239.00 over invoice and $2496.00 below MSRP according to Edmunds.

    Would appreciate any feedback as to Philadelphia area as if this appears to have been good deal.
  • gvacgvac Posts: 1
    Bought 2011 Gray Highlander Limited AWD with the following options in the Chicago area:

    (TO ) TOW PKG

    Sticker Price $40,025
    Sell Price $36,400 + TTL
    Financed 50% with TMC got 3.5% rate for 60 months

    Good Deal??? Hope this info helps someone else.
  • Without a doubt, the best place to buy a highlander is Midwest Superstore in Kansas. I bought my 2010 Highlander Limited there for $500 over invoice and was given a two year maintenance package for free. Now how's that for a deal. We did most of the work over the phone so it made it simple. The salesman took the time to go over the entire car and our experience was very enjoyable. There were no high pressure sales tactics and the atmosphere was great with all of the salesman and managers joking around and having a good time. We were dealing with two other dealerships at the same time and by far we made the best choice. Doug treated us with respect and has earned a customer for life.
  • When I asked my salesman about TDA and what the charge is for, I was told that TDA actually comes from Toyota and that is a charge that applies to every toyota being sold. This fee goes toward advertising for toyota in that region. Well after a little research I would have to say that is pretty close to the truth. Apparently toyota does split the cost of advertising in a certain region among its dealerships. So you may end up paying more for a toyota if you live in a high advertised area. It does pay a little to shop around. Doug from Midwest Toyota in Kansas made me aware of this. At first I thought just another salesmans lies but there was truth to it and we did purchase our Highlander there. Also he made us aware of just how much there were in difference of dealers fees. We paid $179 at Midwest and yet at another dealership just 30 minutes away their fee would have been $500. So definitely take your time and look at all of the options, it will save you money.
  • I paid $1700 under invoice for a 2010 Highalnder in San Antonio, so i doubt Kansas is the best place to purchase.
  • arod2arod2 Posts: 10
    Where in SA? I'm trying to decide between Cavender and Alamo dealerships.
  • I am about to pick up my Highlander on Saturday. I was going to have the dealer install the remote start until I found out it was $895. Is this a good price for a factory remote start? I know I can get an after market remote start for $300-500. If anyone has an installer in North Jersey let me know.
  • ron75ron75 Posts: 1
    I am getting quotes for 2011 Highlander and 2010 Highlander. I have used AAA and Costco car buying service in the past. The best discount service I found was on Do a search for the type of vehicle, such as 2011 Toyota Highlander. When you get the list of cars for sale, they also have a "build your own" price listing. For 2010 Highlanders I was getting quotes below invoice, some $500 below some up to $950 below invoice in Southern California. For 2011 the price is usually about $500 over invoice. Then send quote requests to several dealers internet department. The internet groups offer the lowest prices. My current best 2011 Highlander price is a few dollars below invoice. I live in Southern Calif, but also requested quotes from Phoenix and Las Vegas. Phoenix dealers have a lot of 2010 Highlanders and offer very good prices. Take a little time on the internet, save a lot of money. Good luck!
  • adjohnadjohn Posts: 8
    hi. where in socal were you getting quotes for 950 under invoice for 2010s?
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