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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bonsolobonsolo Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    I just purchased a 2010 Highlander V6 AWD in White Blizzard Pearl with EVP #2, Sunroof, in dash 6 CD changer stereo and power driver drivers seat for $27676 after $1000 cash back. I think I got a pretty good deal.

    Boston Area
  • mkdorfmkdorf Posts: 10
    Purchased a 2011 Metallic Grey Highlander Limited 2WD with the following options in SE Virginia:

    (CT) Carpeted floor mats
    (3T) Crossbars
    (WL) Wheel Locks

    Sticker Price $38,940
    Invoice Price $35,589
    Sell Price $35489 + TTL

    So $100 under invoice.

    Looked at a 2010 also, but they wouldn't come down enough in price. Plus, I really like the changes they made on the exterior compared to the '10.

    This is our 2nd Highlander. Still have the 2002 running strong.
  • My top 2 choice of SUV for now are RX350 and Highlander. Primarily due to reliability and ride (sorry 4Runner).

    I would like to save money by getting the Highlander. But how much with I be saving?

    I am looking at basic RX350. Leather, power lift gate, V6, keyless start. . . .

    Highlander seem to be discounting $3K to $4K discount.

    So how much difference is there between the RX350 and the comparable RX350?

    I am in a greater Dallas area. I've been to 5 Toyota dealers and they all seem to be sleaze bags. Whereas Sewell Lexus, where I know I'd be paying for their fancy showrooms, they treat you like a king before and after you purchase the car.

    Roughly how much will I be saving to put with the sleaze bags? Or anyone can recommend me a dealer.

    I am willing to go to Austin, and even San Antonio if they treat me right.

  • k2010k2010 Posts: 1
    I am pondering between highlander and RX350 as well. I am offered $1000 off the invoice price for a SE 2010 highlander with little negotiation plus top dollar for tradein. My experience in the Lexus dealership was much worse. I had to negotiate for a long time then had to contact through email and phone call. At the end, they provided a ok deal for trade in and $2500 off the invoice price which is $1000 higher than the invoice price on Edmunds.
  • Thanks.

    Perhaps I need to look at pre-owned RX350. We got a really good deal several years ago on a demo model on ES330.
    Most ES and RX owner do not abuse their cars as they can’t really be raced and handle the corner like the sporty BMW’s and Audi’s where I was told to never get pre-owned European cars.
  • jimmyjames33jimmyjames33 Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    just got a 2010 4x2 FWD Highlander...Blzd White, 3rd Row Seating, Cold Weather Package, Extra Value Package 2 (black roof rails, tonneau cover, manual rear A/C, engine immobilizer, daytime running lights w/auto on/off switch), 6 disc cd changer, xm sat radio w/6 months free, 8 way power driver seat, carpeted floor mats, after market dvd player prices 1288 and simonized ext./int. + taxes, title, 750 incentive and 800 trade in = out the door for approx 29,144.00.....
  • Bought a 2011 Highlander Ltd 4x2 Blizzard Pearl this weekend in the Houston TX area. We got it with Sand Interior and JBL & Mats options: MSRP: $36,915 negotiated it down to $33,552. We really like it... that is except for the black trim on the bottom of the car. Actually thinking of taking it to a body shop to get it painted to match the rest of the body. Was quoted $500-$600. We'll see if it doesn't grow on us. We also purchased the WeatherTech Digital fit liners and really like those as well but if I could return them I would get it in the tan color instead of black.
  • mkdorfmkdorf Posts: 10
    Seems like a good price xtian97sc2. Have you (or anyone else) noticed that the seats on the 2011 (w/leather) seem to be a bit stiff? The 2011 I just bought is for my wife, but she's asking me to drive it for a few months to try and 'work in' the seats. I know this is to be expected when buying a new vehicle, but they do seem more firm than previous new car purchases...
  • Yeah, now that you mention it it does seem pretty firm.
  • I have a 2010 Blizzard Pearl Highlander Limited FWD that I purchased 12-23-10.

    I just saw the 2011 models yesterday for the 1st time (in person).
    I also think that the black trim at the bottom & around the fog lights is a tad "gaudy".
    I had heard that they were changed a little & was afraid they would make my 2010 look bad. Now I am glad I purchased my 2010.
  • oldtimeyankoldtimeyank Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    Regarding your 2010 Highlander V6 for $27676 in the Boston area, what dealership did you purchase it from, and do you know whether the $1000 cash back is still being offered?

    Thanks in advance.


    Allentown, PA
  • was that out the door? if so it was a heck of a deal, if not it was still a good one.
  • No. Price was before taxes and fees.
  • Copeland Toyota in Brockton, MA. The $1000 rebate expired.
  • I misspoke earlier. I just confirmed the $1000 rebate is alive and well through Nov. 30.
  • ssr31ssr31 Posts: 2

    I am planning to buy a 2011 Highlander Limited AWD with Rear Entertainment System and Voice Activated Navigation System. I would like to know any recent purchases and deals around Boston Area for this. What would be a good deal ?

    I am also open to 2010 Highlander Ltd AWD with Navigation and DVD entertainment as it currently has $1000 incentive. But the price for 2010 seems to be higher than 2010. Would appreciate any info on recent deals for both 2010 & 2011 versions around Boston Area. Dealer info would be great.

  • I checked into this service a few weeks ago & received a quote for 2011 HL Limited AWD for $500 over invoice. Today I revisited the USAA site & was quoted $500 below invoice! I guess the market is adjusting to lower sales - Toyota did not have a great October. No incentives on 11s yet... lots of 10s still around - too bad. Like the looks of the 2011; wouldn't be happy with 2010 anymore.
  • Were looking for a '10 Highlander for the replacement of wife's minivan for a while and this site was where I frequently checked for pricing info and strategy. Just made a purchase and like to share my experiences and hope it could be of help to others just as I benefited from what you guys shared in here.

    At first I checked websites of local Toyota dealerships and it looked like there were a lot of '10 Highlanders remaining, but later on I found the info was misleading since the dealerships share the same stock database therefore only a few of the vehicles sit in one particular dealer's site though many more might show in its website.

    I got the impression from Edmunds that you could get $500 below invoice for '10 model while $500 above for '11. Talked with the nearest Toyota dealer and the price they gave was almost 2K above what we expected. I knew this might not be the right time in the begining of a month, and they might give a better price at the end of month, but I was tired of playing a game with them.

    So I submit a request in, and soon a salesman of nearby dealer contact me through e-mail and said they had the vehicle I wanted in stock. I asked him to give an honest offer. The price was close to what I wanted, and my counter was accepted. Then last Wednesday morning wife and I went to the dearlership, and the negotiation process was not without a twist, for instance our final offer was not accepted until the salesman called me in home that night. And on Thursday morning we signed the deal and brought home a '10 vehicle from them. In general we were satisfactory with the purchase and we might have achieved $500 below invoice. The following are details of the deal.

    Vehicle: '10 V6 base Highlander (PE, QB, WT, CT and P2), silver color
    MSRP: $30343
    Price after 1k rebate: $26500 with asked-for trade-in value, or $26110 with lower trade-in value they offered. Baseline was we paid 26.5k out-of-door for the vehicle after rebate + trade-in.

    Would like to answer more specific questions if you are intersted.
  • accepted an offer for 2011 Highlander V6 FWD base, with tech pkg, towing pkg, matts.

    $28700 out to door.

    On very limited budget, tried to find one without any package but couldn't. I think Toyota's packages are overpriced.
  • Hi Eastcoastman,
    Thanks for the info. That's a great deal. I am planning to buy the same one. Could you please post the dealer's info and your highlander's model # and MSRP ? Thanks for you help.
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